Who Is Peter Parker’s Child in Spider-Verse? Is She a Superhero?

Who Is Peter Parker’s Child in Spider-Verse Explained

Supporting characters in ‘Spider-Verse’ movies were always good. From Spider-Man Noir and Peni Parker to the one that really charmed us in ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ movie – Peter B. Parker. His mentorship of Miles Morales and his hilarious quips made us root for him to return to his world and fix his relationship with Mary Jane Watson. After Miles and the Spider-Gang saves the multiverse by destroying Kingpin and his Super-Collider, Peter B. Parker returns to his world and reconciles with his ex-wife, with whom he remarries and has a baby – a little girl named Mayday Parker.

Mayday Parker is Peter B. Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s daughter in ‘Spider-Verse’ movies. In ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ we learn that Peter divorced Mary Jane after being scared of putting his wife in danger because of his superhero life. However, after mentoring Miles and realizing that life goes by in seconds, Peter remarries Mary Jane and has a daughter with her named Mayday. The adorable baby is present in ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ movie, where we learn that the baby has inherited Spider powers as her father and will probably become a superhero when she grows up. In the comics, Mayday Parker is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson from Earth-982, the future alternate universe, and a superhero called Spider-Girl.

Of course, the little baby that we see in ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ is both a reference to MC2, the special imprint of Marvel Comics, and confirms that Peter B. Parker is most likely from Earth-982, and not from Earth-616, as we thought in the beginning. This article will discuss both versions of Mayday Parker and explain her origin story in more detail.

Who is Mayday Parker in ‘Spider-Verse’ movies?

As we already mentioned, Peter B. Parker is a joy to watch in ‘Spider-Verse’ movies. Besides being goofy and funny like in the original Spider-Man comics, this version of Peter is jaded yet much more experienced than the ones we saw previously on big screens.

At first, we thought Peter B. Parker was from Earth-616; however, marrying Mary Jane Watson and being much older meant he was probably from another whole universe.

Nevertheless, Peter B. Parker was such a good character from the moment we first saw him in ‘Into the Spider-Verse‘ movie – he was funny, goofy, yet knowledgeable and helpful to Miles Morales.

He turned out to be a great mentor to the new Spider-Man of Earth-1610, and as someone whose life looked pretty rough before meeting Miles, Peter tried his best to help the lost teenager.

Who Is Peter Parker’s Child in Spider-Verse? Explained

Thankfully, Peter realizes that life is short, and after saving the multiverse, he travels back to his universe and reconciles with the love of his life, Mary Jane Watson. They confirm their love by remarrying and having a daughter named Mayday Parker.

Meanwhile, after the ‘Into the Spider-Verse’ movie, Spider-Gang went their own way, with Miles trying his best to juggle superhero and private life while Gwen struggled with her own problems. In the sequel, ‘Across the Spider-Verse,’ we see another crisis threatening the Multiverse, with Spider-Man 2099 forming a special group called Spider-Force, and inviting more than 200 versions of Web-Slinger, including Peter B. Parker.


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This is where we meet Mayday Parker, a daughter of Mary Jane Watson and Peter Parker, who is always with her father, even when he is trying to save the world. The baby girl obviously has the powers of Spider-Man (not fully developed, of course), and seeing Peter trying to catch up to his hyper toddler climbing the walls was extremely endearing to see.

We later see Peter and Mayday joining Gwen Stacy’s rescue team for Miles Morales, and the confirmation that this version of Spider-Man and his daughter is actually from Earth-982, the alternate future universe, where Peter and Mary Jane get married, and their daughter becomes Spider-Girl.

Besides May being a toddler in ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ movie, we are yet to see her full potential and powers on display.

Who is Mayday Parker in Marvel Comics?

As we already said, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson from the alternate universe had a daughter named May “Mayday” Parker. This Parker-Watson family is from the special Marvel Comics 2 imprint, which depicts an alternate future timeline for the original Marvel Universe. This particular series first appeared in 1997, and since then, we have got many stories and variations of famous characters, including the ‘What If’ series of stories.

This universe is called Earth-982, and in the case of Spider-Man, his story isn’t that different from his Earth-616 counterpart, besides the fact that his daughter with Mary Jane Watson actually survives – in the main continuity, M.J. and Peter’s baby was stillborn.

Who Is Peter Parker’s Child in Spider-Verse? Explained
Spider-Girl (Mayday Parker) on Earth-982, the alternate future of the main Marvel Universe.

The story about M.J. and Peter on Earth-982 goes something like this – they marry and get a daughter, May “Mayday” Parker, but is soon kidnapped by Norman Osbourne. However, Kaine Parker, the clone of Peter Parker, saves the little girl and brings her back to their family.

Mayday’s return brings major joy to her family, but another tragedy strikes the family – her father, Peter Parker, loses his right leg during the fight against Green Goblin and decides to retire from being Spider-Man and dedicate himself to his family.

This is a truly surprising development since Peter Parker wasn’t THE Spider-Man anymore, but that tragedy brought him closer to his family, and he hopes that his daughter won’t follow her father’s path.

Of course, that is thrown out of the window when Mayday starts developing powers like her father. She goes against her family’s wishes and starts investigating criminals in New York City, using her father’s sources, and uses various costumes and powers to do some “superhero things.”


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Despite her parents being heavily against her vigilante lifestyle, Mayday continued. M.J. and Peter change their tune when their daughter discovers that the criminal named Nobody and others are trying to murder her father. She takes on the superhero name Spider-Girl, and her parents finally realize this is her calling – protecting innocent people.

Since then, Spider-Girl has become one of the most notable superheroes in New York, with her being part of the A-Next (Avengers of Earth-982) and Web-Warriors (during the Spider-Verse event).

Let’s just say that she inherited most of her father’s powers, became quite powerful in her universe, and showcased the world where Peter can be happy with the love of his life M.J. and have a family.

I guess the main continuity of the Marvel Universe needs to take some notes about writing Peter Parker from ‘Across the Spider-Verse’ and Marvel Comics 2 imprint since they really like to “torture” poor Peter from Earth-616 (Paul *cough* *cough*).

All jokes aside, Mayday will have a larger role in the ‘Beyond the Spider-Verse’ movie released in 2024, and Peter B. Parker will show his daughter another adventure with Miles Morales.

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