Relationship Between Spider-Man & Ms. Marvel Explained 

miles and kamala

The world of Marvel Comics is full of different young heroes who are set to help carry Marvel into the future. Of course, we are all aware that Ms. Marvel is one of the most recognizable young characters in the world of Marvel. But we also know that Spider-Man has always been at the top of the popularity list in the world of comic book heroes. Not a lot of people, however, know that Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel are linked with one another, and that’s one of the things we are going to talk about now.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Peter Parker and Carol Danvers once dated when Danvers was still carrying the Ms. Marvel superhero name.
  • However, when Kamala Khan became Ms. Marvel, she became acquainted with the new Spider-Man but was unaware of his identity.
  • Miles Morales, the new Spider-Man, once met Kamala’s civilian identity and eventually became infatuated with her.

Are Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man friends?

We all know that the world of Marvel Comics is now giving more of the spotlight to the younger heroes. Kamala Khan, of course, became the new Ms. Marvel after awakening her powers. And we also know that there is more than one Spider-Man, as Miles Morales also gained the same powers that Peter Parker has.

The thing about Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man (Miles) is that they were two of the youngest heroes in the world, and that means that the Avengers allowed them to join their ranks because they had the potential to take over the Avengers at some point in the future. Ms. Marvel started working together with Spider-Man and the new Nova (Samuel Alexander) as three of the youngest members of the superhero group.

kamala and miles

Due to the fact that Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man were right around the same age, they were actually good friends whenever they were working together on the field. They worked in tandem with one another on many different missions. Nova was also there to assist them in the many different missions they undertook as members of the Avengers.

As members of the Avengers, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man started communicating with one another. But the most interesting part is that they were unaware of each other’s identity. That means that Kamala did not know that the new Spider-Man was Miles, nor was Miles aware that he was talking to Kamala the entire time.


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At one point, Miles and Kamala met one another as they were and not as their superhero identities. But neither of them knew they were already familiar with one another. This happened when Miles represented his high school in a tri-state area science competition. Kamala represented her school together with Bruno and their friends.

Due to the rivalry between their schools, Miles and Kamala started bickering with one another because they were unaware that they were actually supposed to be friends as their superhero identities. Bruno’s project suddenly led to an explosion, and Kamala sprang into action as Ms. Marvel. That was how Miles discovered that Kamala was actually Ms. Marvel. On her part, Kamala never found out about Miles’ secret identity.

Did Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man date?

As mentioned, Miles and Kamala were friends while donning their superhero costumes. But it was during a science competition that Miles found out about Kamala’s secret identity as Ms. Marvel. It was after this incident that Spider-Man started crushing on Ms. Marvel. What made things more complicated was the fact that Samuel (Nova) also had a crush on her.

However, Miles and Kamala never dated because they eventually realized that romance wasn’t on the cards for them. Still, they remained good friends and allies as superheroes. Moreover, Ms. Marvel already had a lot of different boys to choose from when it came to her romantic life.

While it may be true that Kamala and Miles never dated, that doesn’t mean that Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man never dated. Of course, we are talking about different versions of Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man here.


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The original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, was already familiar with the original Ms. Marvel before Carol Danvers eventually became Captain Marvel. And because they often worked together on missions, they were not only friends but were actually interested in one another.

At one point in the comics, Carol didn’t have her powers but still went on an important mission that required her to obtain information from a being called the Essential, who was in a shipyard in Queens at that time. When things didn’t go well, Spider-Man came to the rescue and even awkwardly asked Carol out on a date.


Carol did indeed go on a date with Peter, but the date didn’t go too well. It did end on a nice note, even though nothing came out of that date. Still, it became clear in a few events later that Carol had feelings for Peter.

When Norman Osborn was in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. and went out to attack Asgard, Spider-Man sprang into action but first had to take care of Venom, who had been ruining Spider-Man’s reputation by masquerading as the hero. Ms. Marvel also appeared to help her friend out, but Venom could feel Carol’s emotions toward Peter after using his powers.

Captain Marvel Ms marvel relationship

After taking care of Venom, Carol and Peter went to Asgard as they discussed what Venom said about Carol’s feelings. Peter joked about how Carol liked him, only for Danvers to tell him to shut up. Nevertheless, Carol did indeed admit that her feelings for Peter were complicated. This was never explored in the comics.

So, while it may be true that Miles and Kamala never dated, the same cannot be said about their predecessors because Peter and Carol actually had feelings for one another. It’s such a shame that this relationship wasn’t explored more. 

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