‘Loki’ Season 2 Episode 2 Summary and Ending Explained: Good Cop, Bad Cop


The ending of episode 1 of ‘Loki’ season 2 raised many questions related to what happened to Loki when he got transported into the future due to his time-skipping problem. Of course, we saw that Sylvie was there, and she was quite friendly to him before he got pruned. There’s also the fact that, in the present version of the TVA, Dox sent a lot of hunters to different timelines under the guise of searching for Sylvie.

Of course, episode 2 was set to follow up on what happened in that episode, as it was clear that many things needed to be answered. Most of the episode involved the tandem of Loki and Mobius as they were searching for Sylvie. This is where it got interesting because it had much to do with a certain X-5. So, with that said, let’s look at what happened in episode 2 of ‘Loki’ season 2.

X-5’s new life

Episode 2 of ‘Loki’ season 2 opened up with Loki and Mobius going to the Sacred Timeline, specifically in 1970s London, to follow a lead involving X-5’s Tempad. They attended a movie premiere, only for them to see that the star of the movie was actually X-5 himself as he was greeting the crowd, reporters, and actors under his new identity as Brad Wolfe.

Of course, Loki and Mobius quickly confronted the big-time Hollywood actor so they could ask him about Sylvie and whether he could find her. X-5 tricked the two as he ran away to make sure that no one would be able to mess up his current life. Nevertheless, the trio of Loki, Mobius, and B-15 were able to catch him, thanks to the magical abilities of the god of mischief.


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After that, the trio took X-5 back to the TVA, where he was held in a cell so that they could prep him for interrogation. The interrogation mostly involved the modified Tempad that he had and the possibility of him knowing where Sylvie was and what the other TVA Hunters were doing at that moment in time.

The good cop bad cop act

Before the interrogation, Loki and Mobius tried to make sense of the Tempad that they recovered from X-5. That was when they went to OB to find a way to learn what this Tempad was about and why none of them could trace it. OB was too busy finding a way to keep the Temporal Loom under control.

Meanwhile, B-15 and Casey were trying to find a way to trace Ravonna Renslayer, who has been missing since the end of season 1. The fact that Miss Minutes was down made it difficult for them to trace her. But Casey discovered something about Renslayer’s Tempad as he discovered she and Miss Minutes were working together.

After Casey told Loki and Mobius this, it was clear that they needed to learn more about the Tempad that X-5 had and what it was used for. As such, they decided to interrogate the former Hunter by playing the good cop, bad cop act on the man who now wanted to be called Brad Wolfe.

Brad was able to find a way to get into the mind of Loki as he talked about how he was always a villain from the start and how he was a hypocrite for trying to save countless lives in the multiverse when it was clear that he never cared about how many people he killed in the past. Wolfe also attacked Loki by telling him that he was the reason why his mother was dead and why everything that ever involved him only became worse.

Loki, of course, wasn’t going to allow Brad to get away with the words he had just said as he intimidated the former Hunter in what was a good play of bad cop on his part. But Mobius broke things up by playing the role of the good cop, offering to give Brad his life on the Sacred Timeline back in exchange for information regarding Sylvie and Dox. But Brad also got to Mobius attacking that he was supposed to have a life in the timeline and that the life he knew in the TVA was nothing but a lie.


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Mobius slapped Brad as he failed to play the role of a good cop. As such, he and Loki needed to regroup to find a way to get Brad to talk. It was clear that this good cop bad cop play wasn’t working well.

A caged Wolfe

Loki and Mobius took some time to have a break as they talked about their issues and how they couldn’t break Brad. In fact, Loki even talked about how his anger issues in the past led him to take the entire city of New York hostage before the Avengers defeated him. Of course, he was talking about the events in the first ‘Avengers’ film.

OB was trying to find a way to fix the Temporal Loom as he went back to the Temporal Loom’s control center to try to open the blast doors again. However, he learned that only one person could open the blast doors to gain access to the Temporal Loom. This happened to be He Who Remains, whose Temporal Aura was required to open the blast doors. The problem, however, was that Sylvie had already killed him.

Meanwhile, Loki and Mobius returned to Brad’s cell to continue interrogating him. They even brought in a device that was supposedly useful for the interrogation. However, Loki “tricked” Mobius into leaving the cell so that he could interrogate Brad all on his own.

Loki used the device, which could create a force field that could trap anything inside and crush it by decreasing the size of the field. Using this method, Loki finally forces Brad into talking about Sylvie’s location. And it became clear that Mobius also knew what Loki had planned in mind as this was the only way for them to get the Wolfe to howl.

Loki and Sylvie reunite

Brad took Loki and Mobius to 1980s Oklahoma, where we last saw Sylvie during the post-credit scene of episode 1. This was the new life that she was living in one of the branches of the Sacred Timeline. And she was now working in the McDonald’s chain that she entered in the post-credit scene of the previous episode.

Loki and Sylvie finally reunited in the McDonald’s restaurant as Sylvie allowed Loki to speak to her during her break. That was when Loki told Sylvie about what happened when he got transported into the future and saw Sylvie inside the TVA before he got pruned. He wanted to know why Sylvie would want to return to the TVA because it was important for them to save the TVA, as he thought that it was the only defense they had against the Kang variants who were coming. But Sylvie made sure she had no plans to return to the TVA.


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While that was happening, Mobius noticed that Brad felt uneasy and was looking to return to the TVA as soon as possible. Mobius noticed this as he forced the Wolfe to howl once more, as it was clear that something was bothering the former Hunter.

Dox’s plan

While Loki and Sylvie were still talking, Mobius interrupted them because he discovered what Dox had planned. Brad admitted they needed to leave this branch because Dox would destroy all the branches. The plan was not for her to look for Sylvie but to prune all the branches. That was the reason why Brad wanted to leave as soon as possible.

Brad took them to the headquarters, where Dox and her Hunters were pruning the different branches. Loki, Sylvie, and Mobius all worked together to defeat the Hunters. However, Dox sped up the plan by setting off all of the planted bombs meant to prune the timelines.

After a display of chemistry and teamwork between the two gods of mischief, Dox’s operation was stopped. Nevertheless, it was clear that she could prune many different branches when B-15 and the people over at the TVA showed that countless lives were lost when Dox detonated the bombs in the different timelines.

Sylvie’s mysterious device

Loki, Sylvie, and Mobius returned to the TVA to see what happened. They were all sad that countless lives were lost due to Dox’s actions. But at the same time, this took them some time because the Temporal Loom stopped overloading when some branches were pruned.

Meanwhile, Sylvie mocked Loki for trusting in the TVA as the last defense against the Kang variants. She also said she was returning to her new home if it was still standing, as she left the TVA and returned to Oklahoma. Loki and Mobius, meanwhile, were trying to make sense of what they needed to do next.


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Back in Oklahoma, Sylvie was lucky enough that this timeline was still standing and wasn’t pruned by Dox’s people. She was sitting down on the hood of her pickup truck before one of her co-workers decided to make small talk with her. After her co-worker left, Sylvie was seen looking at a mysterious device that resembled the Tempad that He Who Remains used.

If that’s the case, there’s a good reason to believe that Sylvie and this mysterious device in her hands are going to play an important role in the future, especially now that there’s a good chance that they are going to try to find a way to get one of the Kang variants to help them. Sylvie and this device might be the key to finding one of the variants in the multiverse.

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