All 13 Easter Eggs From ‘Ahsoka’ Episode 4 [Explained]

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The fourth episode of ‘Ahsoka’ was as eventful as it can get because a lot of things happened in this action-packed and fast-paced episode. There were a lot of action and fight scenes in this episode. On top of that, there was a lot of drama involved as well because the characters were forced to make tough decisions that could very well affect the outcome of the future of the galaxy.

Despite the rather action-packed and dramatic episode that we got, ‘Ahsoka’ episode 4 still had its fair share of different easter eggs that caught the attention of different fans all over the world. And that is what we are here for as we are going to talk about the different easter eggs in ‘Ahsoka’ episode 4.

1. Captain Carson Teva


The earlier part of the episode didn’t have a lot of easter eggs, but the middle portion treated us with the return of a familiar face in the form of Captain Carson Teva, who we know has been a recurring character in ‘The Mandalorian.’ The last time we saw him was when Din Djarin offered his services to the New Republic Defense Fleet as an independent contractor.

Teva returned when he made an appearance in ‘Ahsoka’ as one of the starfighter pilots who joined Hera Syndulla’s unsanctioned mission to help out Ahsoka and Sabine on Seatos. He likely assisted Hera because he knows that the Imperial remnants are still a threat, especially with what happened in season 3 of ‘The Mandalorian.’

2. Hera as Phoenix Leader

hera and jacen

As we know, Hera disobeyed the orders of the New Republic Senate so that she could go on a mission to help Ahsoka and Sabine on Seatos. She was accompanied by a few X-Wing fighter pilots, including the aforementioned Captain Carson Teva.


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Teva, of course, called Hera “Phoenix Leader.” Fans of ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ would be familiar with this callsign as this was the same callsign that Hera went by during the events of ‘Rebels’ when she was the leader of the Phoenix Squadron.

3. The Void


On the henge on Seatos, Morgan Elsbeth and Baylan Skoll were talking about the coordinates of the different galaxies that they were on their way to. Elsbeth needed more time because they still needed to complete the calculations for the hyperjump coordinates.

That was when Baylan told Morgan that a small mistake in the calculations would trap them all in the void of the galaxy. It has always been known that there is a small void existing between galaxies in Star Wars, and that’s why it is extremely difficult to make the jump from one galaxy to another. And there must be a specific hyperspace route that needs to be taken to avoid getting trapped in that void between galaxies.

4. Ahsoka’s samurai inspiration

marrok death

Ahsoka fought Marrok in a rematch after their initial encounter never had a decisive conclusion. In this fight, Ahsoka struggled against the skills of the mysterious Inquisitor initially until it came to a point wherein she needed to end it in one move.


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Marrok understood what he needed to do, and that was when he started to spin his double-bladed lightsaber to try to confuse Ahsoka. But Ahsoka kept her composure as she was quick to counter Marrok’s attack with one single strike that was seemingly inspired by the quick conclusions of old-school samurai movies wherein a samurai wins by being quicker with the counterattack.

5. Nightsister Necromancy

marrok green mist

After Ahsoka struck Marrok with a quick counterattack, she dealt a mortal wound across his chest. It was safe to say that Marrok was about to die without ever revealing his face. But green mist suddenly came out of his wound as it was clear that he wasn’t “normal.”

In that regard, there’s a good chance that Marrok was simply a product of Nightsister’s necromancy. The Nightsisters of Dathomir have the ability to bring back the dead, and it is probable that Morgan Elsbeth used her Magick to bring a dead Inquisitor back to life so that he could serve her as Marrok.

6. Sabine being herself

sabine force

While Ahsoka was dueling Marrok, Sabine was fighting Shin in a rematch. She even told Ahsoka to go and get the starmap instead of helping her out in her fight with Shin. And while Sabine struggled against Shin in their first encounter, the second one was different.

