Every Major DC Character Wonder Woman Killed in the Comics

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Wonder Woman is on par with many of the most powerful figures of all time, being an iconic female superhero over the last few decades. Although she’s one of the good guys and typically fights for a worthy cause, she’s surprisingly quick to dish out some lethal blows – some of which have killed major DC characters.

Wonder Woman has killed Deimos, the White Magician, Von Bach, Mera, Triton, First Born, Ares, the Huntress, Maxwell Lord, Medusa, Batman, and Superman in DC Comics – albeit on varying timelines. Diana avoids killing her enemies unless it’s necessary, but she seems more willing to take the lives of villains compared to other DC heroes.

This beloved superheroine is an absolute legend within the community, being a symbol of truth, justice, and equality who is willing to protect innocents from evil foes – no matter the cost. Stick around to find out everything there is to know about every major DC character that Wonder Woman has killed in the comics.

12 major characters killed by Wonder Woman in the comics

Princess Diana Prince, or “Diana of Themyscira,” has a rule against killing enemies and doesn’t usually plan on taking lives. But, unlike many iconic superheroes that follow strict methods, like Batman, who has a “no killing” rule, Wonder Woman is occasionally willing to go the extra mile to ensure villains are dealt with.

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She is rough, tough, and insanely powerful, being a born and bred warrior raised by Amazonians (Amazons). Diana has a natural disposition for battle, being the daughter of Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, and Zeus, the mightiest of all the Gods of Olympus.


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Wonder Woman may take the lives of evil enemies when it’s absolutely necessary, but she does not support the idea of killing humans. Wonder Woman may make some brutal and violent remarks, but she never acts on it for the most part.


She avoids killing or allows enemies to be taken out by circumstances. It’s worth noting that her combined kill count could be considerably higher, as many blows that would be fatal in reality are swept under the rug without further detail.

There have been a few instances where Wonder Woman had no choice but to kill some powerful foes, including those who fans know to be her allies in most cases. Below are all of the major DC characters who Wonder Woman has killed in the comics.

12. Deimos

The Infinite Earths saga alters the continuity, and Wonder Woman’s story was revamped to create a stronger link to Pantheon roots. It followed a storyline that saw the God of War attempting to overpower Washington with the intention of starting a nuclear holocaust.


Wonder Woman confronts Phobos and Deimos along with her allies, and the duo’s Hair Manipulation abilities quickly overpower them. Deimos unleashes his tendril-like beard, preventing Diana from reaching his father, but Wonder Woman kills him only moments later with a precise and powerful toss of her tiara.

11. The White Magician

Asquith Randolph, known as “the White Magician,” started off as a hero but became obsessed with power. He considered himself a rival to Wonder Woman, and the two had various battles over the years.

white magician

One of their encounters turned fatal when the White Magician obtained demon powers at the cost of his soul, although both Diana and Asquith are responsible for his death. Artemis gave Diana the Gauntlet of Atlas in order to multiply her power and aid her in battle.


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She uses the Gauntlet to pulverize the White Magician within an inch of his life. However, Diana does not land the final blow; instead, he is consumed by his demonic powers and incinerated on the spot.

10. Von Bach

The Kingdom Come saga follows an alternate future where more violent and vengeful vigilantes replace the major DC superheroes. Wonder Woman comes out of retirement alongside Superman in order to establish a new Justice League that will help stop the villains who had gained traction in their absence.

von bach

One of these villains was a Yugoslavian dictator named Von Bach, flaunting meta-human physical abilities that could rival Diana’s. He initiated a battle that would see the demise of Captain Comet, and Wonder Woman’s spear killed Von Bach before he could kill Zatara, Zatanna’s son.

9. Mera (Queen of Atlantis)

The moment Wonder Woman killed Mera was brutal and shocking, even for fans who were already familiar with Diana’s kill count. This encounter takes place in Flashpoint, a timeline that follows a dire chain of events caused by Barry Allen while setting the stage for the New 52 saga.


In this timeline, Wonder Woman is not the righteous and heroic character we all know and love – instead, she is the Queen of Themyscira and is actively at war with Atlantis. The two nations were in the process of allying, but Diana and Arthur started an affair.


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Mera found out, which led to a one-on-one clash between Diana and the Queen of Atlantis. Unsurprisingly, Mera was killed by Diana in moments, after which she sent Mera’s decapitated head to Arthur as a declaration of war.

In addition to everything that had already happened, this final gesture led to an intense and violent clash between the two hidden civilizations – one that would cause unimaginable damage to the entire world. Fortunately, Barry Allen managed to reset the timeline, erasing the events that would have led to an apocalypse.

8. Triton

Diana has many encounters with Greek gods and demigods, many of which find their way onto her list of enemies. Triton, the son of Poseidon, is usually seen as one of the main villains for Aquaman, controlling the seas like his father with more cruelty and less mercy.


Triton and Black Manta orchestrated an attack on the Wonder Scouts, a group of innocent children who sought refuge on Themyscira. Diana went into a vengeful rage after she learned they were responsible, unleashing her fury on both of the villains.

Arthur managed to prevent Diana from killing Manta, but he could not stop her from snapping Triton’s neck and killing him. Poseidon initially chastised the Amazonians for the death of his son, but he would later forgive Wonder Woman after learning the twisted nature of Triton’s actions.

