How Strong Is Martian Manhunter? Compared to Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, & Supergirl!


Martian Manhunter is an often overlooked character in terms of his powers and abilities. He is rarely in the spotlight, but it’s pretty common knowledge that he is one of the physically strongest characters on Earth. This is why today we decided to analyze J’onn’s physiology in order to determine what are the limits of his physical strength as well as compare him to other strong DC characters. Let’s see how strong Martian Manhunter really is.

Martian Manhunter can lift at least 100 tons without exhibiting too much effort, and the limits of his strength aren’t exactly known. This is due to his unique alien physiology as well as the fact that he can manipulate his own bodily tissues and use telekinesis to enhance his lifting strength. Martian Manhunter himself claims that he is pretty much on par with Superman when it comes to strength, but he is likely somewhat weaker than him based on feats alone.

Now that we’ve covered how much Martian Manhunter can lift, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you want to find out more about J’onn’s unique physiology, as well as what allows him to lift so much, stay with us and keep reading!

The secret to Martian Manhunter’s strength? Martian physiology!

Martian Manhunter is a Martian, and due to that, his physiology is completely different than that of humans. He has a plethora of extremely powerful abilities, and basically, the sky is the limit. He is often described as a “Swiss army knife” of superheroes due to his versatility. He can phase, turn invisible, turn invulnerable, regenerate, fly, cast illusions, and many other things.

But J’onn’s true game-changer is the biomorphic structure that gives him the ability to shapeshift and basically modify his body in whatever way he wants. He can shapeshift, alter his size, alter plasticity, and elongate.

It also means that his bodily tissues and muscles have far more capacity to lift things than it should be (humanly) possible. On average, Martian Manhunter can lift up to 100 tons without breaking a sweat, and he’s often been compared to DC’s gold standard when it comes to strength, Superman.


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Although he does lack Superman’s physical feats, he was among the crowd that managed to tow celestial objects using nothing but their physical strength. Martian Manhunter’s strength limits aren’t exactly known. This is because of his potential to enlarge and elongate himself, meaning that his strength proportionally grows with his body.

This is not all, however, as J’onn is also an especially powerful telekinetic, meaning that he can use his mental strength to aid him in lifting especially heavy objects or taking down especially stubborn foes. One additional way through which J’onn can strengthen himself is through matter absorption. He can absorb matter and add it to his own mass, growing gigantic in the process.

Some of J’onn’s greatest strength feats are shattering the moon and punching away some of the strongest characters in DC comics with nothing but his physical strength. He was able to generate extreme forces with his Thunderclaps, being able to manipulate celestial bodies with his strength, tearing metal and rock with his hands, etc.

And now that we have definitive proof that Martian Manhunter is quite strong let’s see how he compares to other strong DC superheroes.

Is Martian Manhunter stronger than Superman?

Although there are many valid reasons why J’onn would be considered to be on par with Superman, including his own statements, that simply isn’t the case, especially when we consider post-crisis Martian Manhunter that lacks strength feats.

Superman is capable of lifting up to 2 billion tons without breaking much sweat, and it’s a fairly known fact that Superman’s strength is unlimited, meaning that with enough solar radiation, his strenth, as well as other physicals, keeps on growing. Although, in theory, both J’onn and Kal-El have unlimited strength, J’onn’s average is much lower than that of Superman; therefore, Superman is physically stronger than Martian Manhunter.

Is Martian Manhunter stronger than Wonder Woman?

Wonder Woman is, without a doubt, among the strongest female DC superheroes. She has several things going for her. She is the daughter of Zeus, a highly trained Amazonian, and she also received various gifts from Olympian gods that border on supernatural powers. As such, Wonder Woman is not only deadly in combat; she is extremely strong.

Wonder Woman never had a specific strength cap, and how much she can lift can only be assumed from her feats, but based on that, she seems to be at J’onn’s level, as both can lift around 100 tons and more if they really put some effort into it.

Martian Manhunter vs. Supergirl: Who is stronger?

Supergirl is generally weaker than her (technically) younger cousin, but they both have more or less the same potential because both are Kryptonians whose powers range from godlike to uncapped based on what kind of solar energy they are exposed to. Supergirl can lift around 1 million tons, which is significantly less than Superman but also more than what Martian Manhunter has demonstrated. Supergirl is definitely stronger than J’onn.


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Is Martian Manhunter stronger than Batman?

It seems to me that a comparison post cannot be made without Batman being on it. Due to his popularity, a lot of fans have an exaggerated vision of what exactly Batman’s physical abilities are. Batman is not a superhuman (technically), but through superhuman effort and training, he has managed to achieve physical performance that far surpasses what the average human can do. As such, Batman can lift over 1000 pounds, which is not that much when we take into account superpowered characters from DC comics, but it’s certainly beyond impressive for a human.

Still, no matter how you look at it, Martian Manhunter is way stronger than Batman.

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