‘Secret Invasion’: Here’s Why Nick Fury Didn’t Fulfill His Promise to the Skrulls

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The series finale of ‘Secret Invasion’ made us see a very emotional moment between Nick Fury and Gravik as they ended up confronting one another in what was a pivotal moment in their fight. Of course, we saw how Gravik lashed out at Fury to make him understand how he felt and why he was doing what he was doing. To that end, Fury admitted that he failed to deliver his part of the promise of giving the Skrulls a home. So, why didn’t Nick Fury fulfill his promise?

Nick Fury and Carol Danvers failed to find a planet suitable for the Skrulls just a few years after making that promise to them. Fury wanted to build a home for the Skrulls on Earth instead but realized that he couldn’t convince the people of Earth to accept the Skrulls on their planet.

Fury has always been someone who would do anything to keep the planet safe from harm, including lying to a group of aliens that trusted him to deliver his part of the promise. Of course, we couldn’t blame him for doing what he did because that was his job. So, with that said, let’s look at this topic in greater detail.

Fury and Danvers gave up

Back in the 1995 events of ‘Captain Marvel,’ we learned that the Skrulls were merely a group of people trying to escape from the Kree, who wanted them all dead after destroying their planet. That was why Talos and the other Skrulls just wanted to find a way to live normal lives in a place far beyond the reach of the Kree Empire.

Then, in ‘Secret Invasion,’ a flashback scene in 1997 allowed us to see Nick Fury meet up with a few Skrulls to discuss a deal between the two parties. The agreement was for the Skrulls to work with Fury to protect the planet from internal dangers. Meanwhile, Fury and Carol Danvers would find a new home for the Skrulls.

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But the entire six-part series of ‘Secret Invasion’ suggests that Fury and Danvers never found a planet for the Skrulls. After all, the reason why Gravik and the rebel Skrulls started a secret war against Earth was because they felt abandoned when Fury failed to deliver his promise. And what made matters worse was that, after he returned from the Blip, Fury left Earth and went to the SABER headquarters up in space.

Gravik had enough of that. He decided to take matters into his own hands by trying to destabilize the governments of the planet so that the Skrulls could easily march in and take over Earth for themselves. And Gravik even lashed out at Fury in their confrontation in the Skrulls’ compound in Russia.


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That was when Fury revealed that he and Danvers realized just after a few years of making that promise with the Skrulls that they couldn’t find a suitable planet. Nick Fury kept this from the Skrulls because he wanted to continue working with them to keep the planet safe. After all, the Skrulls’ ability to shapeshift came in handy for him when the sole essence of his work as a spy was espionage.

So, in a sense, Fury failed to find a planet for the Skrulls and just gave up. There were only a few inhabitable planets in the universe, and most already had people living in them. In that regard, he just didn’t say anything to the Skrulls because he knew that he would lose the biggest assets of his work as a spy. Essentially, Fury betrayed the Skrulls before they even betrayed him.

Fury chose humanity

Of course, while Fury failed to find a suitable planet for the Skrulls, Earth could have been an option for him. He flirted with the idea of finding a way for the Skrulls to stay on Earth and have a home on that planet without needing them to blend in with humanity. But that was when Fury thought that this was an impossible task.

Fury told Gravik that choosing to save 8 billion people on Earth was easier than convincing them to accept a million Skrulls to live among them on the planet. After all, the Skrulls were still aliens never native to Earth. And what made it even more difficult for Fury to imagine the people of Earth accepting the Skrulls was that these aliens could shapeshift and turn into other people.


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In a sense, Fury was right. Different people all over the planet can’t even accept other cultures. Some people hate other races just because they have different cultures. We can’t count how many conflicts have happened in the history of our planet just because there were people who weren’t ready to accept other people with different skin colors, religions, and beliefs.

So, in a way, it would be even more impossible to convince 8 billion people to accept a shapeshifting race of aliens to live on Earth. Fury understood that humanity wasn’t ready to adopt Skrulls into the planet because of the possible dangers that could come with their ability to change their appearances.

The ending of ‘Secret Invasion’ even showcases that bigots were willing to take matters into their own hands when they started killing people they believed were Skrulls. After President Ritson announced that he was ready to take down all of the Skrulls on the planet, different people started doing vigilante work by killing other people that they had a good reason to believe were Skrulls even though there wasn’t even an assurance that some of these people were actually Skrulls.


As such, Fury did the right thing when he chose humanity over the Skrulls. He knew the human race would never accept Skrulls because humans can’t even accept their own people. It was just that he should have been a little more honest with them.

Of course, we can’t even be sure that this was what Fury wanted to tell Gravik. That’s because it was revealed that the Nick Fury talking to Gravik the entire time, was actually G’iah in disguise. Of course, it is more than likely that Fury told G’iah what to say so that Gravik would be convinced that he was the genuine article. It’s just a shame that we couldn’t see a true confrontation between the real Nick Fury and Gravik.

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