Adam Warlock vs. Hulk: Who Wins the Fight? (MCU & Comics)


Adam Warlock and the Hulk are known to be among the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel Universe. With the upcoming introduction of Warlock in the MCU, he just might steal the spotlight away from the Jade Giant. Both are incredibly strong and nearly indestructible, and both can go against Marvel’s strongest entities. In today’s post, we will compare the stats of both heroes to see who comes out on top in both the comics and the MCU. Who wins if it ever comes to a battle between Adam Warlock and Hulk? 

Adam Warlock wins in a fight against the Hulk. Adam Warlock might not be physically stronger than Hulk, but he vastly overpowers him in terms of energy projection and intelligence. He is likewise faster and impossible to kill. Hulk doesn’t have anything in his arsenal besides using his brute strength to counter Adam Warlock. When it comes to the MCU, we don’t know what kind of powers exactly Warlock will have, but considering that Hulk’s new merged form is somewhat physically weaker than regular Hulk (but much smarter), it would still be a win for Warlock. 

Now that we’ve covered who wins, it’s time to analyze this matter in more detail. In the rest of this post, we’re going to analyze the strength, powers, abilities, and durability of both characters so we can come to a reasonable conclusion. If you’re interested in more, keep reading and stay with us!

Powers and abilities

Hulk is renowned for his tremendous strength but has few other abilities. He can control and manipulate gamma radiation to some extent, and the angrier he gets, the more gamma radiation he can emit and absorb. Additionally, he can sense astral projections and is resistant to certain forms of mind control. We’ve witnessed only Hulk’s tremendous strength and incredible durability in the MCU. So in terms of energy manipulation or other kinds of superpowers, he doesn’t have any. 

The Enclave created Adam Warlock to be a perfect specimen of a human being. His unique physiology and bond with the Soul Gem make him one of the strongest beings in the Universe. He can manipulate cosmic energies and elemental energies. He can utilize quantum magic to alter space-time to some extent. He can create various energy constructs and utilize them for any purpose. 

His powers are nearly mind-blowing, and with everything said, you can see that he is, at least in the energy projection department, a true powerhouse. The gist of his powers lies in his ability to successfully absorb, utilize and release various energies.

What we know about the MCU version of Adam Warlock is that he will have a slightly different origin version, and we’re also not sure what will be used as a substitute for the Soul Gem that is vital in his arsenal. But according to the trailer and some of the photos that resurfaced from the upcoming movie, we can see that Warlock has some kind of a gem lodged in his forehead, so we can assume that his MCU powers are going to be similar to those in the comics. 

As you can see, Adam Warlock outclasses Hulk by a large margin in terms of powers and abilities. 

Points: Adam Warlock (1:0) Hulk


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Strength and Stamina

Hulk possesses immense strength and endurance due to his exposure to gamma radiation, which altered his physical molecular structure. He is incredibly powerful, and his strength is said to be limitless. The angrier he gets, the stronger and more durable he becomes. He is considered one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. There is no cap to Hulk’s strength, at least not in any measurable form, and the same goes for his stamina. Over his long comic book history, Hulk has proven on several occasions that as long as he stays fueled by anger, the fatigue cannot catch up to him.

Before Banner’s merger with the Hulk persona in the MCU, we’ve witnessed some crazy feats of strength. We’ve seen him bending metal, destroying buildings, tossing around heavy machinery, and rag-dollin some of the heavy hitters from the Marve Universe. However, with the mentioned merger, everything changed, and Hulk no longer has that kind of strength at his disposal due to his inability to become sufficiently angry. He is in complete control of himself most of the time, which also affects his strength and stamina levels. 

Adam Warlock was previously listed as class 4 in terms of his strength, and he can easily enhance this to reach class 40. He is known to be incredibly strong, can manipulate heavy objects, and stands his ground when fighting with some of the strongest superheroes in the Marvel Universe. He managed to lift and toss Thor and Hulk numerous times like they were nothing. We don’t know how much of that will translate to the MCU version of Adam Warlock, but he probably won’t surpass the gold standard in terms of strength. This is something that Hulk proudly carries. 

