‘Loki’ Season 2: What Is Temporal Aura? 

What is temporal aura loki

Episode 2 of ‘Loki’ Season 2 sees Mobius and Loki hunting Sylvie across the branched timelines, only to come across Brad Wolfe, who presents quite the problem. Meanwhile, in the background, Ouroboros is trying to put Temporal Loom under control, and to do that, he needs to open the blast door to physically reach it. But there is a problem: the commands won’t accept his Temporal Aura. It’s a term we’ve heard back in season 1 as well, and now it’s going to prove to be vital for the survival of Sacred Timeline, so what exactly is Temporal Aura? 

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Temporal Aura is a unique “time” signature that every organic being has in the MCU. 
  • Temporal Aura can be used to discern different variants of the same character and even to track from which timelines certain objects come from. 
  • Temporal Aura also cannot be faked, and since He Who Remains is dead, his unique Temporal Aura is gone forever, and it’s likely another Variant has a completely different Aura assigned to his body.

Temporal Aura was first seen when Loki was apprehended 

The show ‘Loki’ focuses on many interesting but pseudoscientific stuff, which is surprising considering that Loki is a mythological character and his “thing” always was magic. But TVA, in particular, uses a lot of pseudoscientific technology and terms to explain and make sense of the time travel and timeline thing they have going on. 

So one of the things that pops up now and then is Temporal Aura. From the word “Temporal,” we can deduce that it has something to do with time, and Aura, depending on its context, is a pseudoscientific term in spiritualism that describes “the energy that a certain person gives off.” 

When Loki was apprehended, a photo of his Temporal Aura was taken. This Temporal Aura served as his unique “time” signature over numerous timelines. If two almost exact variants of Loki were to be placed next to each other, they would have two completely different Temporal Auras since they come from different timelines.

Lokis temporal aura

We’ve also seen that Temporal Aura can rub off on some objects as well, as Mobius managed to track an evil version of Loki via Temporal Aura trace that he left on the candy gum. But what does this have to do with what OB is currently going through? 


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With He Who Remains gone, his Temporal Aura is gone as well 

We know that OB is working hard to put Temporal Loom under control, and we also know that he is one of the most intelligent people in the TVA. In the second episode, he was working hard to come up with a solution and attempted some “hands-on” work by visiting the Loom itself, only to be stopped when he wanted to open the blast doors to reach it. 

ob access denied

The console that OB was interacting with refused him due to the wrong Temporal Signature being detected. Why? Well, He Who Remains is the one who created the TVA, so it makes sense that all the biggest protocols, security codes, and decisions were supposed to be approved by him first. This includes opening the blast doors since blast doors offer direct access to the Temporal Loom, which can be used to create some catastrophic effects across the Sacred Timeline. 

With He Who Remains dead, his Temporal Aura is gone as well. It’s unclear whether it’s possible for him to share Temporal Aura with his variants since every other variant has a unique one. However, the same rules cannot be applied to He Who Remains. He did create the concept of the Sacred Timeline and maintained it, so it’s likely that he had a backup plan in place if an issue such as this ever arises. 

It’s possible that Loki and Mobius will go back (and forward) in time to find different variants of He Who Remains in order to get the right Temporal Aura match to be able to put Temporal Loom under control. 

How did they open the Temporal Loom door in Episode 1? 

If you remember a scene from episode 1 in which Mobius is standing near Temporal Loom in protective gear, you remember it correctly. The TVA had access to the Temporal Loom in episode 1, but due to the Loom overloading suddenly, having a hard time merging all those newly-created timelines in a single Thread of Time, they had to close the blast doors, meaning that they were expecting explosion to take place.

temporal loom

Once the blast doors were closed, they lost physical access to Temporal Loom, and considering that blast doors are used only during the most severe emergencies, it’s like the system was designed so that He Who Remains is the only individual who was able to stabilize the Temporal Loom and gain access to it in the first place once the blast doors have been activated. 

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