Will Avengers Be in ‘Secret Invasion?’ How Will Gravik Deal with Them?

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We already know that the story of ‘Secret Invasion’ talks about a large invasion mounted by the Skrulls from the inside. Of course, the Skrulls aren’t foolish enough to think that they could easily take over an entire planet that had incredibly powerful protectors. For instance, one member of the Skrull council was afraid that the Avengers would return if they were to wage war on the planet, only for Gravik to tell them that he had a plan in place. So, will the Avengers be in ‘Secret Invasion?’

It is unlikely that the Avengers will be in ‘Secret Invasion,’ but some members may appear. That’s because we already know that Gravik is building a machine that would help make the Skrulls stronger. This is his contingency plan against the Avengers.

In the comics, the Skrulls were able to find a way to genetically modify their bodies to the point that they could obtain the powers of different characters. This made the Skrulls powerful opponents during the events of the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline in the comics. This will be the direction of the ‘Secret Invasion’ series. Now, let’s look at whether or not the Avengers will be in ‘Secret Invasion’ and what Gravik has in store for them.

Nick Fury doesn’t want to call his “friends”

Even before the release of ‘Secret Invasion,’ one of the things that people knew was that the Skrulls had something up their sleeves and were planning to wage a secret war on the planet. This was confirmed in the first two episodes of the series when Gravik and his Skrulls attacked several places worldwide to destabilize different governments, making it easier for them to take over the planet.

Of course, fans were wondering why something of this magnitude doesn’t include the strongest protectors of the planet. After all, the Avengers were formed to ensure Earth had protectors against threats from all areas. But it appears that Nick Fury is a one-man army looking to deal with this problem alone. He made this clear in a conversation with Colonel James Rhodes when they met up in a café in London, England, in episode 2.

rhodes and fury

Fury told Rhodes that this attack was mounted by the Skrulls, aliens that could disguise themselves and infiltrate the Earth from the inside. Rhodes was already aware of these aliens’ existence, so he wasn’t surprised that the invasion was ongoing. He told Nick Fury it was time for them to call their “friends,” who we believe were the Avengers. After all, War Machine is still a member of the Avengers and was one of Tony Stark’s closest friends.

However, Fury told Rhodes that he didn’t want to involve their friends in the mix. He wanted to be the one to resolve this issue on his own instead of relying on other people. He gave Rhodes because he didn’t think calling on their friends was right, as the Skrulls could simply impersonate them and cause more chaos.


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Of course, while that may be a convenient excuse, Fury probably doesn’t want to involve anyone in this secret war because this is very personal to him. He is the person closest to the Skrulls because he was always really good friends with Talos and his family. And the final scene of episode 2, it was suggested that Nick Fury was much closer to the Skrulls than everyone realized.

As such, Fury doesn’t want to involve the Avengers in this affair for practical and personal reasons. That is why it is unlikely that the entire team would appear in ‘Secret Invasion.’

But we aren’t dismissing the possibility that members of the Avengers would be making appearances in this series. For example, War Machine has already appeared in two episodes.

That is why there is a good chance that the members of the Avengers that aren’t in the middle of tough situations could appear in ‘Secret Invasion.’ We don’t know how many of them are available right now, but we do know that there aren’t a lot of them that could readily jump in and help Fury fight the Skrulls.

Gravik has a plan in place for the Avengers

Even if Nick Fury were to call on the Avengers for help, one of the things that we know is that Gravik had already prepared for this. This was made clear when he met up with the Skrull Council to formalize his secret war on humanity. One of the council members asked what they could do if the Avengers were to return. Gravik told him that he already had a plan in place for that.

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During the episode, we learned that the Skrulls were working on building a secret machine in their base. We don’t know what this machine was, but we do know that it has something to do with the DNA of different creatures. G’iah tried to log into this machine’s computer to learn more about it, and we saw files that contained information on former Avengers villains, including Obsidian Cull.

Then, while Sonya Falsworth was interrogating one of the Skrulls, she learned that they were building a machine meant to make the Skrulls stronger. Of course, we know that Skrulls are stronger than humans but aren’t strong enough to defeat or threaten the Avengers.


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As such, it is likely that this machine that Gravik is building is meant to make them stronger by using the DNA of different villains. This was already done in the comics because the Skrulls were made stronger through a genetic process that allowed them to obtain the powers of different villains and heroes alike. They are called Super-Skrulls.

In the MCU, the Super-Skrulls may be created by this machine that Gravik is building. This is probably his contingency plan against the Avenger, as he knows he can create an army of Skrulls with the strength and powers of superhuman entities.

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