Did Wonder Woman & Superman Ever Have a Child?

Did Wonder Woman & Superman Ever Have A Child?

DC Universe introduced us to many great romantic superhero couples, which mostly worked outside of the main universe. The Elseworlds storylines made some really iconic characters end up together, including Superman and Wonder Woman. The dynamic duo and founders of Justice League had a brief relationship after the “birth” of New 52, which was promptly dismissed by the writers and ultimately retconned from existence with DC Rebirth after fans didn’t like the pairing at all. However, that didn’t stop writers from making the Man of Tomorrow and Princess Diana have relationships that were both healthy and toxic at the same time. But did Superman and Wonder Woman ever have any children?

Superman and Wonder Woman had many children in the Elseworlds storylines. Despite not having children in the main DC continuity, the superpowered couple had quite a few of them in various stories. In the ‘Superman: Distant Fires’ storyline from 1998, where Supes and Diana have a son, Bruce Kent, whom they named after Bruce Wayne. In ‘The Kingdom Come’ storyline from 1996, the couple has five children, and the sequel ‘The Kingdom’ revolves around their one son, Jonathan Kent. ‘Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again,’ and ‘Justice League Beyond’ show two more instances where Superman and Wonder Woman have children.

Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship was retconned in the main DC Universe after the failure of New 52, but despite the “bad fit” of the characters in the DC Comics, the writers still sometimes put the powerful duo together, and they mostly worked okay. We will discuss each instance and how many children Superman and Wonder Woman had in some very popular Elseworlds storylines.

Which stories featured Superman and Wonder Woman having children in DC Comics?

As we already mentioned, Superman and Wonder Woman didn’t work out in the main continuity of DC Universe. The writers thought that Lois Lane and Clark Kent became too stale and boring and decided to pair up the two most formidable superheroes in their universe, Superman and Wonder Woman.

After they briefly teased the couple with a kiss, a joined comic book run, ‘Superman/Wonder Woman’ from 2013, featured the couple’s relationship and how they functioned together.

However, Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship became toxic quickly, and Lois Lane didn’t help the cause. Wonder Woman goes overboard in her efforts to protect Superman’s identity and causes a rift in her relationship with Kal-El. Conversely, Clark isn’t sure if he really loves Diana and has unresolved feelings for Lois. The whole relationship is a mess, and the duo eventually break up.

Thankfully, DC decided to erase the relationship from the timeline by making the characters forget about it, and since then, Diana and Kal-El have been good friends. However, in some Elseworlds storylines, Superman and Wonder Woman are in serious relationships that feature quite a few children.

‘Kingdom Come’ storyline sees Wonder Woman and Superman together with five children

After Alex Ross worked on the ‘Marvels’ comic book story that featured a normal man’s story living in the world of superheroes, he decided to develop a similar story within the DC Universe.


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Kingdom Come‘ features a storyline where Superman and Justice League members retire from being superheroes after a notorious, new generation of superheroes like Magog become more favorable by the public eye, despite having much more aggressive in their ways.

Did Wonder Woman & Superman Ever Have A Child?
Lara, Superman and Wonder Woman’s daughter from Earth-31.

Superman suffers a great tragedy when the serial killer Joker slaughters the whole Daily Planet Staff, including Kal-El’s wife, Lois Lane. After Superman’s retirement, Wonder Woman lost her moral compass, leaving her stripped of her rank as the Princess and exiled from Themyscira.

During her exile, Wonder Woman saw firsthand the destruction of Kansas after Magog fought Parasite, which led to Superman coming out from retirement. Superman was the one who helped Wonder Woman to be reformed, which led to her getting her status as the Princess of Paradise Island back and eventually ending up with the Man of Tomorrow.

‘The Kingdom’ sequel story of ‘Kingdom Come’ sees Superman and Wonder Woman’s son in the focus

Superman and Wonder Woman had five children, but the story’s sequel focuses on one of their children, Jonathan Kent. The boy becomes a Hypertime superhero who travels across the realities to save the multiverse. He combines his mother and father’s style of costumes and powers and draws inspiration from his godfather in the universe, Batman.

‘Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again’ features Superman and Wonder Woman having a daughter Lara

The sequel of the famous ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ story by Frank Miller from 1986, ‘The Dark Knight Strikes Again,’ was a disappointment. Besides a strange and wonky art style, the whole plot was more or less much worse than the original story. Nevertheless, this comic book features Superman and Wonder Woman getting together after he divorces Lois Lane and eventually has a daughter Lara.


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The whole story of Superman and Wonder Woman getting together was controversial since it featured violent sexual intercourse in the air, but it did happen. Lara got her name after Superman’s mother, Lara Lor-Van, and shared the physiology of an Amazonian and Kryptonian.

She is basically another version of Supergirl on Earth-31.

‘Superman: Distance Fires’ one-shot from 1998, sees Superman and Wonder Woman’s son being the focus of the story

Did Wonder Woman & Superman Ever Have A Child?
Jonathan Kent, the son of Wonder Woman and Superman in ‘The Kingdom,’ the sequel of ‘Kingdom Come.’

In this one-shot story, the world is thrown into Armageddon after the nuclear war destroyed most of the Earth’s population and world. There are only a few survivors, a few of them including Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

The chaos sees the surviving heroes trying to survive the imminent death, and it doesn’t help that Billy Batson goes insane and hunts for the Champions.


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During that time, Superman and Wonder Woman get married and have a son, whom they name Bruce Kent, after Bruce Wayne, their dear friend. The Earth becomes unstable, and the parents desperately try to find a way to save their son, the only hope of the Earth. They prepare a ship powered by Green Lantern Ring and send their son into space just before Earth is fully annihilated. It’s an interesting twist on Superman’s origin story that showcases other perspectives and dynamics in the DC Universe.

Many stories feature Wonder Woman and Superman together with children, but we mentioned some of the more notable ones to conclude this topic.

How many kids does Superman have with Wonder Woman?

Superman and Wonder Woman don’t have any children in the main universe – Kal-El settled with Lois Lane, with whom he has a son, Jonathan Kent. However, as we researched the Elseworlds storylines, at least more notable ones, we noticed that writers really like putting Wonder Woman and Superman together.

Did Wonder Woman & Superman Ever Have A Child?
‘Kingdom Come’ sees Superman and Wonder Woman having five children.

Of course, besides the ‘Injustice’ universe and Earth-31 versions of the character, where the couple has toxic relationships, most of them, like ‘Kingdom Come’ and ‘The Kingdom,’ feature adorable dynamics and children between Wonder Woman and Superman.

Of course, it all depends on the stories and good writers who understand the characters’ mythos to create a good storyline, even the relationships that don’t always work in the main universe. Between them, Superman and Wonder Woman have at least ten children in Elseworlds stories, which isn’t surprising since they are the mascots and most important characters of DC Comics.

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