Here’s How Wonder Woman Can Fly in DCEU & Comics

Heres How Wonder Woman Can Fly in DCEU Comics
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Wonder Woman was always among the most iconic DC characters and among the most powerful female characters in comics in general. The character is rather old and appeared in hundreds of stories and numerous live-action adaptations, each version of the character presented with varying degrees of powers and abilities. We know that Wonder Woman was always shown as being able to fly, although the means to achieve that flight changed over the course of history. This is why we decided to explore the origin of Diana’s ability to fly both in the comics and in the DCEU. 

In the comics, Wonder Woman flies due to the blessing of Hermes, which granted her both flight and her incredible speed. In the DCEU, Wonder Woman flies by riding the air currents and by propelling herself in the sky via her legendary Lasso of Truth. Wonder Woman also has an invisible plane at her disposal, which serves as convenient transportation in any case. 

Now that we’ve covered the origin of Diana’s flight, it’s time to explain it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Wonder Woman flies via Hermes’ blessing in the comics 

Flight is among the greatest superpowers, and some of the most powerful superheroes in the DC have been known to possess it. The origin of flight can be magical, technological, or even biological in some rare cases, but the most notable fliers in the DC comics do not possess the technology that would grant them flight, and neither do they have wings. So it’s always interesting to explore how exactly certain characters have the ability to fly.  

Wonder Woman is a demigoddess born and raised in Themyscira. She was originally depicted as Amazon molded out of clay due to her mother’s desperation for having a child, but the most recent changes in the DC universe revealed that Wonder Woman’s father is none other than the King of Gods, Zeus himself and this is something that’s been kept from Diana due to fears for Diana’s safety and Hera’s tendency to be homicidally jealous. 


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And although Diana’s divine nature explains some of her powers and abilities, it doesn’t explain how she is able to fly. This is where the blessings of various Olympian gods come on. 

Heres How Wonder Woman Really Got Her Powers

Wonder Woman’s flight is magical in nature. She was granted the Blessing of Hermes, who serves as the messenger of gods. This blessing is also a source of super speed for Diana, as she is one of the fastest characters in the DC comics and is frequently seen racing both with Superman and the fastest speedster of them all, Flash

Wonder Woman flying

When it comes to the origin of Diana’s flight, it’s similar to Shazam’s. Shazam also flies due to the blessing of Mercury, the same deity that grants him super speed. 

Diana’s flying in the DCEU is a skill that she learns 

Live-action versions of our favorite characters are mostly toned down compared to the comic versions, and often writers are trying to come up with convincing stories on how their superpowers would make sense in the real world.

This is similar to Wonder Woman in the DCEU, whose powers of flight are not simply written off as being a product of magical, mystical blessing but rather something that Diana mastered via utilizing her powerful physiology. 

Wonder Woman flying DCEU

Wonder Woman is able to fly by riding the air currents and using her Lasso of Truth to propel herself in the air, and although the fact that she is a superhuman plays an important role, there’s nothing magical about it, depending on how you look at it.


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In the DCEU, Wonder Woman proved that she was able to hover in the air and use clouds for flying and lightning to strengthen her flight. Nearing the end of Wonder Woman 1984, Diana became so proficient in flying that she was able to reach hypersonic speeds proving that her flight was more akin to skill than magic. 

Wonder Woman can also fly via the Invisible Plane 

Wonder Woman is known for having neat equipment and a pretty iconic jet at her disposal. Diana’s Invisible Jet is an aircraft made of legendary Eighth Metal, making objects lightweight, gravity-defying, and extremely durable. In the case of Diana’s jet, Eighth Metal renders it completely invisible when needed, which is how the aircraft got its name in the first place. 

Originally the jet was from Man’s World, and Steve Trevor used it to reach Themyscira. When he crashed into the island, the jet was in a sorry state and had to be repaired. Amazons upgraded the craft with their technology, and it’s remained Wonder Woman’s iconic mode of transportation ever since, even though she can fly well without it as well. 

Wonder Woman invisible jet

 Could Wonder Woman always fly?

Wonder Woman more or less always had the ability to fly. As we’ve mentioned before, she has a rather long history, and several versions have been introduced with several different writers handling her stories. This led to some inconsistencies regarding her abilities, and the flight was sometimes ignored or forgotten. When the Invisible Jet was introduced, Wonder Woman used it for flying primarily until her flight reappeared in the form that we’ve seen in the DCEU.

Wonder Woman’s ability to fly through Hermes was introduced several decades ago and so far has stuck the longest. This is consistent with other famous and old DC characters, such as Superman, who originally couldn’t fly but was able to jump very far. 

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