‘Secret Invasion’: Will Skrulls Be Allowed to Remain on Earth?

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The ending of ‘Secret Invasion’ allowed us to see the defeat of Gravik and the survival of the Skrulls that were part of his rebellion. Of course, G’iah eventually defeated Gravik in their one-on-one fight, as Nick Fury convinced President Ritson to call off the strike on Russia. As such, Fury and G’iah were able to prevent a global war from happening. So, did that mean the Skrulls could remain on Earth?

The Skrulls weren’t allowed to remain on Earth after the death of Gravik. That’s because President Ritson made a unilateral decision to wage war on the Skrulls and designate all of them as combatants, regardless of whether or not they fought for Gravik. As such, the Skrulls are now in more danger.

President Ritson’s decision to mark all of the Skrulls as enemies of the world was made out of haste. But he did so out of necessity because the Skrulls were nearly successful in pushing the entire planet to the brink of extinction. In that regard, humanity is now more and more wary of the presence of Skrulls, as it has become clear that the planet is no longer safe for them.

Ritson made a d*ck move

Since 1995, the Skrulls have been living among humans, especially because Nick Fury secretly allowed them to stay on the planet. Then, in 1997, he promised to find a home for them in exchange for them working for him to keep the planet safe. But the conclusion of ‘Secret Invasion’ allowed us to learn that Nick Fury (G’iah in disguise) gave up on finding a home for the Skrulls decades ago.

While that may be true, the point was that Gravik didn’t have the right to take over the planet just because of the failed promises of one man that wasn’t even speaking on behalf of the entire world. G’iah, who was the one who confronted Gravik while acting as Nick Fury, defeated and killed the Skrull general. Meanwhile, Nick Fury defeated Raava, who was disguised as Rhodey, and tried to convince President Ritson that they needed to launch a pre-emptive strike on Russia.


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As such, Fury saved the day and could now prevent World War III from happening after convincing the president that the Skrulls were behind the recent attacks. Of course, Ritson was a survivor of a Skrull attack himself. And that meant that he knew what these aliens were capable of.

During a press conference to address the entire nation, President Ritson declared war on the Skrulls unilaterally, saying that he would not rest until they were dead. He even urged Congress to launch a bill that would declare all Skrulls as automatic combatants regardless of whether or not they were involved in the recent attacks.

As such, Ritson didn’t even try to talk things out with the Skrulls because he decided to immediately jump the gun when he announced what he wanted the people of the world to do concerning what the Skrulls just did to them.

Nick Fury eventually called the president to tell him that this was a one-term move on his part because he made a quick decision that not all people would agree with. This is probably why he won’t get re-elected in the future, as Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross is set to take over as the next president of the United States in the upcoming ‘Thunderbolts’ movie. As such, we have probably seen the last of President Ritson after he made such a d*ck move.

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This move by Ritson also proved that G’iah needed to see that there would never be a way for humanity to accept the Skrulls. In episode 4, we saw Talos telling G’iah he was working against Gravik to convince the president that not all Skrulls were bad. Talos wanted Ritson to allow the good Skrulls to stay on Earth. But it was clear that, with Ritson’s unilateral move, he would never talk things out with the Skrulls.

The Skrulls are now in more danger

With that decision made by Ritson, it became clear that Earth was no longer a home for them. As seen from the news reports near the end of the series, some people took matters into their own hands by performing vigilante acts. People were getting killed because certain people suspected them to be Skrulls.

While some people were Skrulls the entire time, some innocent people were killed just because they were suspected of being Skrulls. And even if these people weren’t even suspected as Skrulls, violent people worldwide now had a convenient excuse to use whenever they wanted to kill someone as they could always say they thought they were killing a Skrull.


To that end, President Ritson sowed the seeds of chaos and violence into people’s hearts by unilaterally announcing a war against the Skrulls. That was why Fury told him this was a one-term move that won’t get him re-elected in the future. And this was why the Skrulls were now more dangerous than before.


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This is where it becomes more important for the Skrulls to have a true leader that cares about them. That was why Sonya Falsworth approached G’iah as they entered into a similar deal that Fury and Talos made years ago. Falsworth needed G’iah to be the leader that her people needed so that they could work together to keep the planet safe from danger. In exchange, Falsworth would minimize the fallout of President Ritson’s unilateral declaration of war against the Skrulls.

Of course, we aren’t sure what the future holds for the Skrulls because it has become clear that Earth isn’t safe for them. But there’s a good chance there’s a bright outlook for them, considering that Nick Fury told Varra that he heard from S.A.B.E.R. that the Kree Empire was willing to enter into peace talks with the Skrulls. And this might be something we will see in ‘The Marvels,’ wherein Fury and the Kree will be featured again.

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