Kamala Khan Is Neither Queer nor Gay So Far & Here’s Why 

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There are now a lot of young superheroes in the world of the MCU, and one of the rising stars among the ranks of female superheroes is Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel. We’ve seen a lot of storylines connected to Kamala’s character. Still, her romantic life is one of the most talked-about stories in the MCU because she is a growing teenager in the middle of learning more about herself and the people she likes. But while Kamala may be interested in romance, she is neither queer nor gay so far, and here’s why.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Kamala Khan belongs to a traditional Pakistani Islam family, and she was raised to follow family and religious traditions.
  • Ms. Marvel was always interested in boys growing up, and there have been a few boys linked to her.
  • The boys who are interested in Kamala include Bruno, Kamran, and Kareem.

Kamala crushes on boys

Throughout the storyline of the MCU, we’ve seen our fair share of younger superheroes who are set to take the MCU to the future because of their youth and popularity. Some of these characters are female, and one such character who fans have grown to love is Kamala Khan, who goes by the superhero name of Ms. Marvel.

One of the things that we know about Kamala is that he is just a young high school student who often daydreams about being a superhero because of her love for Carol Danvers, who we know as Captain Marvel. But aside from the fact that she grew up idolizing the Avengers and Captain Marvel, she grew up under a rather traditional Pakistani Muslim family that moved from Pakistan to the United States.


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So, as she grew up, she tried to shuffle between her upbringing as a Pakistani Muslim and her love for things that are American. That’s why Kamala was a combination of two different worlds in the MCU. But while that may be true, Kamala was still very much a teenager who was trying to discover her place as the child of a family of immigrants. And that means that she was also exploring the world of teenage romance.

The first person who was able to attract Kamala’s attention was Kamran, who was similar to her in the sense that he seemingly had South-Asian heritage. Kamala and Kamran formed a good relationship even though Kamran wasn’t exactly aware that her mother had villainous purposes regarding Kamala and her bangle.

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Kareem, who befriended Kamala when she went to Pakistan, could also be one of the love interests of Ms. Marvel as it could be hinted that either or both of them were interested in the other. Also known as Red Dagger, Kareem was an ally to Kamala while she was running away from the Clandestines in Pakistan.

Then there’s Bruno, who was introduced as Kamala’s childhood best friend. Bruno himself is a boy genius and has always supported Kamala in almost everything she did, including the fact that she gained superpowers through her bangle. Bruno was clearly romantically interested in Kamala because he often got jealous whenever Kamran was in the picture. However, nothing clear and concrete is yet to happen between him and Kamala.


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So, as you can see, Kamala Khan is linked to a lot of different boys as she is interested in boys while she is growing up as a teenager. That means that she is a straight female who is interested in the opposite sex. 

But we are not rejecting the chance that she could actually be queer or gay because this could still be a possibility at some point in the future. Then again, this could be difficult to see as she is yet to have queer or gay tendencies, even in the comics. Due to cultural and religious concerns regarding her status as a Pakistani Muslim, it would be incredibly difficult for the writers to find a way to write Kamala Khan as a member of the LGBTQ+ community without any negative reactions from the more traditional Muslim fans.

Does Kamala Khan like Zoe?

While it may be clear that the characters who have been linked to Kamala Khan are all boys, we also know that fans have also linked her to a girl character due to the tension that was present between Kamala and her. This character is Zoe Zimmer, who goes to the same school that Kamala goes to.


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Even though Kamala and Zoe used to be friends when they were younger, Zoe started picking on Kamala as they got older. The fact that Zoe was somewhat of a bully to Kamala is why fans believe that something romantic could happen between the two characters. That’s because many romantic storylines start from some sort of tension between two characters.

Nevertheless, in the comics and the MCU, there was never any indication that either Kamala or Zoe was interested in one another. But the comics tell a somewhat interesting story regarding Zoe’s character.

zoe nakia

In the comics, Zoe used to bully Kamala but eventually became a good friend to her. It was after they became friends that Zoe became interested in Nakia Bahadir, who we know is one of Kamala’s closest friends. So, while Kamala may not be queer or gay in the comics, we can’t say the same about Zoe due to her romantic feelings for Nakia.

We are yet to see this in the MCU. Still, there’s a good chance that it will happen at one point in the future of the storylines of these young characters because we’ve already seen the early foundations of the relationship between Zoe and Nakia.

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