30 ‘The Flash’ Easter Eggs You’ve Probably Missed


The release of ‘The Flash’ allowed us to dive into the multiverse of the entire DCEU as it was clear that the storyline involved a lot of different characters that some fans might not be too familiar with, especially when it comes to the different versions of Batman and Superman that appeared in the movie. In that regard, there were plenty of easter eggs in this movie.

Like a lot of different superhero movies, ‘The Flash’ had a lot of different easter eggs that were taken from different sources. The easter eggs gave the movie more life because how fans were eager to see some of the references that the movie was going to make regarding different DC properties and even other pop culture icons. So, with that said, let’s talk more about the different easter eggs that you may have missed in ‘The Flash.’

30. Superman vs. Volcano

‘The Flash’ opened up with Barry Allen trying to get a sandwich in a local deli, only for him to get a call from Alfred because Gotham was in need of his assistance. Barry was wondering why it was him that Alfred specifically called as he wondered where the other members of the Justice League were.

Barry learned that Superman wasn’t available because he was battling an entire volcano. Although we never saw Henry Cavill’s face in that scene, it was clear that his version of Clark Kent was featured in that news report regarding Superman fighting an entire volcano and preventing it from causing damage.

29. Falcone’s son

Near the opening scene of ‘The Flash,’ we saw Barry Allen assisting Batman in Gotham. Barry had to save people from a collapsing hospital building, only for all of the other members of the Justice League missing from action. Batman, of course, was more focused on chasing after a mobster with an important package in his possession, and it turned out that this mobster was the son of Carmine Falcone, the biggest mobster in the entire city.

Although the mobster’s name wasn’t mentioned in the movie, we know that Falcone has two sons, Alberto and Mario. However, it wasn’t specifically mentioned which of the two Falcone sons was featured in that chase scene involving Batman and the Mobsters.

28. Wonder Woman’s short scene

As mentioned, Affleck’s Batman chased Falcone’s son throughout the city. He ended up stopping them, only for Falcone’s son to end up almost fall off a bridge with a suitcase of dangerous chemicals in his hand. Alfred told Batman that the suitcase would contaminate the city’s water supply if it fell into the water.

However, Wonder Woman came just in time to help Bruce with his problem as she used her lasso of truth to pull both Batman and Falcone’s son. Flash also arrived to reunite with two other members of the Justice League. But Wonder Woman flew away just soon after saving Batman from what could have been a catastrophe.

27. Snyder Cut references

While we know that the canon storyline of the DCEU follows the original ‘Justice League’ that was released in theaters, we also know that the Snyder Cut of the movie is the one that fans love because it gave justice (pun intended) to the Justice League. However, in the theatrical version, Barry and Iris West never interacted. They, however, interacted in the Snyder Cut.


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In the events of ‘The Flash,’ the interaction between Barry and Iris in the Snyder Cut was canonized when Iris told Barry that they had met before, only for Barry to deny this. Of course, we saw in the Snyder Cut that Barry saved her from a car accident.

26. Iron Heights Penitentiary

Like in the comics, Barry Allen’s father, Henry Allen, was blamed for the murder of Barry’s mother as he had his fingerprints all over the murder weapon. In ‘The Flash,’ Barry went home from a tough day, only to get a phone call from Iron Heights Penitentiary, the same prison where Henry was incarcerated in the comics.

Barry and Henry kept in touch all these years as Barry was trying to find a way to prove his father’s innocence. It is worth mentioning that Iron Heights is one of the most notable prisons in DC, as this is where most of Barry’s rogues are held after the Flash defeats them.

25. The Speed Force tells Barry’s past

After a frustrated Barry ran so hard that he ran through time and space, he discovered a space within the Speed Force that allowed him to enter any time. He discovered that he could travel through time and space. It was in the Speed Force that Barry’s entire history was shown.

Of course, all of the things that happened to Barry and the rest of the entire members of the Justice League were shown in the Speed Force. The fact that Barry saw glimpses of his past made him understand that he could travel to certain points in time through the Speed Force and the mythical space created by this cosmic energy source.

24. The Grayson’s store

Dick Grayson is one of the most notable names in the entire DC universe because he is the first Robin. However, we didn’t see Robin in the entire DCEU, even though Batman was an active superhero.

In the scene wherein Barry is talking to Bruce just outside his apartment, the store opposite Barry’s house is called “Grayson’s.” While the name of the owner wasn’t mentioned, this could imply that Dick Grayson also exists in the DCEU but ended up living a good life with his family instead of losing them.

23. Younger Barry’s room

Eventually, the original Barry Allen traveled back in time only for the Dark Flash to kick him out of the Speed Force so that he would end up in an alternate timeline wherein he was still 18 years old, and his mother was alive. But what Barry didn’t realize was that he had a younger version in that timeline.

Original Barry and younger Barry went to their bedroom, only for us to see a lot of different easter eggs linking to Warner Bros. There are a lot of different posters in the room, and most of these movie posters were films produced by Warner Bros.