7. First Born

The New 52 saga introduced First Born, the biological child of Zeus and Hera, who was prophesized to rule over Olympus using destructive forces. The God King ordered his death when he was still a baby, but Hera saved him and later proved to be an incredibly dangerous antagonist in the DC universe.

first born

Diana stopped him after plenty of evil acts and senseless murder sprees, and he explained that he planned to take over Themyscira after he had finished wiping out Olympus. This was the final straw for Wonder Woman, and she was quick to put an end to First Born’s plans by killing him.

6. Ares (God Of War)

Wonder Woman despises Ares, the God of War – it’s been a focal point in the comics as well as in the Wonder Woman movies to date. Their dynamic was revamped with the release of the New 52 saga, originally giving them a mentor and protégé type of relationship that would later spiral into a full-fledged rivalry.


Simply going by “War” in this continuity, Ares trained Diana to be rageful and violent, but he would abandon her for showing compassion and mercy toward opponents. Wonder Woman was forced to kill him after he tried to kill her allies – although, it turns out that Ares had planned this in advance, wanting her to claim his former title as the new God of War.

5. The Huntress

Batman has many allies comprising the Bat Family, with the Huntress being one of the most vicious and violent members to date. The Injustice saga follows an alternate timeline: Batman and Superman are tyrants, while Wonder Woman is the leader of a rebel force that stands against them.


Although, it’s clear that the line between good and evil has blurred for all the parties involved in this timeline, with everyone being overwhelmed by rage and authoritarian murder. Diana encounters Batwoman and the Huntress in the third year of Superman’s reign, after which they engage in battle.


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The Huntress is a seriously tough opponent, having taken down many villains within the main timeline, but Diana uses her lasso to strike the Huntress’s neck after being angered by a comment she made. The impact snaps her neck and kills her instantly, and the shocked look on Diana’s face makes it clear that this was not her intention.

4. Maxwell Lord

While Maxell Lord was human, his mind-controlling abilities made him a huge threat, and his control over Superman cemented this character as one of the most dangerous villains in the DC universe. It’s clear that she would not have killed him had there been another option, although she uses her Lasso of truth to discover that his control over Superman will only stop after his death.

maxwell lord

The encounter between Wonder Woman and Maxwell Lord was one of the most notable moments for Diana as a character. Diana prevented countless lives from being taken at the hands of a controlled Superman, but her choice still created a rift between the iconic DC trio, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, and it would leave them unprepared for the Infinite Crisis saga that would follow.

3. Medusa

Medusa has been an iconic mythological figure for ages, and it’s no surprise that DC decided to pit her against Wonder Woman. She considered Diana a great enemy in the modern era due to her ties to Athena, who had betrayed Medusa and kickstarted the chain of events that would lead to her monstrous Gorgon form, and Medusa wanted to exhibit just how vengeful she could be.


They had battled quite a few times over the years, with their rivalry reaching an epic final showdown in the form of a televised battle orchestrated by the gods. Since the fight was broadcasted, Medusa also intended to turn millions of viewers into stone.

Wonder Woman used a blindfold but was eventually forced to stare into Medusa’s eyes, after which she swiftly used a severed snake hair strand to blind herself and her weapon to decapitate Medusa. The skill, resilience, and quick thinking displayed in this clash make it one of Wonder Woman’s most inventive villain kills to date.

2. Batman

Although Wonder Woman and Batman have a close relationship, one of Batman’s many deaths was at the hands of Diana – following the same timeline in which Wonder Woman killed the Huntress. Much like Superman, Batman also takes the role of an evil dictator and rules the Earth with force.

New 52 Batman

Wonder Woman attacks Batman while calling him “Oppressor” and stabs him in the chest killing him instantly. Superman becomes enraged by Batman’s death and uses Diana’s lasso to strangle her only moments later.

1. Superman

These two icons are close allies, but Superman and Wonder Woman have clashed a couple of times – one of which led to Superman’s death. Although the Man of Steel outshines Wonder Woman in terms of strength and supernatural skill, Wonder Woman’s powers, physical attributes, agility, and sheer ferociousness allowed her to overpower him on one occasion.

superman legacy

Wonder Woman: Dead Earth was a four-part miniseries that followed a version of Diana that’s forced to protect what’s left of the world, in the aftermath of a cataclysmic event that was caused by a nuclear war between the Amazonians and humans. Wonder Woman learns that Superman redirected a missile intended for Smallville, causing it to hit her home world instead.


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Diana removes her gauntlets in order to unleash her true potential, after which she demolishes Superman in battle and ultimately kills him. Superman refuses to fight her with full force, which plays a role in the fight’s outcome in addition to the presence of kryptonite shards, but it’s still a shocking reminder that Wonder Woman is capable of doing far more damage than many expect.

It’s well-known that Wonder Woman is not to be messed with, but many fans were still surprised to see just how many powerful opponents she has taken down in her time. That being said, Wonder Woman still has a fairly low kill count, and she’s certainly touched far more lives than she’s taken.

What do you think about all of the major DC characters that were killed by Wonder Woman? Let us know in the comments below!

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