‘Secret Invasion’ Sets up ‘Captain America: Brave New World’: Paranoia Will Be Explored in the New Movie

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One of the things that we saw in the finale of ‘Secret Invasion’ is that there were still a lot of different issues that were left unresolved, as it is clear that the series’ story will be explored in a different project in the future, especially because there are still stories that need to be told regarding the state of the world. We know that President Ritson left the world in a worse state due to his announcement regarding the Skrulls. As such, the world became paranoid.

We also know that one of the movies that will be released in the future is ‘Captain America: Brave New World,’ which will push Sam Wilson into the spotlight as the new Captain America. And we just recently learned that the ending of ‘Secret Invasion’ actually sets up the events of ‘Brave New World.’ That said, let’s look at what we learned.

The fallout of Ritson’s declaration of war

After President Ritson learned that the Skrulls were manipulating him into starting World War III with an attack on the Russians, he was so traumatized that he made a unilateral declaration of war on the Skrulls. He decided that it was his responsibility to eradicate the Skrulls from the face of the planet because he saw what they were capable of. After all, he trusted James Rhodes the entire time without even knowing he was a Skrull.

In that regard, Ritson’s declaration brought more harm than good to the Skrulls regardless of whether or not they were involved in Gravik’s failed invasion attempt. Ritson never even tried to talk things out with the Skrulls before declaring war on them. And that was what prompted Nick Fury to call the president to tell him this was “one-term president stuff” on his part.

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What Fury was hinting at was that Ritson wasn’t going to be re-elected for another term because we all know that Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross is set to become the next US president either before or after the events of ‘Captain America: Brave New World.’ And we know that Thunderbolt Ross will be president by the time of the release of “Thunderbolts” at the end of 2024.

Sam Wilson’s hands will be full

Of course, one of the effects of Ritson’s declaration of war was massive vigilantism on the part of the people of the planet. Near the finale of ‘Secret Invasion,’ we saw that several people took it upon themselves to hunt down people that they believed were Skrulls. Some were correct in their assumptions, while others were wrong. We even saw some vigilantes getting killed by Skrulls.

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The world had become paranoid with the fact that Skrulls were hiding among humans and had taken over the identities of several different people all over the world. No one could trust anyone, which made things messier because vigilantes became active in trying to kill the aliens secretly hiding on Earth.


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Because of this, due to Ritson’s announcement, Sam Wilson will have his hands full with the mess happening on the planet. According to this tweet, ‘Brave New World’ will explore the paranoia born out of Ritson’s declaration of war.

In that regard, it will be up to Sam to try to fix things. After all, he had his own fair share of problems in relation to bigotry and racism, considering that this was a key theme of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.’

But now, he would have to deal with an even bigger problem in the sense that he has to find a way to make things work between the paranoid people of Earth and the Skrulls that may still be hiding on the planet by the time that ‘Brave New World’ will be released. And we might even see the return of G’iah in this movie, especially because she is now the leader and protector of the Skrulls

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