Sentry vs. Superman: Who Wins & How?


Superman is a character that needs to introduction. He is among the most powerful and most popular DC characters and, over time, became the synonym of the word superhero. It’s no wonder then that a lot of Man of Steel copies gave rise over the long history of Superman’s existence, and one of them is Marvel’s Sentry. Superman and Sentry have pretty similar powers. They are both indestructible and powerful beyond the scope of our understanding, but if it ever came to a fight between the two, only one could leave the victor. Today’s post is going to focus on one such hypothetical fight, so we can see who between the two is strongest. Let’s see between Superman and Sentry, who wins, and how? 

Sentry wins against Superman. It would be a close fight, but Sentry would walk away victorious since there’s really nothing out there Superman can throw at Sentry that he can’t recover from. Sentry has all of Superman’s powers but more potent. He is stronger more durable and can push himself to surpass Superman in every way imaginable.

I realize that Superman vs. Sentry is a highly polarizing issue due to the similarities of both characters and the fact that Superman has better feats. However, due to the relatively short existence of Sentry as a character when compared to Superman, we’re not going to be taking this into account. In the rest of this post, we’re going to analyze the powers, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses of both characters so you can see why we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in exactly why Sentry would win against Superman, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Superman draws his power from the energy that the yellow sun radiates. This is what allowed him to turn into an indestructible force of nature under Earth’s sun, as he is able to absorb massive amounts of energy and convert it into powers. And powers he has many. Superman is capable of solar and cosmic energy absorption. He can accelerate his molecules to time travel and create Vortex creations. He has several types of visions, heat and x-ray vision being the most notable.

If he has enough solar energy stored in his cells, he can release it at once and cause a solar flare of massive proportions. He can also manipulate mechanical objects to some extent. His breath is so strong he is able to unleash highly destructive winds and freeze anything in his vicinity. 

Sentry can do everything that Superman can but better, not to mention that Sentry hasn’t unlocked all of his potential abilities yet, and he is capable of mimicking or training every superpower that he comes across in others.

Sentry is powered by the energy of millions of burning suns, and due to that, he can manipulate energy, light, darkness, biology, and technology. He has incredible psionic powers. Sentry’s by far most powerful power, however, is the ability of molecular manipulation that enables him to shapeshift and materialize constructs, objects, beings, and tools out of thin air. His power of molecular manipulation is so potent he managed to recreate himself completely after being liquified by Molecule Man

Sentry simply doesn’t have an upper limit to his powers, and whenever he shows up on pages, he seemingly gains another overpowered superpower.   

To put this into the context of Sentry and Superman. Even though the basis for their powers is more-or-less the same, Sentry is able to absorb vastly more energy and utilize it. He has more powers than Superman, and those that the two do share are more potent when it comes to Sentry. There’s simply nothing that Superman can throw at Sentry that he can’t efficiently counter. Even if Superman were to atomize Sentry, he would just recreate himself from scratch. Sentry’s molecules simply vibrate on a whole different level than Superman’s, and due to that, the point goes to him. 

Points: Sentry (1:0) Superman


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Strength and Stamina 

Sentry has unlimited reserves of stamina. Due to his enhanced physiology, his muscles produce no fatigue toxins, and he can fight nearly indefinitely without getting tired. He requires no sustenance, which means that he is completely powered by energy which he converts with maximum efficiency. 

Superman as well has unlimited reserves of stamina and can fight indefinity if needed. He converts the energy of the yellow sun directly so his cells can use it as fuel if needed. However, Superman has physiological and psychological needs to eat, drink and sleep, which puts him in an inferior position compared to Sentry. 

And now, it’s time to analyze strength. The upper limit of Sentry’s strength is not known. It’s theorized that he has sort of potential to increase his strength indefinitely, and he can’t really “reach” his limit, so to speak. He managed to break every bone in Hulk’s body and tore Ares in two.

Superman is no weakling as well, he managed to bench-press three times the weight of Earth, so it’s pointless to compare them in this aspect as both of them have access to unimaginable strength. However, Superman does need to eat where Sentry doesn’t, so this point goes to Sentry.

