Ghost Rider vs. Wolverine: Who Would Win?

Wolverine vs Ghost Rider who would win in a fight
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Ghost Rider and Wolverine are one of the most iconic characters ever created. Wolverine is a mutant with an overpowered healing factor. He managed to escape death on several instances and frequently fought against threats far more powerful than he was. Ghost Rider, on the other hand, harbors the Spirit of Vengeance, which provides him with amazing supernatural powers. So the fight between the two would be interesting, to say the least. This is why we decided to stage a hypothetical fight. Now, without further ado, let’s see when it comes to Ghost Rider & Wolverine, who is stronger and who would win in a fight? 

Ghost Rider is stronger than Wolverine and would win a fight against him. Ghost Rider has more versatile powers and abilities. He is nearly immortal and far stronger than Wolverine. There’s really nothing out there that Wolverine can throw at Ghost Rider that can counter his magical powers. 

Now that we’ve covered that Ghost Rider would win this one, it’s time to analyze why. We’re going to explore both characters’ powers, abilities, strength, speed, and durability, so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers & abilities 

Ghost Rider is most famous for his Penance Stare, the ability to inflict all the pain an individual has inflicted on the innocent throughout his life. Penance Stare often proves lethal, although there have been a few exceptions to the ability in the past. Ghost Rider’s second most dangerous ability is his hellfire manipulation. Hellfire can be so devastating it can burn through the toughest materials in Marvel Universe, even souls themselves.

It is said that Hellfire produces flames so hot the temperature is reminiscent of Hell, but considering that Ghost Rider often goes to punish the wicked, it’s good that they get acquainted with Hell before they are dragged there. Ghost Rider’s abilities don’t stop there. He is far more powerful than anybody gives him credit for.

Penance Stare

Ghost Rider can also use Hellfire to create constructs like weapons, walls and summon his motorcycle. He can rain down Hellfire storms directly on his enemies. He is capable of manipulating sins, souls & demon magic.

He can project a Mystical chain that is capable of growing in size and is known to be almost indestructible. Ghost Rider, as a king of Hell, also has Damnation Stare, capable of burning sinners from the inside out. He can also manipulate his own size and perform exorcism when it’s needed (and sin purge when it’s appropriate) 

Wolverine’s superhuman abilities are a lot more humble in nature. We know that he has his healing factor, but besides that, he has little to offer and counter Ghost Rider’s nearly multiversal abilities. Wolverine has retractable adamantium claws, which are known to be among the most lethal weapons in Marvel Comics Universe.

Wolverine powers and abilities

The claws are likewise nearly indestructible. He has enhanced senses of perceiving sight, smell, taste, and touch differently and more potently when compared to an average human. He also has a pretty fantastic hearing. And while none of his senses would give him an advantage regarding Ghost Rider, his retractable claws might prove to be a game changer. 

It’s obvious that Ghost Rider has some serious juice regarding magic and other types of superhuman abilities. Due to this, the first point goes to him. 

Points: Ghost Rider (1:0) Wolverine 


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Strength and stamina 

As a supernatural being, Ghost Rider’s physiology doesn’t work as regular human’s. He can lift anywhere between 5 and 25 tons, with 25 tons being the upper limit. Of course, he can always enhance himself, as it was seen in the comics that he was, on special occasions, capable of lifting even more.

Ghost Rider throws crane into the air

While in his Ghost Rider form, Johnny doesn’t need sleep, food, water, or other nourishment. He can keep going as long as there is sin nearby, which makes his stamina practically limitless. 

Due to his adamantium skeleton and mutant physiology in general, Wolverine can lift up to 2 tons easily. This is far more than your average human. Wolverine is also a lot more successful at dealing with stamina than humans. He can saily filter out toxins with his healing factor and easily jump back into a fight immediately. 

WOlverine lifting colossus

Wolverine is strong and can last long in a fight, but Ghost Rider’s form is divine in nature; hence he has more stamina and more strength at his disposal. 

Points: Ghost Rider (2:0) Wolverine 


Ghost Rider was never in the company of the fastest characters in Marvel Comics because his speed is not that enhanced when compared to other fast Marvel characters. He does have his Hellcycle, but the demonic vehicle is not that useful in straight hand-to-hand combat.