Shin disarmed Sabine, who tried to fool Shin into believing that she could use the Force. Sabine extended her hand out as if she was trying to use Force push on Shin or Force pull on her lightsaber. But instead, she stayed true to herself by disarming Shin using the wrist laser on her Mandalorian armor. This is what Ahsoka meant when she said that she wanted Sabine to be herself instead of being a Jedi.

7. Ahsoka’s “legacy”

baylan ahsoka

During Ahsoka’s duel with Baylan Skoll on the henge, the fallen Jedi was talking about Anakin and what he and Shin were trying to achieve by bringing Thrawn back to the galaxy. Baylan was trying to mess up Ahsoka’s mental and emotional state by talking about Anakin. And he even told Ahsoka that Anakin and Ahsoka’s legacy was death and destruction.

In that regard, Baylan was talking about how Anakin and Ahsoka contributed to the death and destruction that happened throughout the galaxy. Baylan probably wanted to rectify this so-called “legacy” by destroying the current system and bringing about a new dawn for the galaxy or even the Jedi Order.

8. Baylan’s Force empathy

sabine map

After Baylan struck down Ahsoka and appeared to have killed her when she fell over the cliff, Baylan approached Sabine because he believed that she didn’t have what it took to destroy the Starmap.

Baylan used Force empathy to get into Sabine’s mind and to try to understand her current feelings. That was when he discovered that Sabine wanted to get Ezra back because he was her only family left after she lost her family in Mandalore. Baylan sweet-talked Sabine into giving him the starmap as he gave her his word that he would help her get Ezra back.

9. Sabine’s family died on Mandalore

night of a thousand tears

As mentioned, Baylan sensed that Sabine lost her entire family on Mandalore many years ago and that Ahsoka didn’t trust her enough at that time. In that regard, the entire Clan Wren that we met back in ‘Rebels’ is now gone, as Sabine is the only one left.

That means that Sabine’s entire family took part in the rebellion against the Empire years ago during the resistance of Mandalore against the Imperial occupation. We know that the Empire purged Mandalore when Moff Gideon ordered the surface to be bombed. It is likely that Sabine’s family died during the event known as the Night of a Thousand Tears.

10. Jacen’s Force sensitivity

jacen bad feeling

Hera, Jacen, and the rest of the New Republic starfighters arrived on Seatos to try to stop the Eye of Sion from leaving the galaxy. The small group of fighters tried to block the way of the massive hyperspace ring to prevent it from escaping. However, the Eye of Sion entered hyperspace and ran through some of the ships.

While Hera and Jacen were safe, Jacen told his mother that he had a bad feeling about this. That means that there’s a good chance that he was able to sense danger through the Force. After all, he is the son of Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus.

11. The World Between Worlds

ahsoka lying down 1

As the episode was about to end, the scene shifted to where Ahsoka fell. Her body was seen lying down as she gained consciousness in a mysterious place that resembles the World Between Worlds.

If this was the World Between Worlds, this would mark the live-action debut of this plane of existence. We know that the World Between Worlds is a realm that transcends time and space. And it is likely that it also transcends life and death as well.

12. “Hello Snips”


As she was gaining consciousness in the World Between Worlds, Ahsoka heard a familiar voice saying, “Hello, Snips.” For those who aren’t aware, Snips was the nickname that Anakin Skywalker gave to Ahsoka when she was still his Padawan. He was the only one who used this nickname to refer to her.

In that regard, when Ahsoka turned around, she saw Anakin Skywalker for the first time in decades. Anakin also told her that he didn’t expect to see her this early. In that regard, the next episode is likely going to explore this story involving Ahsoka and Anakin.

13. Darth Vader theme

vader ahsoka

As mentioned, Anakin appeared at the end of episode 4. The reunion between Anakin and Ahsoka was supposed to be very emotional because the last time that they saw each other before Anakin became Vader was during the final days of the Clone Wars.

However, as the episode was about to end, the Darth Vader theme started playing. This could be an omen of what was to come in the next episode, as there’s a good chance that Darth Vader would appear through the power of the World Between Worlds.

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