Points: Sentry (2:0) Superman


Superman is capable of achieving massively faster-than-light speeds. He can, at times, be so fast that time slows down around him. He has consistently been shown to be able to keep up with DC’s fastest superheroes. Superman can also teleport and fly, which allows him to cross unimaginable distances in incredibly short amounts of time. 

Sentry, likewise, can achieve massively faster-than-light speeds. He is capable of flying and teleporting as well. While he’s flying, he is able to bend the space-time around him to cover cosmic distances in short amounts of time. His combat speed is equal to that of Thor, and it’s safe to say that while moving at great speeds, he can appear to be almost invisible. 

Both Reynolds and Clark Kent have impressive speeds, teleportation, and flying at their disposal, so it’s safe to say that both get the point. 

Points: Sentry (3:1) Superman


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Superman is, in almost every sense of the word, invulnerable. He is disease-resistant, poison resistant. No toxins can harm him, and he is capable of withstanding even the strongest of blows. It’s extremely difficult to kill him, but manageable

Sentry is likewise extremely durable and immune to most types of damage. It is theorized that he can genuinely die only when he wishes to. He is immortal and has a near-instantaneous healing factor, and quite frankly, he can walk away from being thrown into the sun.

His durability and healing abilities are further supplemented by his molecular-manipulating skills, allowing him to reconstruct himself from being liquified, as demonstrated against Molecule Man. There are only a few ways to take down Sentry, and all of them seem impossible to achieve due to this. This point goes to Sentry. 

Points: Sentry (4:1) Superman


Superman is a highly-intelligent individual. His mind works at speeds incomprehensible to human beings. He is quite skilled when it comes to computational tasks, and time and time again, he managed to demonstrate impressive speeds at which he is capable of analyzing data. 

With the use of his heat vision, he can re-program machines. 

Sentry is a mentally unstable individual, but despite that, he is extremely intelligent. He is nowhere near the smartest mind in Marvel but highly understands mechanics, architecture, machinery, tracing energy sources, cybernetics, robotics, and computer science. Using his intelligence and resourcefulness, he managed to construct both Watchtower and CLOC with the help of Reed Richards. 

Both Superman and Sentry are on a different level when it comes to analyzing and processing data, and both can brag about their genius-level intellects. Due to that, the point goes to both of them. 

Points: Sentry (5:2) Superman


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Combat Skills 

Superman is an excellent hand-to-hand fighter due to being trained his whole life in various fighting styles, martial arts, and weapons. Superman is skilled in boxing, Jujitsu, Krav-Maga, wrestling, stick-fighting, and swordsmanship. 

Sentry never had to rely on his combat skills to defeat an enemy since his powers quickly overpowered the strongest of beings. His combat skills, proficiency with weapons, and tactical skills remained underdeveloped when compared to the rest of his arsenal. In this case, Superman has a massive advantage, and if the two were depowered, it would be a sure win for Superman. 

Points: Sentry (5:3) Superman


This is usually one category that Sentry always loses due to having one crippling weakness, and that is his mental stability. The more mentally unstable Sentry gets, the weaker he is. He has trouble controlling his powers in his base form; if he gets out of focus, it can end catastrophically for him. He is also rather weak to anti-matter and Negative Zone, which can depower him to some extent, although ultimately, he has found a way to manage both.

Superman has notable weaknesses as well. Most famously, Superman easily succumbs to the effects of kryptonite. He is also famously weak to magic, and if he is not exposed to the energy of the yellow sun, he losses his powers. 

Since both Superman and Sentry have weaknesses that are easily exploited, I would say this one is a tie between the two of them. 

Points: Sentry (5:3) Superman

Sentry vs. Superman: Who would win?

As you can see, it would be a close fight, but in every aspect that truly matters, Sentry not only matches Superman but surpasses him. His powers and abilities are more potent and versatile. He is more durable, stronger, and more difficult to dispose of. The only aspect in which Superman excels when compared to Sentry are his fighting skills, and this wouldn’t be enough to stand up against him. 

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