Star Wars: Here Is Why Ahsoka Has White Lightsabers

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One of the things that we know about Ahsoka Tano is that she is a unique type of Jedi in the sense that she was not part of the Jedi Order before its destruction but became a true Jedi in every sense of the word. Of course, one of the things that makes her unique is that she has two white lightsabers, which are rare in the Star Wars universe. So, why does Ahsoka have white lightsabers?

Ahsoka Tano has white lightsabers because she created these lightsabers using corrupted Kyber crystals that she purified. Red Kyber crystals that are purged of their corruption end up having white colors that represent their purity. And that’s why Ahsoka’s lightsabers have white blades.

The fact that Ahsoka has two white lightsabers makes her the only one during her era to wield white lightsabers. In that regard, it is easy to differentiate her from all of the other Jedi because her white lightsabers are easy to spot compared to the standard blue or green sabers that the other Jedi have. That said, let’s look at how Ahsoka got her white lightsabers.

Ahsoka purified corrupted lightsaber crystals

Ever since she was introduced as a character in ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ Ahsoka Tano steadily grew as a character, and her lightsabers also represented her growth as a character. This is because of the fact that she constantly changed her lightsaber colors. And she even added one more lightsaber to her combat style after starting with one green lightsaber.

Of course, at the end of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka wielded two blue lightsabers that Anakin tweaked to change the green lightsabers that she used to wield. This represented the closeness of Ahsoka and Anakin as a master-and-apprentice duo as Anakin wielded a blue lightsaber. However, when she had to fake her death after Order 66, Ahsoka needed to deposit her blue lightsabers at the crash site of the Tribunal to trick Darth Vader and the Empire into thinking that she died alongside the clones of the 501st Legion.

ahsoka blue lightsaber

After that, Ahsoka went into hiding for a year as she spent time on the rural farming planet of Raada, where she tried to live a moderately simple life away from the affairs of both the Jedi and the Empire. However, she was forced into action when an Inquisitor discovered that there was a Jedi living on that planet. And Ahsoka fought and defeated that Inquisitor without using a lightsaber, as she didn’t have a weapon at that time.

Following the defeat of the Inquisitor, Ahsoka decided to take the Kyber crystals from his two-bladed spinning lightsaber. The thing about red Kyber crystals is that these are corrupted Kyber crystals that were “bled” using the dark side of the Force. As such, Ahsoka needed to purify the bleeding and corruption out of the red Kyber crystals using the light side of the Force.


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After purifying the red Kyber crystals from the Inquisitor’s lightsaber, Ahsoka ended up with two white Kyber crystals she used to forge her new lightsabers. These new lightsabers ended up having white blades because the Kyber crystals were purified of their corruption. Ahsoka ended up using these lightsabers ever since returning to action as one of the secret operatives working for Bail Organa during the time of the Empire.

Ahsoka also continued using these white lightsabers long after the fall of the Empire, as she still used them during the time of the New Republic. As such, she became easy to distinguish out of all of the different Jedi that survived Order 66 as she was the only one with white lightsabers during her time.

The white lightsabers symbolize Ahsoka’s affinity with the light side

While there are no hidden meanings behind the color of a lightsaber, and there is no advantage that certain lightsaber colors give, one thing we know is that the color of the lightsaber can represent certain aspects of the wielder. In Ahsoka’s case, she has white lightsabers as these symbolize her affinity with the light side of the Force.

Back in the events of the Clone Wars, Ahsoka, Anakin, and Obi-Wan were lost in space and managed to stumble upon the secret planet of Mortis, which was the home of three godlike figures called the Father, the Son, and the Daughter. The Father represented the balanced state of the Force, while the Son and the Daughter represented the dark and the light sides, respectively.


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The Son wanted to use Anakin for his own gain, which was why he corrupted Ahsoka to use her to pull Anakin to the dark side. When Anakin refused to join the dark side, the Son siphoned all of the life force from Ahsoka, killing her in the process. The Son was about to use the Dagger of Mortis to kill the Father, only for the Daughter to get in his way. As such, the Daughter was also about to die.

ahsoka and daughter

Before she died, the Daughter asked Anakin to act as the medium so that he could transfer the Daughter’s life force to the dead Ahsoka. It worked as the Daughter gave her life to bring Ahsoka back from the dead. Since then, Ahsoka has had a stronger connection to the light side of the Force. In fact, during the events of ‘Rebels,’ she was often accompanied by a bird called Morai, an avatar of the Daughter.

As such, Ahsoka’s white lightsabers represent her stronger affinity to the light side of the Force because her connection to the Daughter allowed her to become one of the representations of the light side. Having white lightsabers only allowed her to look the part of an agent of the light side of the Force, especially when we consider that her life force once belonged to the very representation of the light side.

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