Arishem the Judge vs. Galactus: Who Is More Powerful & Would Win in a Fight?


Galactus is often confused for a Celestial due to his enormous size and because of his powers. He is, however, not a Celestial, and in fact, he even fought their kind before, even being able to take one down. But what happens when we take one of the most powerful Celestials that ever existed and pit him against the Devourer of Worlds? This is what we set out to explore today when it comes to a fight between Galactus and Arishem the Judge; who is more powerful, and who would win? 

Arishem is more powerful than Galactus and would ultimately win in a fight against him. He has more versatile powers and abilities and is vastly more durable than Galactus. Galactus might be able to hold his ground against Celestials in general, but Arishem is no average Celestial. He is considered to be much more powerful than the rest of his brethren and, as such, takes this one. 

Now that we’ve covered the main answer, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. We’re going to explore the powers, abilities, strength, speed, and durability of both characters until you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Now as far as powers and abilities go, Arishem has pretty much the same power set as any other Celestial out there, only on a greater level. Arishem is capable of vast energy manipulation. He can utilize and emit almost all forms of energy in destructive waves. He can manipulate life and gravity, utilize powerful telekinetic abilities, create constructs out of cosmic energy, and many more offensive and defensive things. 

What Arishem can do is pretty much the same as Galactus, the difference being on what scale he can do it. Arishem, like all Celestials, is nearly omnipotent and is considered among the greatest energy sources in the Universe. The Celestials can largely take part in reality and life creation as their powers, in large part, transcend space and time, meaning that behind reality, to their whim, is a relatively effortless thing.

Their telekinetic abilities are said to be able to move “dozens of planets” with ease. Arishem, as one of the strongest Celestials, stood against Odin, Zeus, and Vishnu, the three Skyfathers, without flinching, and it is said that he is immeasurably more potent than them. 

Galactus was created following the destruction of the first cosmos by the Sentience of the Universe or infinite cosmic entity known as the Black Winter (accounts vary). As such, Galactus is part of the natural order in the cosmos and has access to one really amazing power source called “Power Cosmic.” With Power Cosmic, Galactus can manipulate most forms of energy, project powerful blasts, create force fields, and manipulate life, gravity, space, time, and to some extent, even reality. 

Galactus can even transmute molecules and alter the structures, shapes, and nature of almost any object that he encounters. Galactus is not omnipotent, but he is pretty close to it. Power Cosmic can be utilized for a variety of effects, and at this point, it’s easier to say what Galactus can’t do rather than what he can do. 

The thing is, whatever Galactus can do, Arishem can do better. His powers are closer to omnipotency than what Galactus has to offer, and due to this, the point goes to the Celestial. 

Points: Galactus (0:1) Arishem the Judge


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Strength and Stamina 

Concepts like strength and stamina mean very little for a Celestial, as they possess incalculable physical strength and stamina levels. Arishem is no exception to this rule, and he can manipulate cosmic objects with only a fraction of his power. 

The same goes for his stamina levels; since Celestialss are the most potent energy sources, it’s not that likely that Arishem can run out of juice, just like some common being. His stamina levels are likely unlimited as their bodies practically transcend the physical plane and the Universe itself. 

Galactus also has incalculable levels of strength at his disposal, it’s estimated that Galactus can lift far more than 100 tons, and it’s no wonder you have seen the size of him? Galactus’ stamina reserves are altogether a different story, however. We know that hunger is one great Galactus’ weakness.

The more he exerts his powers, the hungrier he becomes, and he needs to find an appropriate energy source, a fight against someone as powerful as Arishem would drain him, and keep in mind that Galactus can even be killed by characters way less powerful than him if he is hungry enough. 

Galactus loses this point due to his hunger, which proved to be a crippling weakness over the years. The point goes to Arishem with infinite strength and energy. 

Points: Galactus (0:2) Arishem the Judge


Just like strength, speed means very little to a Celestial. Arishem has the powers of flying, opening portals, and teleportation. His form transcends the limits of space and time, and he can manifest wherever he wants to with nothing but his pure will. 

