‘Secret Invasion’: Why Couldn’t Gravik See G’iah Was Disguised as Fury?


The explosive conclusion of ‘Secret Invasion’ had one more trick up its sleeve in a series full of people who can change their appearance at will. In that regard, the biggest revelation was that G’iah, disguised as Nick Fury, confronted Gravik in the Skrull compound in Russia. The goal was for her to become a Super Skrull as well as to defeat Gravik. But why couldn’t Gravik see that G’iah was disguised as Fury?

Gravik never knew that G’iah survived his attempt to kill her because she never reappeared after Gravik tried to kill her. Skrulls were also never equipped with the ability to tell each other apart when they were disguised. And the best part was that G’iah knew exactly what to say to keep Gravik’s mind occupied.

It was clear that Nick Fury and G’iah had planned the entire event, especially because it was important for G’iah to keep Gravik preoccupied while Fury went after fake Rhodey. In that regard, Fury must’ve told her the right things to tell Gravik to convince him he was talking to the genuine article. So, with that said, let’s look at why Gravik wasn’t able to tell Fury was G’iah.

Skrulls can’t tell each other apart

The ending of ‘Secret Invasion’ was quite surprising because we saw a twist that favored the good guys. We know Nick Fury had no choice but to go to Finland and take the Harvest to give it to Gravik, who threatened to force the US to bomb the Skrull compound and start a war between the Americans and the Russians.

As such, the series’ finale started with Fury going through the Skrull compound, coughing and everything, and struggling with the radiation that the Skrulls were supposed to be immune to. He finally got to Gravik in the Super Skrull machine’s room. That was when a confrontation between the two happened, as Fury ended it by telling Gravik that he was handing the Harvest to him so that he could use the powers of the Avengers to take over an entirely different planet instead of Earth.

Gravik didn’t want to listen because he wanted to take over Earth and make humanity suffer. So, when he used the Harvest to give himself the powers of the Avengers, Fury was in the machine together with him. An empowered Gravik attacked Fury, only for him to realize that his enemy could match his power. Fury punched him so hard that he flew into the sky and landed outside the building.


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That was when it was revealed that this was G’iah all along as she and Fury planned the whole thing up so that she would also obtain the powers of the Avengers. And Gravik didn’t even suspect that it was G’iah.

Of course, that’s because Skrulls were never meant to tell each other apart whenever they were disguised. We’ve seen time and time again that there is no way of telling whether or not a person is a Skrull unless that person is injured or killed. In fact, Talos didn’t even know that the other people in the café with him and Gravik were Skrulls during their meeting. And this means that not even Gravik could tell whether or not a person was a Skrull.

G’iah was supposed to be dead

There’s also the fact that Gravik never knew whether or not G’iah survived his attempt at her life. Back in episode 3, we saw G’iah betraying the Skrulls by going to the Fracking Pods to give her father, the password of Commodore Fairbanks. Gravik met an escaping G’iah just outside the Skrull compound. He shot her right in the heart, as he didn’t even check whether or not she died.

But G’iah survived because she used the Super Skrull machine to give her the powers of Extremis before she left the compound. This allowed her to heal from the bullet wound shortly after Gravik left her to die. G’iah never reappeared to any of the Skrulls after that. And the Skrulls that attacked Varra in Nick Fury’s home were all killed right after they found out that G’iah was there as well.


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As such, there was no way for Gravik to know that G’iah had survived. He thought that he had killed her, so he never bothered to think whether this Fury he was talking to was fake. After all, Talos, the only other friend Fury had other than Varra, was also dead. And G’iah was the last person Gravik would have thought would impersonate Fury because he thought she had died.

G’iah’s acting was spot-on

We can talk about how the Skrulls can’t tell each other apart or how G’iah was supposed to be dead. But the one thing that ultimately convinced Gravik that he was talking to the real Nick Fury was G’iah’s acting.

She acted like she was in pain from the moment she entered the compound. She was coughing the entire time to convince Gravik that the radiation of the compound was getting to her. G’iah even took iodide pills for good measure, so Gravik would think she was in pain.

Then, during their confrontation, G’iah told Gravik everything Nick Fury wanted to tell him. She talked about how Fury failed to find a home for them years ago and how the best choice for him was to protect the people of Earth using the Skrulls because there was no way that humans would ever accept the Skrulls into their society. She even talked like Nick Fury actually gave a damn about Gravik.

We saw how emotional Gravik was the entire time as it was clear that he was not in a position to waste time to tell whether or not he was talking to the real Fury. As such, it was clear that Fury told G’iah the exact words to say to Gravik to keep his mind and emotions preoccupied well enough for him to believe he was talking to the genuine article. And G’iah’s acting was spot on because she really had Gravik convinced with her words and actions that she was Nick Fury.

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