22. The link to James Gunn

As mentioned, there were a lot of different movies on the walls of younger Barry’s room, and one of them happened to be the 2002 Scooby-Doo movie, one of the first films that James Gunn wrote. The poster was a subtle reference to Gunn’s takeover as the new top guy in DC Studios, as we all know that he is at the forefront of a massive overhaul that would reset the entire DCU.

21. Temuera Morrison’s Came

After Barry Allen allowed younger Barry to get his powers, they discovered that Zod was on his way to Earth. Older Barry remembered that he got his powers around the same time Superman and Zod fought during the ‘Man of Steel’ events.And knowing that he had no chance against Zod and an entire army of Kryptonians, he decided to try to search for the members of the Justice League.


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One such person that Barry contacted was Tom Curry, who Temuera Morrison played in the 2018 Aquaman movie. Barry discovered that Arthur Curry wasn’t born in that timeline because Temuera’s Tom Curry never fell in love with the Queen of Atlantis. Instead, he adopted a dog named Arthur.

20. Barry tried to help out in ‘Man of Steel’

As mentioned, older Barry got his powers just before Zod arrived during the ‘Man of Steel events.’ Younger Barry wondered where he was then, only for older Barry to reveal that he tried helping out in Metropolis, where one of the world engines was located.

In that scene, Barry tried to help as many people as possible when the city was being destroyed in an attempt to terraform the planet. Barry failed to help the father of a child, who was about to get crushed, as the Flash felt helpless in that scene because he didn’t know what he could do to help a man that was floating and was about to fall to his death.

19. Alternate versions of classic movies

One of the reasons why older Barry realized that he altered the timeline and caused changes that made this timeline so much more different from his own universe was that there were alternate versions of the movies he grew up watching. This was first referenced when he talked about ‘Back to the Future’ only for younger Barry to say that Eric Stoltz was the one that starred in that movie instead of Michael J. Fox. Moreover, Fox actually went on to star in Footloose instead of Kevin Bacon, who was the one that played Maverick in Top Gun.

18. The 1989 Batman music

While the other members of the Justice League were not in that timeline, the good news was that Batman was around. It happened to be Michael Keaton’s Batman that existed in that universe as we last saw him in the 1992 ‘Batman Returns’ movie. However, there was a nice touch that only fans of the 1989 ‘Batman’ movie could notice. Whenever Keaton’s Batman appeared, the background music that was quite prominent in the 1989 ‘Batman’ movie played.

17. Joker’s laughing bag

Returning to the 1989 ‘Batman’ movie starring Michael Keaton, we also know that Jack Nicholson played the iconic role of the Joker in that film. One of the things that the Joker used in that film was his laughing bag.

In ‘The Flash,’ another reference was made to the 1989 movie when the same laughing bag was seen in Bruce Wayne’s Batcave. It was the younger Barry that found it in the Keaton Batman Batcave, further cementing that this timeline was the same one as the timeline of the 1989 ‘Batman’ movie.

16. Flashpoint reference

When ‘The Flash’ was announced, fans quickly pointed out that it could be based on the popular ‘Flashpoint’ storyline in the comics. In ‘Flashpoint,’ Barry changes the entire universe and turns it darker. He got help from Thomas Wayne, the Batman of that altered timeline. Thomas’ version of Batman electrocuted Barry so that he would regain his powers in that universe.

In ‘The Flash,’ we saw the same when older Barry tried to regain his powers by recreating the same event that got him his powers years ago. Like the events in the comics, the first attempt didn’t work as Barry needed another jolt with the help of Supergirl, who flew him up in the atmosphere to get a jolt of lightning.

15. The Emperor’s force lightning

During the movie’s climax, wherein the good guys fight the Kryptonians, older Barry tells younger Barry that they couldn’t conventionally beat Kryptonians because these guys were much stronger than them. He also told younger Barry that his suit didn’t work the same as his because it couldn’t disperse the kinetic energy that they build up whenever they use their powers.

Younger Barry was supposed to stop using his powers because he needed to find a way to redirect the electric energy that he was creating. However, he used this energy on one of the Kryptonian soldiers, as he asked older Barry, “What if I just Emperor this guy?”.

This was an obvious reference to Emperor Palpatine of Star Wars because his primary weapon was Force Lightning. Although Star Wars belongs to a competing company, it’s nice to see that the storyline of Star Wars wasn’t altered in this alternate timeline.

14. Barry references his fight with Superman

In the fight against the Kryptonians, younger Barry quickly noticed that the Kryptonian soldiers could comprehend his speed and were almost capable of keeping up with him. That was when older Barry told him that Kryptonians were fast but not as fast as them.

This is an obvious reference to the time when the Justice League revived Superman in the events of ‘Justice League’ as Barry noticed that an angry Superman was fast enough to see him while he was moving incredibly fast. This is also a reference to the comics, wherein the Flash was able to prove many times that he was faster than Superman, who may be fast but not in the same ballpark as Barry.

13. ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Reference

‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ is one of the most popular storylines in the entire DC universe because multiple worlds clashed in a battle against the Anti-Monitor. After the battle, all the different universes combined to make one universe.

We saw this during the part wherein the two versions of Barry traveled back in time and were in the Speed Force. While the younger Barry was trying his best to find a way to keep everyone alive by going back in time repeatedly, we saw different universes colliding with one another. This seems to reference what happened in the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline.

