Batman vs. Captain America: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Batman vs. Captain America Who Would Win in a Fight
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Both Captain America and Batman are among the most iconic superheroes in their respective universes. The two have plenty in common, starting with their morals and unwavering principles, followed by the fact that they are surrounded by superheroes many times more powerful than themselves. The matchup between the two would be extremely interesting, and this is why we decided to pit the two against each other. When it comes to a battle between Batman and Captain America, who is stronger & who would win in a fight? 

Without gear and planning beforehand, Captain America would win in a fight against Batman. This is according to his physical stats, which are due to the Super Soldier Serum superior to those of Batman. If we take into account Batman’s famous “prep-time” and his gear, I have no doubt that he would figure out a way to deal with Steve Rogers effectively. The two are evenly matched, with Batman needing his gadgets to bridge that gap created by Super Soldier Serum. 

Now that we’ve covered that it would be a complicated fight without a true or clear winner, it’s time to analyze why. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Batman famously doesn’t have any superpowers. This is what makes him relatable and iconic, as he was an ordinary man that managed to attain near-physical perfection with nothing but the power of his own will and extensive training. Batman is rich, so rich that it can be considered to be a superpower in itself. But that’s really not the point of this category. The point is that in the battle of powers and abilities, Batman brings nothing to the table as he is not a meta-human, not even close.


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Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, was born as an ordinary man but gained his enhanced attributes through the experimental Super Soldier Serum. While the serum gave him enhanced strength, speed, and durability, it never gave him any extra powers and abilities, leaving him at “peak human performance” without any energy-projection abilities or other similar powers. 

The fight between Captain America and Batman would be mostly physical due to the lack of powers and abilities on both sides. Due to this, no one gets the point. 

Points: Batman (0:0) Captain America

Strength and Stamina 

Over the course of the character’s existence, Batman’s strength has fluctuated a lot, but he can generally lift anywhere between 450 to 1000 pounds. This isn’t exactly stellar as far as superheroes go, but Batman’s greatest strength isn’t his “strength” exactly. Even though he is not superhuman, Batman possesses strength that goes beyond what ordinary humans are capable of, and in several instances, he was seen dealing with several attackers at the same time and overpowering characters much stronger than him. 

Batman supporting a large pillar

Due to his peak physical performance, Batman has stamina reserves greater than average humans. He can push himself past the limits and endure hard and strenuous physical activity for much longer than ordinary humans. 

As we mentioned, Captain America ingested a Super Soldier Serum, which granted him strength levels beyond what humans can normally achieve. He surpasses the performance of an Olympic-level athlete and can lift up to 1200 lbs but averages around 800 lbs. His stamina levels are also greatly enhanced. This allows him to fight and exert himself far longer than he would otherwise be capable of if he was just an ordinary human. Captain America can also fight in harsh environments, enduring elements, and other obstacles much more efficiently than average humans. 

Captain America Stops elevator with his shield

Batman has enough strength feats that highlight that he is not always an ordinary human, but so does Captain America. Rogers also has Super Serum on his side, which ultimately makes him stronger and better equipped to fight for a long time than Batman. The point goes to Captain America. 

Points: Batman (0:1) Captain America


Batman has peak human speed and is capable of being much faster than an ordinary human, or Olympic-level athlete, for that matter. He can reach up to 40 miles per hour while running, but it’s important to mention that his speed fluctuates a lot as well, depending on who writes him and what version of the character we are discussing.

Batman outrunning heat missiles

Batman is likewise frequently seen outrunning vehicles or dodging bullets. However, his running speed is not comparable to his combat speed, as Batman’s movements are often described as “blur” and untraceable while he is engaged in combat. This has more to do with his skills, however, than with his speed. 

Captain America was never considered to be among the fastest characters in Marvel Comics as he can reach humble speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, with his peak speed being easily double that. Despite not being able to run very fast, Captain America is extremely fast in combat. He has deadly fast reflexes and reaction times and is incredibly agile and athletic. 

Captain America running speed

Both Captain America and Batman are faster than average humans, but neither is super fast while running. In combat, both have demonstrated the ability to be faster than even superpowered characters. Due to that, the point goes to both. 

