Professor X Can Move His Legs with His Mind, but Here’s Why He Doesn’t Have To

Professor X Can Move His Legs With His Mind but Heres Why He Doesnt Have To

Charles Xavier is one of the most popular and powerful mutants in the history of the Marvel Universe. Up until recently, he was classified as an Omega-level mutant until he got reclassified as Alpha-level. He also developed plenty of powers over the long history of the character’s existence, some of them bordering on godlike. Despite this, many fans were wondering why is he still in his trademark wheelchair? We’re going to analyze this issue in a bit more detail today and explain why Professor X doesn’t have to use telekinesis to move his legs. 

Professor X could, in theory, use telekinesis to move his legs, but he doesn’t have to since he is able to walk again. Scarlet Witch cured his spine in ‘Deadly Genesis‘, and he has been out of a wheelchair ever since, and due to the Mutant Resurrection Protocol, chances are great that he won’t be needing them anytime soon. Ultimate Universe Professor X frequently used telekinesis to move his wheelchair, however, as he was much more gifted in telekinetic abilities. 

Now that we’ve given you a brief answer, it’s time to analyze Xavier’s condition in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

How did Professor X end up in a wheelchair? 

The story of Xavier’s condition is as old as time, and it’s one thing that ultimately defines both him and his strength. Even though he is the most powerful telepath in the whole wide world, there is nothing he can do regarding saving his legs. 

Now the story of how Xavier lost the use of his legs starts with an ancient and forgotten city in the Himalayas. Following his breakup with the love of his wife Moira, he found himself traveling the world and accidentally came across an ancient walled city in the Himalayas. There he discovered that its citizens were terrified of some mystical entity that ruled them. 

Xavier encounters Lucifer

Upon further inspection, Xavier discovered that the entity in question was Lucifer and that he had technology at his disposal that Xavier had never even dreamt of seeing. However, at one moment, Xavier broke off from the main attack group and found himself one on one with Lucifer. Lucifer dropped a giant and heavy stone slab on Xavier and departed for the stars.

Lucifer drops block on Xavier

This was when Xavier learned that Lucifer was actually alien. Xavier eventually managed to call for help using his telepathic abilities, and he was transferred to Bombay to undergo treatment. Sadly the doctors were unable to restore the function of his legs. 


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Xavier, in theory, can move his legs with his mind 

The issue of Professor X having telekinetic powers is one of the most sensitive regarding his character as the ability was manifested rarely and was usually attributed to be a mistake of writers. There have also been plenty of hints in the past that Xavier is not only a telepath but also a telekinetic since his twin sister/clone Cassandra Nova is actually a pretty powerful telekinetic in her own right, and she is supposed to have access to all the powers and abilities that Xavier can potentially unlock. 

The biggest confirmation that Xavier is telekinetic came from ‘Inferno’ #4 when he used telekinesis to pin and disassemble Nimrod Super Sentinel. This level of telekinesis would be enough to move his legs mentally, but he doesn’t have to. He can walk on his own for quite some time. 

Xavier telekinesis Nimrod

Professor X doesn’t have to use telekinesis to walk 

Even though doctors in India were unable to restore function to Xavier’s legs, that doesn’t mean that he wasn’t able to walk anymore, his spine was cured several times in the stories, and he likewise lost the function of his legs several times as well. 

The first time the function of his legs was restored was following the battle with Brood when Starjammers decided to heal him using their superior technology. He lost the use of his legs yet again during the fight with Shadow King. 

Xaviers legs restored

Apocalypse and Xorn again restored his legs, but every time something would happen, some injury, and he was wheelchair bound yet again. His most recent healing came from Scarlet Witch, who managed to heal him by using reality-warping magic that she acquired during the ‘House of M’ storyline. Following this, Xavier died again, but this time, everything changed. He didn’t lose the use of his legs, and he likely won’t lose it ever again. 

Wanda curing professor X

The secret lies in Mutant Resurrection Protocol, via which X-Men can build younger and healthier bodies if the situation calls for it. Even if Xavier’s spine gets injured again, there are plenty of possible clones that he can construct and make himself “whole” again. Due to this, it’s also impossible to tell Xavier’s real age. 

Professor X standing up

Professor X of Ultimate Universe used telekinesis to move his chair

Even if Professor X’s status as a telekinetic of Earth-616 is highly controversial, there is one version of Charles that is confirmed to be quite skilled in telekinesis. It’s Charles Xavier from Ultimate Universe.  


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He managed to lift Magneto into the atmosphere and lifted a 50-ton Sentinel with nothing but his mind. It was also, in one instance, implied that he could induce blood clotting in otherwise healthy subjects meaning that his telekinetic abilities are potent enough to affect biological beings and objects on a molecular level. Most importantly, Xavier of Ultimate Universe used telekinesis to hover his wheelchair. 

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