Points: Adam Warlock (1:1) Hulk


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If we were to observe the Hulk and his physical appearance, we would never assume that he is tremendously fast. But time and time again, he proved it. Hulk’s unique physiology allows him to exert terrible amounts of force while jumping, leaping, and running, which means that he can move many times faster than a regular human being. He was seen matching aircraft speed and even matching Namor’s swimming speed

In the MCU, we’ve seen Hulk leaping 30 feet in the air, catching Mjolnir, leaping from building to building, and doing crazy acrobatic feats. He’s pretty fast and agile in the MCU, but how does he compare to Adam Warlock? 

Adam Warlock can match the speed of sound, and with enough focus, he can perhaps move at the speed of light if the circumstances are right. He can fly through neutralizing earth’s gravity field, and he has the means to teleport himself instantly if needed. It’s clear that traversing cosmic distances is nothing for Adam Warlock, and his speed also reflects in his combat reaction and movements. 

We don’t know how fast Adam Warlock will be in the MCU, but his base comic book version, even when nerfed, is faster than the Hulk. 

Points: Adam Warlock (2:1) Hulk


Hulk is known for his incredible durability, making it difficult to harm him physically. His physiology is enhanced to withstand most types of damage, with only Vibranium and Adamantium known to penetrate his skin. However, even if he is injured, his healing abilities are so strong and rapid that he would recover almost instantly, making him a formidable opponent to defeat.

Hulk has managed to get away with only a few cuts in the MCU after tanking incredible amounts of damage. Wielding the Infinity Gauntlet likewise harmed him, but this is still a testament to his great durability that he wasn’t incinerated instantly. He tanked kicks and punches from Thanos, Thor, and Surtur and lived to talk about it. 

Adam Warlock, likewise, in the comics, tanked hits from Thor and even Hulk. He is not nearly indestructible as some of the Marvel Universe’s heroes, and he can be injured through great effort. But Warlock has a hidden trick up his sleeve. If he is lethally damaged, he can simply return to his cocoon and resurrect himself. This means that there’s truly no way to kill him permanently. 

Due to this trick that Warlock can pull off when he is seriously harmed, the point goes to him. 

Points: Adam Warlock (3:1) Hulk


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Bruce Banner is among the smartest characters in the Marvel Universe. He is super-genius with immeasurable intelligence. He is an expert in nuclear sciences and physics and the MCU; likewise, he was a great contributor to solving the issues of reversing the Snap. Even in his merged form, Hulk seems to attain his intelligence completely, even if he did lose some other aspects of Hulk’s personality. 

Adam Warlock doesn’t have PHDs and has no great feats of intelligence when it comes to practical skills or even life in general. Still, he is on the list of smartest beings in the Universe due to his unparalleled insight into the cosmic workings and his understanding of things beyond space and time. Adam Warlock is not simply smart. He can simultaneously comprehend the past, future, and present and even affect them. 

The MCU version of Adam Warlock will probably not be at that level, though, and due to that, the point goes to both Hulk and Adam Warlock. 

Points: Adam Warlock (4:2) Hulk


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Combat Skills 

Hulk can be considered to be a master hand-to-hand combatant in the Marvel Universe. His lethal savage instincts make him a perfect killing machine with reflexes and moves unparalleled by no one. Bruce Banner is likewise a superb martial artist. And we’ve seen Hulk in the MCU wrestling with the best of them. 

Adam Warlock never had to focus on his combat skills because he has, quite frankly, more powers than most of the superheroes in the Marvel Universe. It’s just not a skill that is a priority for him. In the MCU, his combat skills will likely be increased, but it’s still nowhere near the level of Hulk. This point goes to Jade Giant

Points: Adam Warlock (4:3) Hulk

Adam Warlock vs. Hulk: Who would win in a fight? 

As you can see from the points, Adam Warlock outclasses Hulk in the comics and will probably be more powerful than him in the MCU. The thing is, Hulk’s greatest strength is, well, his strength, and it might prove ineffective against a perfect specimen of a human being who, after sustaining large amounts of damage, simply runs away, restores his health in the cocoon, and return.

Adam Warlock wielded the Infinity Gauntlet at some point. He has more than enough juice to tank some of the strongest entities in the Universe. Hulk would be a mere blip on his radar, an incredibly physically strong and durable blip, but a blip nonetheless. 

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