How Strong Is Wonder Woman? Compared to Superman, Shazam, and Martian Manhunter

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When it comes to women empowerment in the world of comics, there aren’t a lot of women who are just as strong or even stronger than Wonder Woman, who stands as the most iconic out of all of the different women we’ve seen in the superhero business. Of course, we know that Wonder Woman has everything a superhero needs to be strong, including a superpowered body and many other unique abilities. But just how strong is Wonder Woman?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Wonder Woman’s physical strength is linked to the Earth, meaning she is as strong as the Earth itself.
  • Wonder Woman’s durability is impressive enough that she can withstand attacks from some of the strongest beings in DC.
  • Wonder Woman is capable of moving fast enough that she can match the Flash’s cruising speed.

Wonder Woman is basically divine

If there’s one thing we know about Wonder Woman in the world of DC Comics, it’s that she is capable of many different things that normal people aren’t. It helps that Wonder Woman was written to become the female counterpart of Superman because they are capable of superhuman feats beyond imagination. But while that may be true, she has also been unique on her own.

Wonder Woman flying

That’s because Wonder Woman’s powers are divine in nature. She was empowered by the Gods of Olympus and had powers that were on par with all of the different Greek Gods. As such, her incredible abilities are divine in terms of their origin, and that differs from the likes of other superheroes, who have powers and abilities that were natural to them due to their alien origins.

Wonder Woman, of course, has superhuman strength. But her strength is as great as the strength of the Earth itself because Demeter, Goddess of the Earth, was the one who bestowed Wonder Woman’s strength. While there hasn’t been anything concrete about what having the strength of the Earth means, we can say that Wonder Woman’s strength is so great that she is often the one who people compare to Superman when they talk about female superheroes.


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Her strength is so great that we’ve seen Wonder Woman going up against characters whose superhuman strength levels are on par with Kryptonians. Wonder Woman can go toe-to-toe with the likes of Darkseid and Doomsday but isn’t necessarily at their level regarding her superhuman strength. Still, the fact that she can hurt them is proof of how strong she is.

Wonder Woman’s durability is also said to be one of her best traits because she can take damage from some of the strongest characters in DC. While her durability isn’t on par with the Kryptonians, her vast threshold for pain allows her to withstand attacks from beings much stronger than her. She can also heal from her injuries faster than most other heroes.

On top of that, Wonder Woman is quite fast because her divine speed was given to her by Hermes, the Messenger God. That means she can think, move, and react at speeds beyond superhuman. It is often said that Wonder Woman is so fast that she can match the Flash’s cruising speed whenever she runs as fast as she can.

Wonder Woman vs Flash Comic Fight

Wonder Woman can also fly, as this is a power that Hermes also granted to her. Zatanna also noted that she has dormant magical powers. The Greek Goddess Hecate gave her magical abilities.

But Wonder Woman’s greatest trait is her fighting ability. There aren’t a lot of DC superheroes who can match Wonder Woman in a straight-up fight, as she was trained to be one of the strongest Amazonian warriors. As such, her ferocity as a warrior is almost without equal. In many ways, Wonder Woman’s fighting abilities allow her to bridge the gap between her and some of DC’s strongest heroes and villains.

How does Wonder Woman compare to other strong heroes?


Superman is the hero that Wonder Woman is mostly compared with because they are both the most iconic superpowered heroes of their own respective genders. Of course, Superman is a lot stronger than Wonder Woman because he is Kryptonian. Superman has many different powers and abilities that Wonder Woman doesn’t have.

Superman versus Wonder Woman

But while Superman is stronger and more durable than Wonder Woman, we know the latter is the better fighter. In fact, in the ‘Injustice’ comic book storyline, Wonder Woman was able to bridge the gap between her and Superman by using her superior fighting abilities.


Shazam is arguably the most similar to Wonder Woman in his power because he is also both divine and magical. That’s because Shazam’s powers were also given to him by the Gods. But while that may be true, Shazam seems to have superior physical abilities that are almost on par with what Superman is capable of.


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So, while Shazam may be stronger and more durable than Wonder Woman, he doesn’t have the experience and fighting skills that the Amazonian warrior has. Shazam is only a child and isn’t as well-trained as some of the other superheroes are. That’s why Wonder Woman may even be able to win an all-out fight against Shazam.

Martian Manhunter

The Martian Manhunter may be known for his ability to phase, but people often forget that his superhuman abilities are almost on par with Superman. He is one of the few beings with superhuman abilities that can match the superhuman abilities of a Kryptonian, which means that he is physically superior to Wonder Woman. On top of that, the Martian Manhunter has a lot of different powers, including phasing, shape-shifting, and telepathy.

Many people often say that the only member of the Justice League capable of defeating the Martian Manhunter is Superman himself. This means that Wonder Woman might not have what it takes to defeat him. 

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