Who Is Wonder Woman’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

wonder woman love interest

To make an interesting comic book character, it’s not enough to make them look awesome and give them some badass superpowers. True, that helps, but every fictional character needs an interesting origin story and good character development. Therefore, many superheroes in the comics are provided with love interests and life companions that help express every superhero’s human side. In this article, we’ll talk about Wonder Woman and tell you who is her love interest in the comics.

Diana Prince, also known as Wonder Woman, had many romances in various DC continuities, but her original, most known, and ultimate love interest is Steve Trevor. Steve was originally introduced as the United States Air Force pilot who accidentally crash-landed with his plane at Themyscira, also known as Paradise Island, Diana’s homeworld. He developed a close relationship with Diana, and after they left Themyscira together, their relationship quickly developed into one of the most-known romances in the history of DC Comics.

Comic book readers love characters they can relate to, and that is usually achieved by making even the god-like characters as human as possible. While it’s easy to say that we and fictional superheroes have nothing in common, the most common thing comic book superheroes and ordinary humans can have is the ability to feel love. To be clear, we aren’t talking about some weeping soap opera love, but the real love that can make even the strongest characters, like Wonder Woman, Superman, and Thor, feel human and relatable to readers.

Did Diana have any love interests before Steve Trevor?

Wonder Woman was created by the American psychologist William Moulton Marston, who is also known for inventing the first prototype of the polygraph. Marston wanted to create a superhero to triumph with love rather than fists and firepower.

His wife Elizabeth said, “Fine, but make her a woman.” Marston presented the idea to Max Gaines, one of the pioneers of the American comic book, and that’s how Wonder Woman was created, first appearing in ‘All-Star Comics’ #8 in October 1941.

Steve Trevor first debuted in the same issue Wonder Woman first appeared in, along with Hippolyta, Diana’s mother, and Mala, who initially competed against Diana to become Wonder Woman.

Mala is Diana’s childhood friend. After Diana surpassed Mala in the last trial to earn the title of Wonder Woman, Mala took charge of the project when the Amazons created a prison for female supervillains on Reformation Island. In case you wonder, losing the title of Wonder Woman didn’t turn Mala into a villain.

mala ww earth one

We dedicated almost the entire last paragraph to Mala since she was one of Wonder Woman’s lovers, although it was revealed in ‘Wonder Woman: Earth One’ that Diana rejected her as a lover. Kasia is another example of Diana’s probable love interest at Paradise Island.

In the DC Rebirth continuity, she was Diana’s closest friend. Diana said that Kasia was the most special person she said goodbye to when she left Themyscira, and other Amazons on the island also think that Diana and Kasia had a very special relationship.

The history of Wonder Woman’s relationship with Steve Trevor

When dealing with long-lived comic book characters such as Wonder Woman, you can always expect several different incarnations and several different continuities. And in each of those continuities, the character’s origin story and her love interest can be changed to a greater or lesser extent.

Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are no exception, although their first meeting is pretty core-established, and the changes usually apply to a specific time when a specific continuity takes place.

For example, the original, first-ever incarnations of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor, who debuted in 1941 and were later relocated to Earth-Two when the Silver Age of Comic Books began, first met during World War 2. Both of these characters debuted while the war was still ongoing, and the comic book characters of that time were often put against the Axis powers in their stories. Apart from Wonder Woman, Captain America is definitely the best example.

The original Steve Trevor was a United States Air Force officer during World War 2. During a spy mission, he lost control of his plane and accidentally crash-landed on Paradise Island. Diana found him and decided to help him return to the outside world while also adopting her superhero name, Wonder Woman, to protect humankind in the outside world.


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In 2017’s ‘Wonder Woman’ movie, Steve and Diana meet for the first time in almost the same way, with the difference that the movie takes place during World War I. Although that wasn’t officially confirmed, it is expected that DC wanted to change that to avoid making another World War 2-based superhero movie only six years after the release of Marvel’s ‘Captain America: The First Avenger.’

The Golden Age versions of DC characters were relocated to Earth-Two in 1961 to explain the differences between Golden Age versions and then-current Silver Age versions of the characters. The original incarnations of Diana and Steve eventually married and had a daughter named Hippolyta “Lyta” Trevor, who eventually became a superhero known as Fury.

Apart from being Wonder Woman’s love interest, Steve Trevor was also her ally in many incarnations. As a trained soldier, Steve also worked with Diana on the field, which you could’ve seen in 2017’s ‘Wonder Woman’ movie in case you aren’t a comic book reader. Throughout history and different incarnations, Steve Trevor was also depicted as an agent of ARGUS and a member of Justice League, Justice League Dark, Justice Society of America, and Team 7.

Which other characters was Wonder Woman romantically involved with?

wonder woman romances

Wonder Woman has existed for over 80 years now, and although Steve Trevor was always depicted as her ultimate love interest, she was romantically involved with several other DC characters throughout her history. Wonder Woman and Superman have been in a relationship in ‘The New 52,’ ‘Kingdom Come,’ and Injustice continuities.

While there were some sparks between her and Batman here and there, Batman and Wonder Woman were never in a long-term relationship. One other relationship worth noting is Wonder Woman’s relationship with Aquaman in an alternate timeline called Flashpoint. However, Wonder Woman and Aquaman entered a relationship for political reasons, and after Amazons and Atlanteans started a war with each other, Wonder Woman killed Mera, Aquaman’s true love interest.

Wonder Woman is canonically bisexual, and her latest relationship was depicted in the ‘Dark Knights of Steel’ limited series, which is a fantasy reimagining of the DC Universe. In this series, Wonder Woman (although she’s known only as Diana in this alternate continuity) was in a relationship with Zala Jor-El, the younger sister of Prince Kal-El, who is this continuity’s alternate version of Superman.

Do you think Steve Trevor is the best love interest for Wonder Woman? Do you think she would be better off with someone else? Let us know in the comments.

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