Points: Batman (1:2) Captain America


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Batman has peak human durability, and even though he is not superhuman, he was seen surviving devastating injuries that would have killed average humans or crippled them severely. Batman also heals slightly faster than average humans, although he doesn’t have a healing factor.

Batman durability

His durability can be mostly owed to his Batsuits composed of Kevlar and a small percentage of titanium. Using his suits, he is capable of withstanding devastating injuries and continues fighting as if nothing has happened for the most time. Bruce is also immune to most toxins and has a lessened sense of pain due to his tendency to meditate and his indomitable will. 

Captain America does have enhanced durability and a healing factor to a lesser extent because he heals faster than the average human. He is also immune to diseases, toxins, viruses, and most other human calamities. Due to his perfect metabolism, he also ages more slowly. 

Captain America lands on a car

Captain America can tank more damage than Batman, even if Batman is in his Batsuit. The point goes to Captain America. 

Points: Batman (1:3) Captain America


If one thing Batman is famous for, it’s his intelligence, “prep-time,” and planning that allows him to take down enemies more powerful than him by a thousandfold. Batman knows his way around aviation, business management, chemistry, hacking, and disguise. He has an eidetic memory and frequently uses forensic pathology in his work.


He is also an inventor with mechanical engineering skills and is famous for creating his own gadgets. He is known to be among the smartest characters in the DC comics and has iron-clad determination to achieve his goals. He is by far among the best leaders and investigators in the DC comics and knows his way around almost all imaginable technologies and weapons.

Captain America has human mental processing abilities and eidetic memory. He can process information much faster than an average human, intuitively understand situations, and apply any military tactic he remembers to any situation. Captain America can allegedly master any weapon or combat skill in a matter of seconds.


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Even though Captain America and Batman are supposed to be on the same level of intellect, it doesn’t feel fair to give Rogers this point when he doesn’t have nearly the amount of intelligence-based feats as Batman does, so the point goes to Caped Crusader. 

Points: Batman (2:3) Captain America

Combat Skills 

Batman is among the greatest fighters in the comics in general, as he is a master of numerous martial arts. Before he took over the identity of Caped Crusader, Batman spent 12 years wandering the planet looking for the best martial artists to train him.

He studied boxing at Roxbury Fielding Academy and received further training from Wildcat in this style. Additionally, he developed a unique fighting style called “Bam Pow,” specifically designed to fight with the Batman Who Laughs. Batman is also skilled in Dim Mak, an ancient martial art that focuses on striking vital points of the opponent’s body to induce paralysis, intense pain, or even death.

Batman mastered all combat forms

He possesses knowledge of Ninjitsu, Karate, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, and Tae Kwon Do, showcasing his diverse training. Despite fatigue and blood loss, Batman demonstrated his wrestling abilities by engaging in a match with a bear. He is also skilled in stick fighting and has trained his proteges, the Robins, in using bo-staffs. 

Captain America is likewise among the best fighters in Marvel Comics and is known to be a master of almost all forms of unarmed and armed combat. This is due to his extensive military training and the enhanced intellect that allows him to master anything in a matter of seconds.

Captain America combat

While fighting, Captain America utilizes boxing, Judo, Defendu, kickboxing, Jujutsu, Tōde, Aikido, Karate, and various other unarmed combat disciplines. Captain America trained most of the Avengers, and his experience and tactical skills make him a paralleled opponent in most forms of combat. 

Both Captain America and Batman are accomplished fighters, and due to that, the point goes to both.

Points: Batman (3:4) Captain America

Batman vs. Captain America: Who is stronger, and who would win in a fight? 

Looking at their raw attributes alone, Captain America is stronger and should be able to win a fight against Batman anytime. Due to the Super Soldier Serum, he is simply stronger and more durable than Batman, which gives him an advantage if the fight is spontaneous in nature. Captain America would simply outlast Batman in a long battle and defeat him by tiring him out. However, if Batman is geared with Batsuits and his gadgets and has enough time to prepare for the battle, he would probably take the fight.

I mean, the guy has a contingency plan for every member of the Justice League. Dealing with Steve Rogers wouldn’t be that hard for him.


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Batman also won the majority of their official fighters in the comics but would ultimately team up with Captain America near the end, even admitting that Rogers would be able to take him out. 

Who do you think would win in a fight? Let us know in the comments below!

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