12. Henry Cavill’s cameo

We already know that Henry Cavill will no longer be Superman because James Gunn seeks to reset the entire DCU. However, while we saw his Superman battling a volcano during the earlier part of the film, he made another appearance during the latter portion.

This happened in a flashback scene where Superman was seen battling the Flash and the other members of the Justice League during the events of ‘The Justice League.’ A CGI version of Cavill was also seen in one of the movie’s scenes.


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11. Multicolored spherical universes

One of the ways that DC uses to depict the multiverse in the comics is through the use of multicolored spheres. Every sphere has a different color and is an entirely different universe. And we saw that concept being used in the events of ‘The Flash.’

When Barry saw that the different universes were about to collide, we saw different spheres with different colors steadily collapsing with each other. As such, ‘The Flash’ was able to depict how the comics view the DC multiverse.

10. Christopher Reeve cameo

Christopher Reeve

As mentioned, different universes were starting to collide due to the actions of the younger Barry Allen, who repeatedly went back in time to save everyone. During that scene, we saw different versions of Superman from different universes.

Arguably the greatest actor to ever play Superman, Christopher Reeve, was shown in a scene from his own universe. Of course, this was a digital reproduction of Reeve’s likeness because he passed away nearly two decades ago already.

9. Helen Slater cameo

In the same scene where Reeve is shown in his Superman costume, we also get to see a different version of Supergirl. We are talking about Helen Slater, who was seen flying together with her cousin, Superman, as they were both looking at the universe that was about to collide with their own universe.

8. Superman music

Like how the 1989 ‘Batman’ music accompanied Michael Keaton’s Batman in almost everything he did throughout the movie, the same thing happened in the scene involving Reeve and Slater when they appeared as Superman and Supergirl, respectively. John Williams’ popular score from the 1978 movie can be heard in the background during the Superman and Supergirl scene.

7. Nic Cage Superman

Yes, Nicholas Cage was Superman or, at the very least, was supposed to be Superman. He was supposed to be Superman in a 90s Superman Lives movie that was supposed to revive the Superman film universe under the helm of Tim Burton. Even though the movie was never made, Cage was able to wear the iconic blue and red costume in ‘The Flash’ when he appeared in a cameo scene fighting a giant monster.

The long-haired Superman faced the camera to reveal that Nicholas Cage could finally play the role of the Man of Steel.

6. Adam West cameo

Often considered the trailblazer in the Batman role, Adam West was the star of the Batman TV show and movies of the 60s. Although his Batman is not as serious as the ones we see today, West added color to the character by making him a comedy figure that fans could love.

A scene from Adam West’s Batman series was shown when the different universes clashed. As such, his character was given a cameo appearance in ‘The Flash’ even though West died a few years back.

5. George Reeves cameo

Of course, the Superman cameos returned to when the character was not yet as popular as today in terms of his live-action counterparts. Like Batman, Superman once had a live-action counterpart like George Reeves. This version of Superman was one of the people that made their own cameo appearances in ‘The Flash.’ And it was a scene from Reeves’ Superman TV series that was shown in the movie.

4. Jay Garrick cameo

The last major cameo appearance in ‘The Flash’ during the time the different universes collided was that of Jay Garrick, the original Flash. This character appeared in that scene as the Golden Age version of Flash was seen wearing his iconic helmet. Instead of using an actor to portray the character, CGI recreated the iconic look Jay Garrick was known for during the Golden Age of comic books.

He was seen running through the Speed Force, as this was one of the best ways to pay homage to the character that blazed the trails for the Flash.

3. Director Andy Muschietti makes a cameo

But while all of the other superhero cameos in the Speed Force are done, we did see more cameos near the final part of the movie when things were seemingly back to normal.

Barry returned to his own timeline and rushed to attend his father’s court hearing after changing a minor detail in the past. He swiped a hotdog from a reporter just outside the courthouse. And this person was the director of the movie, Andy Muschietti himself.


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2. Clooney cameo

As mentioned, Barry thought that he had restored order to the timeline and was able to save his father from a life sentence in prison. When he found out that the court had ruled in favor of his father after showing evidence about his alibi, Barry talked to Bruce Wayne as the billionaire playboy went to see his friend.

However, instead of Affleck appearing as Bruce, it was actually George Clooney’s Batman that appeared. Clooney was known for his one-time stint as Bruce Wayne in the 1997 ‘Batman & Robin’ film. So, while Barry may have changed things for the better, he lost the Affleck version of Bruce and got stuck with Clooney’s version.

1. Aquaman cameo

The final cameo in ‘The Flash’ happened in the post-credit scene. This involved Barry Allen drinking with Arthur Curry, who we all know as Aquaman. A very drunk Aquaman was seen in that scene as Barry, who can’t get drunk, talked about how there were different versions of Bruce in the multiverse, but all of them were the same.

Aquaman passed out face-first into a puddle and gave Barry a ring that he asked him to pawn so that they could buy more drinks. This scene teases the fact that Jason Momoa’s Aquaman exists in the same altered universe that Barry returned to.

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