What Race Is Adam Warlock? (Comics vs. MCU)


Adam Warlock is among the most iconic and most popular characters in Marvel Comics, and even though we waited for a long time to see him in the MCU, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 finally delivered. We know that Warlock’s origin story and purpose were significantly altered to suit the current state of the MCU narrative, and due to that, fans have many questions regarding his comic and cinematic origin story. Due to that, we decided to answer one of the most common questions being asked by the fans. Let’s see what race is Adam Warlock both in the comics and the MCU, and ultimately, what are the differences.

Adam Warlock belongs to a race of artificial human beings in the comics since the Enclave created him to be the perfect representative of the human race. He is often classified as a cosmic being due to his vast powers & abilities and his virtually limitless potential. In the MCU, Adam Warlock belongs to the Sovereign race that High Evolutionary artificially created. He likewise serves as the perfect representative of his race.

Now that we’ve covered all Warlock’s races, it’s time to explain them in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Is Adam Warlock human in the comics?

This question is harder to answer than you would have thought, but Adam Warlock can be considered a human being in the comics as the basis for his creation were humans. Now let us explain.

Adam Warlock was created by the so-called “Enclave,” an organization of scientists who wanted to create a perfect human race to establish a benevolent dictatorship. Of course, they would be in charge as those matters usually turn out. The Enclave experimented on many things and created several powerful machines, but they are mostly famous for creating Adam Warlock, or “Him,” as he was known at the time.

They stumbled upon a formerly abandoned post of Deviants and established the Beehive there, which would serve as their base of operation for the time being. The first experiments began by bombarding DNA cells with various types of energies and radiation, all in order to accelerate growth and induce rapid empowerment. The tests eventually, with time, yielded results, and “Him” was born.

But there were several problems. Due to his rapid development, the scientists of the Enclave never put needed restraints into his mind in order to control him, and “Him” was so massively overpowered he was being kept in a cell without the scientists even knowing what he looked like, fearing for their lives that could end by one of Warlock’s massive energy discharges.


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Him was left alone in the cell, but due to his massively enhanced abilities, he, in time, recognized what his creators had in mind for him, and he decided to escape believing his creators to be evil. His mere escape brought massive destruction upon Beehive, and one of the lead scientists working on the project, Hamilton, died.

Even though he was massively powerful, Warlock was still an infant regarding his mental state as he had no real-world experience whatsoever due to developing so fast.

As you can see, even though Adam Warlock can be described as human, as human cells were bombarded with radiation and various energies, it would be incorrect to describe him as only human. The correct terminology to use would be “an artificial being” since Warlock was never born, and he most certainly didn’t develop through natural means. So, yes, Adam Warlock is an artificially created enhanced human, in the comics, at least.

Soon after escaping, “Him” got into a fight with Thor because he made some unwelcome advances to Lady Sif. It wasn’t malicious in nature, “Him” simply wasn’t aware that it was wrong. Thor beat him within the inch of his life, and he was forced to retreat to his cocoon, where he recovered from life-threatening injuries.

Eventually, “Him” was discovered by High Evolutionary, who gave him the Soul Gem and gave him the name Adam Warlock to serve as his protector of the newly-established Counter-Earth.

What race is Warlock in the MCU?

Even though there are similarities between how Warlock came to be in the comics and in the MCU, the story is generally different. In the MCU, Warlock was created by Sovereign High-Priestess Ayesha in an advanced birth pod or cocoon, so he could be the strongest and best specimen in the Sovereign race.

Warlock was created to hunt down and deal with Guardians of the Galaxy, who got into a conflict with Ayesha in the previous installment. Ayesha was unable to let go of the hate even after her Sovereign fleet was annihilated during the battle on Ego’s planet.

As you can see, there are some similarities between the two origin stories. Namely, Adam Warlock was created to be perfect, and he was created for some purpose.

However, Adam Warlock in the MCU was taken out of his birth pod by High Evolutionary too soon, which is why his abilities and intellect never had time to mature. The difference between the comics and the MCU here is that in the comics, High Evolutionary had nothing to do with the creation of Adam Warlock, but in the MCU, it’s implied by Ayesha that he had a hand in creating him.

Warlock likewise has a gem embedded in his forehead, but this gem is of unknown origins as it can’t be the Soul Gem because Thanos destroyed Infinity Stones.

With everything said, we can conclude that Adam Warlock in the MCU belongs to the Sovereign race, a race of artificially created golden-skinned humanoids made by High Evolutionary.


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Is Adam Warlock a Celestial?

Adam Warlock is not a Celestial, and the confusion stems from his massive powers, because of which he is often grouped among the cosmic beings due to his omniscience, clairvoyance, mastery of cosmic energy, mastery of the Soul Gem and his inability to die.

So even though Warlock is not a Celestial, and there is nothing that implies he is one, he is still vastly powerful and can face other powerful cosmic beings without succumbing to injuries.

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