Ghost Rider can also teleport and even travel between dimensions, but as I’ve said, rarely anyone uses these kinds of ticks in the fights. When it comes to combat speeds, Ghost Rider is just not that fast. 

Ghost Rider defies laws of physics with Hellcycle

Wolverine, like Ghost Rider, has slightly enhanced speed meaning that he can run up to 30 miles per hour. This is not something impressive when we consider speeds that Captain Marvel or Sentry are capable of reaching, but still, in combat, Wolverine proved time and time again that he is lightning fast.

Spider man faster than wolverine

He is frequently capable of catching his targets off-guard, killing them before they even notice him. He is practically invisible while he moves in combat, and even Spider-Man and other fast characters often imply and notice that in combat, he could possibly be faster than them.

When we take everything into account, it’s clear that Wolverine is faster in combat than Ghost Rider. 


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Points: Ghost Rider (2:1) Wolverine 


Ghost Rider has two forms, his human form is rather vulnerable and squishy, just like your normal human, but as soon as the Spirit of Vengeance is active, all flesh and muscles melt off from Ghost Rider’s body, leaving only immortal skeleton behind. Ghost Rider is highly invulnerable to all types of weapons (save for holy weapons) and all types of damage, including magic damage.

It is known that God is basically the only entity that can completely purge the Spirit of Vengeance. Johnny Blaze is mortal, but Ghost Rider is highly immortal and capable of tanking multiversal levels of damage. 

Ghost rider durability

Wolverine has his healing factor and his most notable ability developed during the Weapon-X program, which left him basically aging far slower than the average human and far more durable. With the healing factor, Wolverine is able to regrow entire limbs. It’s not particularly difficult to injure him, but it’s definitely hard to keep him injured and disabled long enough so he doesn’t rejoin the fight.

Wolverine healing factor

He is immune to all poisons, diseases, drugs, and human ailments. His healing factor is also incredibly fast, meaning he can recover from severe wounds in a matter of minutes, wounds that would have killed any other mutant, being, or superhero. 

Typically Wolverine always wins this point, but since Ghost Rider is nearly impossible to kill, he gets the point here. 

Points: Ghost Rider (3:1) Wolverine 


Ghost Rider’s intelligence is classified as being average, but he does have a lot of occult knowledge and has access to mysteries of divine nature. He can also gain knowledge by reading someone’s past through their soul, and he can cleverly utilize this in a fight to gain access to his opponent’s psychological weaknesses. 

Wolverine is also average when it comes to intelligence, but he is considered to be among the best trackers in the Marvel comics. He is more in tune with his animalistic side than your average human and has quite the advantage when it comes to perceiving the world. 

Both Wolverine and Ghost Rider have some specific mental talents that they can utilize in a fight, and this is why both get the point. 

Points: Ghost Rider (4:2) Wolverine 


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Combat Skills 

Ghost Rider is a skilled and experienced fighter, especially when it comes to utilizing his mystic chain. However, he mostly relies on Penance Stare and Hellfire in combat. He is also an expert stuntman, but this would be regarded as useful in specific fights only. 

Ghost rider fight

Wolverine is a master combatant. He mastered all known forms of armed and unarmed combat. He is also skilled in several assassination techniques, and his superior reflexes allow him to predict the movements and accurately counter everything his opponents can throw at him. He was a samurai, a spy, and a mercenary and got in contact with the projectile, bladed, and other types of weapons. 

Wolverine combat skills

When it comes to combat training and experience, Wolverine simply has an advantage here because he relies on hand-to-hand combat and his claws a lot more than Ghost Rider does. This point goes to him. 

Points: Ghost Rider (4:3) Wolverine 

Wolverine vs. Ghost Rider: Who is more powerful, and who would win? 

When you take into account our points, it seems like it would be a more or less even fight, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Ghost Rider several outclasses Wolverine in terms of his powers and abilities, and Wolverine has nothing to counter them. Not even his healing factor would be potent enough to save him from the ever-burning Hellfire.


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Wolverine is a better combatant and does seem to be faster when it comes to combat, but this is only because he has to rely on it. Ghost Rider has plenty of other divine abilities and magic-based abilities that he rarely has to get his hands dirty.

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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