Wonder Woman vs. Superman: Who Wins the Fight & How?


Undoubtedly, two of the most iconic powerhouses in the history of comic books are Wonder Woman and Superman. They are often considered two of the strongest female and male superheroes, respectively, meaning many kids idolize them due to their seemingly larger capabilities. However, who would win a fight between Diana and Clark?

Superman would win in a fight against Wonder Woman because he is stronger, faster, and more durable. It might be true that Wonder Woman is far more skilled compared to Superman when it comes to her fighting abilities. But Superman has more advantages over Wonder Woman.

It might be true that Wonder Woman was created to be Superman’s female counterpart in the comics. Still, the Man of Steel’s advantages and feats are simply too unreal, even compared to someone as strong as Wonder Woman. That is why we will give this fight to Superman, especially if he is blood-lusted enough to want to kill Diana Prince.


Wonder Woman has the strength of the Olympian gods and is just as strong or even stronger than Hercules, who has always been regarded as the strongest out of all Greek gods. In that regard, her strength is as close to Superman as any Justice League member can get. She is incredibly strong enough to overpower Supergirl, who we know is almost as strong as Superman.

Superman has always been the poster boy when it comes to strength in the world of DC, especially because his strength is often highlighted in the things he can do. He is often said to be scientifically capable of lifting around 2 billion tons due to his strength. He can easily level entire mountains, push the Earth out of orbit, and even level smaller moons and planets if he wants to. Only a few non-cosmic beings are capable of matching Superman’s strength.


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Even though there have been instances where Wonder Woman matched Superman in strength, the Man of Steel is so much stronger at his peak. That means that Superman has a definite edge here.

Wonder Woman 0, Superman 1


Thanks to her Olympian god physiology, Wonder Woman can move incredibly fast even though she isn’t a speedster. At one point, Wonder Woman matched the cruising speed of the Flash, who we know is the fastest member of the Justice League. That means she can move at blinding speeds and get from point A to point B in a blink of an eye.

Superman’s speed has always been one of the things that fans rave about him because he can outfall the fastest jets in the world and move from one country to another in mere minutes or even seconds. He can reach supersonic speeds on Earth and even interstellar travel whenever no gravity hinders his speed. There have been instances where he beat the Flash in a race, although it has been proven that the Flash is faster.

Wonder Woman can only match the cruising speed of the Flash. On the other hand, Superman can give the Flash a run for his money in a race. This means that the Man of Steel is faster than Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman 0, Superman 2


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Diana is highly resistant to physical and magical attacks due to her godly physiology. She can withstand some of the strongest attacks that her opponents can dish out on her, as she is simply so durable. Of course, the thing about her is that she isn’t invulnerable to damage, as she often uses a shield or her bracers to deflect or block attacks. In that regard, she may be incredibly durable but isn’t invulnerable.

There is a good reason why he is called the Man of Steel, as Superman is simply so durable that he is often described to be invulnerable to conventional attacks and damages. His body is much more durable than steel and invulnerable to the strongest human weapons. The only cases wherein he gets damaged are when he gets hit by someone who can match his strength or when magical attacks are used against him. Of course, he also gets weaker whenever he is close to Kryptonite.


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The fact that Superman doesn’t even need a shield or any kind of armor makes him a lot more durable than Wonder Woman, who needs to defend herself using a shied or bracers. Superman’s body itself is the shield he needs against any attack.

Wonder Woman 0, Superman 3

Powers and Abilities

Aside from the fact that she has superhuman physical capabilities and can fly, Wonder Woman has no other powers. She is mostly a physical powerhouse that uses her incredible physical capabilities and combat skills in a fight. She is also known to use weapons whenever she is up against opponents that she can’t beat using her fists. Other than that, she doesn’t have any other powers at all.

Aside from being capable of superhuman feats beyond imagination, Superman also has other abilities that he often uses in his fights. He can fly at supersonic speeds. In combat, he often uses his heat vision to his advantage because he can shoot lasers that are strong enough to hurt some of the strongest beings in the DC universe. There’s also the fact that Superman possesses super-breath and X-Ray vision.

While Wonder Woman may be able to match Superman’s physical abilities, she can’t match his ability to use heat vision and create hurricanes with his breath. That means that Superman takes this round once more.

Wonder Woman 0, Superman 4

Fighting Skills

If there’s anything that Wonder Woman does better than any other Justice League member aside from Batman, it’s fighting. She is the best pure combat specialist in the Justice League due to her incredible training and skills as an Amazonian warrior. Even if she didn’t have superhuman powers, her combat skills still rank as some of the best in DC, as she was even able to match Superman in a fight because she was the better fighter between the two.

Even though he is often seen as a brawler, Superman is a skilled fighter trained by Wonder Woman and Batman. We just don’t see him showcasing his fighting skills a lot because he can defeat opponents with a few punches. Nevertheless, he isn’t the bumbling brute some fans think he is, as he is a trained fighter who can still win fights even if he doesn’t have superpowers.

Superman may be a lot stronger than Wonder Woman, but he isn’t the same trained warrior she is. That is why Wonder Woman takes this round against the Man of Steel, who may be stronger but less skilled.

Wonder Woman 1, Superman 4

Wonder Woman vs. Superman: Who wins?

Yes, Wonder Woman can overpower and defeat a lot of other powerhouses out there in the DC universe. But while she may be more skilled compared to Superman, the fact is that the Man of Steel has more advantages over her. Superman is stronger, faster, more durable, and has more powers and abilities to use in a fight against someone like Wonder Woman. That’s why he is likely to win a fight against Wonder Woman.

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