‘Secret Invasion’: Is G’iah a Superhero Now? What Kind of Powers and Abilities Does She Have?


If there’s one thing that was fun about the finale of ‘Secret Invasion,’ it was the incredible strength and power G’iah and Gravik displayed in their fight. We know they both became stronger than ever by acquiring the powers of several characters, including Carol Danvers, through the Super Skrull machine and the Harvest. G’iah defeated Gravik and kept her powers. So, does that mean that G’iah is currently a superhero?

G’iah’s ultimate fate as a character is yet to be told, but there’s a good chance she will become a superhero. But as of now, the one sure thing is that G’iah will act as the leader and protector of the Skrulls that are in danger of getting wiped out by President Ritson’s crusade.

We still have no idea what the future holds for G’iah, as the only thing that we know is that she and Sonya Falsworth are set to have the same kind of relationship that Talos had with Nick Fury. The only difference here is that G’iah is now in it to protect her people. In that regard, there’s a good chance that she might become a hero for the Skrulls in the future.

The Skrulls need G’iah

The conclusion of ‘Secret Invasion’ allowed us to see just how powerful a Skrull is with the DNA of the Avengers and a few other characters that fought during the events of the Battle of Earth in ‘Avengers: Endgame.’ We know that G’iah was disguised as Nick Fury when she confronted Gravik in the Skrull compound, as the Skrull general was oblivious that he wasn’t talking to the real Nick Fury.

As such, when G’iah gave Gravik the Harvest so that he could use it to become even more powerful, she got caught in the power of the Super Skrull machine. In that regard, Gravik unknowingly gave G’iah the same powers that he possessed, as this led to a one-on-one fight between the two most powerful Skrulls in the history of the Skrulls.

G’iah triumphed in that battle with Gravik even though they both had the same set of powers and abilities. Meanwhile, Fury triumphed in his attempt to defeat fake Rhodey to prevent the president from launching a strike that would have started World War III. And after the dust settled, it was made clear that G’iah kept all of her powers because there probably wasn’t a way to reverse the Super Skrull procedure.

One of the things that we also learned was that President Ritson declared war on the Skrulls for what Gravik did. He declared all of the Skrulls as active combatants that should be eradicated from the face of the planet. And that meant that G’iah and all of her fellow Skrulls needed to stay hidden.

Of course, Sonya Falsworth had her way of finding G’iah. She tailed her and eventually introduced herself to G’iah, who seemed apprehensive that this mysterious woman was looking for her. G’iah said she was strong enough to take on an entire army, as Falsworth assured her she wasn’t looking for a fight.

Instead, Falsworth offered a partnership between them because she understood that the Skrulls needed a leader to help them through such a tough time, especially now that the US Government had declared war on them for what Gravik tried to do to the entire world. G’iah accepted the offer, and that means that she is now the leader and the protector of the Skrulls that are in hiding. And Falsworth and her people are probably the only ones aware of where these Skrulls are hiding.


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So, for all intents and purposes, G’iah is probably a superhero in the eyes of her people because she is the only one capable of protecting them from any threat coming from the US Government or even the Kree. 

Speaking of the Kree, Nick Fury told Varra at the end of the series that the Kree were open to peace talks with the Skrulls. Of course, we don’t know what this means for G’iah and her status as the hero of her people. But we are positive that the Skrulls will probably finally have a home they can call their own. And it is more than likely that G’iah will serve as the protector of these people, similar to how Thor acts as the protector of the Asgardians.

But as far as her status as a superhero in the general sense is concerned, that’s still up in the air because she can’t be a hero for everyone when she knows that there are now two types of races hunting her people down. As such, she probably won’t be running with the Avengers anytime soon.

G’iah has become one of the strongest MCU characters

Of course, as we saw in her fight with Gravik, G’iah has a host of different powers that essentially make her one of the strongest characters we have ever seen in the history of the MCU. In fact, she has access to powers that we didn’t even know she was supposed to have, as it shows that the Harvest had more DNA samples than we realized.

So far, we’ve seen G’iah displaying the strength of the Hulk, Drax, the Abomination, and Korg. She also has the same set of powers that made Carol Danvers one of the strongest characters in the MCU. But at this point, we’re not sure what the limits of her powers are and whether or not she has full access to the powers that the Harvest granted.

We know that she is a force to be reckoned with and that the entire US government would get annihilated if ordinary soldiers attempted to attack her and her people. That is why she is the only one equipped to lead and protect the remaining Skrulls on Earth until they can find a home they can call their own.

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