When you have a being that can manipulate space-time at will, it’s hard to define the exact limits of his combat speed, so we won’t attempt that. Let’s just say that in any case, due to his precognitive abilities, Arishem could predict and dodge any blow that might come from his enemy on time. 

Galactus constantly travels throughout the cosmos, so he has several means to traverse such unimaginable distances. He can fly, he can teleport, he can open portals, and he has a spaceship at his disposal. When Galactus moves or flies, he can do so at speeds that far exceed the speed of light. As for combat speeds, due to his base movement speeds, reaction times, and ability to predict, let’s assume that Galactus is much in the same position as Arishem. 


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It seems unlikely that Galactus and Arishem would engage in a fistfight in which combat speed would be of importance, and since both are unimaginable fast, the point goes to both of them. 

Points: Galactus (1:3) Arishem the Judge


Celestials are among the oldest beings in the Universe. Some are as old as the First Cosmos from which they emerged. They have vastly superior cosmic physiology that makes them largely invulnerable to most conventional forms of damage. They are considered to be immortal, and they cannot be truly slain. 

If, by some chance, Celestial is permanently disabled, he can be revived by another Celestial, and a single Celestial can be used as a “seed” to revive an entire race. 

Galactus is old an ancient but not even close to Celestials. He is also largely immune to most forms of damage and cannot truly be killed because he is a cosmic constant needed for keeping balance in the Universe. When I say he cannot be truly killed, I mean that even if he does succumb to damage, it is just a matter of time before he returns back to life. Galactus has been killed several times in the comics, and he resurfaced again.

Both Arishem and Galactus are, to an extent, immortal and invulnerable, but the fact that Galactus would be able to succumb to damage far earlier than Arishem still stands. In the past, Galactus was defeated by characters much weaker than himself. 

Points: Galactus (1:4) Arishem the Judge


Celestials have cosmic awareness to a large extent and can feel when something is going on with the Universe and other planes of existence since they can exist simultaneously across several layers of existence.

Celestials possess quantum telepathy, enabling them to connect across space and time, communicating with each other from various timelines and dimensions. It also seems futile to measure an IQ of an omnipotent being who can affect the laws of reality on a whim. 

Galactus is omniscient, to say the least. He has cosmic awareness and knowledge of even the most bizarre phenomena that can be stumbled upon across the Universe. Galactus is considered among the smartest minds in the known Universe, and his knowledge of technology, natural laws, reality, past, present, and future are unparalleled. His cosmic awareness allows him to notice even the smallest changes across the cosmos. 

Both Arishem and Galactus are smart, both have knowledge that transcends the limits of time and space, and both have cosmic awareness. They also both get this intelligence point. 

Points: Galactus (2:5) Arishem the Judge

Combat Skills 

Arishem most likely lacks special combat skills because he doesn’t need them. He would unlikely engage in a direct fistfight with so many other powers at his disposal.

It is not known whether Galactus has any formal knowledge in terms of armed and unarmed combat, he has been known to carry some of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe, but when it comes to traditional forms of combat, he is somewhat lacking as he doesn’t have to rely on physical combat to get the point across. On the other hand, considering that Galactus is omniscient, he is probably aware of all combat forms in existence, but he rarely chooses to use them, as there are efficient ways for him to deal with his enemies, just like Arishem. 

Considering that neither Arishem nor Galactus are brawlers, no one gets this point. 

Points: Galactus (2:5) Arishem the Judge


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Arishem vs. Galactus: who is stronger, and who wins the fight?

Galactus is generally at around the same level of powers as Celestials, but Arishem, being significantly more powerful than your average Celestial, is stronger than Galactus and would ultimately win. Even though neither Galactus nor Arishem have a plan to permanently eliminate one another, Galactus would succumb to injuries far earlier than Arishem or would most likely exhaust himself in a fight, a weakness that Arhishem simply doesn’t have. 

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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