Hulk vs. Superman: Which Powerhouse Would Win in a Fight?

the hulk vs superman

The comic book worlds of Marvel and DC have their own powerhouses, often considered beings of pure strength but capable of so much more. Of course, fans often think about the Hulk when it comes to the powerhouses of Marvel. On the other hand, the poster boy of strength and power in DC is none other than Superman. So, in a fight involving the Hulk and Superman, who would win?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Superman is far superior to the Hulk in almost every physical aspect imaginable because he is stronger, faster, and more durable.
  • The Hulk’s physical qualities are his best assets, yet Superman outclasses him in that department.
  • Superman also has powers and abilities that the Hulk has no counter for.


The Hulk is arguably the poster boy of Marvel when it comes to strength, as he is known for having nearly unlimited strength. The Hulk is strong enough to shatter and destroy buildings in his base form. However, as the Hulk grows angrier and angrier, he reaches levels of strength that he couldn’t reach before, as his anger makes him stronger. This is why the Hulk has nearly unlimited strength, as he will only grow stronger the angrier he gets and the longer the fight is.


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Of course, in the world of DC, there is no one more iconic than Superman as far as powerhouses are concerned because he has always been the most well-known powerhouse in this comic book universe. Due to his Kryptonian physiology, Superman is innately strong and capable of strength feats beyond imagination. It is estimated that he can lift up to 2 billion tons, despite the fact the upper limit to his strength is yet to be established. And we’ve seen him move entire celestial bodies with his strength.

superman lift

While the Hulk can get stronger whenever he is at his angriest, it is worth mentioning that he starts out a lot weaker than Superman. On the other hand, Superman is already at his maximum strength from the very start. That means that the Hulk would have to get angrier to match Superman, assuming that he could last long enough to get his strength levels up to par with the Man of Steel.

The Hulk 0 Superman 1


Thanks to his strong muscles, the Hulk possesses speed levels beyond what normal humans can. He may be big, but he can move much faster than the fastest human athletes and even react to fast attacks. The Hulk can also run and travel at incredible speeds because he can jump high enough to reach far places and even run at speeds exceeding 400 miles per hour.

Superman is capable of flying at speeds exceeding Mach 10 whenever he is on Earth but capable of much greater speeds when he is in space. While he is said to be faster whenever he is flying, Superman can also move and react at incredible speeds without the need to fly. He is one of the few characters who can see the Flash and react to his attacks in time. Of course, Superman has been able to match the Flash’s speed a few times, although the Flash has always been faster than him.

Superman Flash Race DC Comics Featured Image

There’s a reason why Superman is said to be faster than a speeding bullet: he is simply faster than a lot of different superheroes, including the Hulk. This is why Superman takes this round as well.

The Hulk 0 Superman 2


The Hulk has always been one of the most durable Marvel superheroes, as he can withstand powerful attacks to destroy entire buildings or even cities. He has survived planet-devastating impact a few times and is capable of withstanding the strongest attacks of many different Marvel superheroes. His durability is also like his physical strength because it increases whenever he gets angry. Only a few things in Marvel can damage the Hulk, and these are usually cosmic-level attacks.


Superman’s physiology makes him invulnerable to almost any attack, as it would take someone as strong as him to damage him. Weapons or cosmic or god-level attacks are also the only things that can damage Superman outside of magic and Kryptonite. Superman has also shown the ability to survive attacks from beings that can destroy entire worlds and galaxies. And as mentioned, magic and Kryptonite are the only things that can harm him outright.


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This one is close, but we are giving the edge to Superman because it takes cosmic-level attacks to actually hurt him. While the Hulk can also survive attacks from gods and cosmic beings alike, he doesn’t perform as consistently as Superman does. 

The Hulk 0 Superman 3

Powers and abilities

In his standard form, the Hulk has no powers and abilities outside of his superhuman physiology. In that regard, he isn’t capable of many things outside his physical abilities. While that may be true, he has been shown to have some degree of control over gamma radiation, which was the same kind of radiation that transformed him into the Hulk. He also has a healing factor that allows him to recover from injuries and wounds quickly, although this power is limited compared to Wolverine and Deadpool.

Superman is not only a powerhouse regarding his physical capabilities but also a powerhouse regarding the many different things he can do. He is capable of unassisted flight, which allows him to propel himself through the air at will. Superman also possesses heat vision, which is his go-to attack whenever he isn’t punching, and freeze breath, which allows him to freeze his enemies with a single blast of cold air from his mouth. On top of that, Superman has enhanced senses that allow him to hear and see things that normal people can’t see.

superman heat vision

As you can see, Superman has many different abilities that the Hulk can only dream of having. So, if he wasn’t using his brute strength, Superman could still win a fight with his different powers.

The Hulk 0 Superman 4

Fighting Skills

While some people might think that all that the Hulk does is smash things using his incredible strength, he is a well-trained fighter who understands the importance of fighting skills and combat prowess. The Hulk can go toe-to-toe with master combatants, such as Thanos and Captain America. He can also use weapons masterfully. On top of that, he has shown a high IQ in fighting, as he understands how to use tactics and strategies against his opponents in a fight.

luke cage hulk thunderclap

Superman isn’t your run-of-the-mill brawler. He is a very skilled fighter because he trained with the best fighters that the Justice League has to offer. While he isn’t on par with Batman and Wonder Woman, he is a skilled combatant who can use advanced fighting skills against the likes of Darkseid and other similar opponents who are well-trained in unarmed combat. While he isn’t the best fighter, Superman can bridge the gap between him and a stronger enemy using his fighting skills.


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The Hulk and Superman are likelier to brawl their way through a fight. Nevertheless, they are capable and well-trained fighters even though they aren’t necessarily the best at what they do.

The Hulk 0 Superman 4

The Hulk vs. Superman: Who wins?

When you look at our discussion above, it is clear that Superman has the advantage in almost every facet that matters. He is simply superior to the Hulk in terms of his physical abilities, as he is stronger, faster, and more durable. On top of all of that, Superman has powers and abilities that the Hulk has no answer to. This means that Superman will almost always end up the victor in a fight against the Hulk.

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