What Stone Does Adam Warlock Have on His Forehead?

What Stone Does Adam Warlock Have On His Forehead

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 concluded the franchise is the most appropriate way. Even though the original team disbanded, with many members deciding to follow their own path in life, the movie introduced some other big characters that are set to carry on as the newest line-up of Guardians of the Galaxy. One of them is Adam Warlock, an essential Marvel character that took part in some of the greatest Marvel storylines. Even though Warlock was not perhaps what we expected, he showcased his might and comic-accurate appearance. And speaking of appearance, Adam Warlock seems to have a gem embedded in his forehead, and many fans wonder exactly what that gem is. 

It was not explained what kind of gem Adam Warlock has embedded in his forehead in the MCU; however, Adam Warlock has Soul Gem in the comics. The Soul Gem was gifted to him by High Evolutionary, and we know that MCU can’t follow this story since Thanos destroyed Infinity Stones and the Avengers had to go to great lengths to acquire a different set of Infinity Stones from alternate timelines to undo Thanos’ Snap and following that, they had to return them to their proper place in reality. 

Now that we’ve covered the mystery surrounding Adam Warlock’s forehead stone, it’s time to analyze what we know and why it cannot be Soul Gem. We will also cover some theories, so if you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

High Evolutionary gifted Adam Warlock with the Soul Gem 

Adam Warlock is one of the most popular and powerful characters in the Marvel Comics universe. He was created by a group of scientists called the Enclave, who imagined him to be a perfect human being following his creation; Adam was known only as “Him” due to the lack of an appropriate name. 

Following his creation, “Him” quickly became aware that the Enclave was going to use him to advance their evil plans, and he turned on them. He destroyed their headquarters and escaped. Since “Him” was practically mentally a child with no real-life experience whatsoever, “Him” ran into Thor, and the two fought because “Him” wanted to mate with Lady Sif. 


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Following his fight with Thor, “Him” was severely injured and had to retreat to his cocoon to recover since his life was in danger because of Thor’s injuries. 

At the same time, High Evolutionary was embittered by the fact that his mortal enemy, Man-Beast, infiltrated his latest project, Counter-Earth, and somehow managed to “infect it” with evil and corruption. Since Counter-Earth was in its early stages of creation, it had no one to defend it. By pure chance, High Evolutionary came across Warlock’s cocoon inside, which Warlock recovered and managed to retrieve it. High Evolutionary waited for whatever was inside to “hatch.” 

To his great surprise, it was Adam Warlock, High Evolutionary recognized the potential and gifted Warlock with the Soul Gem and gave him his name, “Adam Warlock,” under which he is known to this day. It is not known where High Evolutionary exactly acquired the Infinity Stone, but it became an essential part of Warlock’s identity, granting him many powers and abilities but simultaneously likewise changing him from the inside. 

High Evolutionary gives soul gem to Adam Warlock

What kind of gem does Adam Warlock have in the MCU? 

With the recent debut of Adam Warlock in the MCU, we saw that the writers decided to follow a different origin story for him. The Enclave didn’t create Adam Warlock, he was created by a high priestess of Sovereign people called Ayesha, and he referred to her as his “mother.” High Evolutionary also insinuated that he took part in his creation because he was solely responsible for creating the whole Sovereign race. 

These golden-skinned people are known as extremely advanced and aesthetically pleasing, which High Evolutionary admitted was why he created them in the first place. 

Adam Warlock looks like your regular Sovereign sporting golden skin and golden hair, although he appears to be vastly more powerful and has some kind of a gem embedded in his forehead. The mystery behind the gem wasn’t revealed yet, but it will probably make sense in the upcoming MCU projects, and it will be clarified what kind of gem exactly that is. 

Adam Warlock and his mother Ayesha

We know that Warlock’s gem cannot be Soul Gem. The original Infinity Stones were destroyed by Thanos following his Snap which decimated half of the population of the Universe, and Avengers had to travel back to past timelines to retrieve them and use them to reverse the Snap and deal with Thanos once and for all. After Thanos was dealt with, they traveled back in time once again to return them to the exact moments they had taken them from.

If it’s hard to explain how High Evolutionary managed to get Soul Gem in the comics, it’s even harder to explain how he came across one in the reality where they are destroyed. The gem that Warlock has on his forehead in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 cannot be an “alternate version” of the gem as well, considering that Infinity Stones work only in their native reality.

Many fans have theorized about this, and some even proposed that the gem that Warlock has is an Anulax battery, one of the most powerful sources of energy in the Universe. 


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This makes the most sense currently, considering that Guardians of the Galaxy got into a lot of trouble in the past with Sovereign over these energy sources. 

Anulax battery

Warlock’s gem can likewise be a newly-introduced Death Stone that debuted in Thanos: Death Notes #1, a seventh official Infinity Stone, created by Thor’s grandfather Bor. The stone was a product of evil magic and had necromantic abilities. This theory has no confirmation, but it’s viable as any. 

We look forward to seeing Adam Warlock in future MCU projects. Although he is most famous for defeating Thanos during the Infinity Gauntlet storyline in the comics, we know that in the MCU, he will have to follow a different path altogether, and that’s what makes it all the more interesting. 

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