Does Sylvie Hate Loki? It’s Complicated; Here’s What Happened

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Arguably, the two most important characters of the ‘Loki’ series are Loki and Sylvie, who are both variants of the Loki character but were never part of the Sacred Timeline due to how they were both different from the actual Loki character who was part of the Sacred Timeline, where he ended up dying in Thanos’ hands in ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ Of course, Loki and Sylvie worked with one another to uncover the truth behind the TVA in ‘Loki’ season 1 as they fell in love with one another. But the ending of season 1 changed the dynamics between them. So, does Sylvie hate Loki?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sylvie doesn’t hate Loki, but she realizes that they both want different things regarding the TVA, even though they are both very similar in almost every aspect.
  • Sylvie wanted to be free from the TVA because she ran from them her entire life, whereas Loki wanted to preserve the Sacred Timeline. After all, he was afraid of the Kang variants.
  • But Loki and Sylvie still have feelings for one another as they know they are the only two people who can understand one another in the multiverse.

Sylvie wants freedom

Ever since we met Sylvie in the first season of ‘Loki,’ she quickly became a favorite among different fans because she is the female version of Loki and comes with all of the different mannerisms and quirks that made Loki such a favorite among different fans. Of course, she is basically a Loki because she is a female variant of the god of mischief.

Of course, because she was a variant, Sylvie spent her entire life running away from the TVA. Certain characters’ variants in the Sacred Timeline needed to be pruned from the Sacred Timeline so that the TVA could maintain the “correct” course of events in the MCU. But before Sylvie could be pruned, she escaped with a Tempad as she spent her entire life evading the TVA while traveling from one place and time period to another in the Sacred Timeline.

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So, when she finally got the chance to try to change things for herself, she took it. She and Loki teamed together to get to the end of time, where they found He Who Remains, a Kang variant and the true leader of the TVA and was operating behind the shadows without the knowledge of the other people working for the TVA.

He Who Remains wanted Loki and Sylvie to take his place because he was already too old and tired to govern the TVA. The Kang variant also told them that he was the sole survivor of a multiversal war between different variants of himself. And because he understood how destructive all of the other variants of himself were, he needed to prune the other timelines to make sure that there would only be one variant of himself and that the Sacred Timeline was made up of events in time that all led to the birth of He Who Remains.

But because Sylvie wanted freedom more than anything else, and she felt that the other variants whom the TVA pruned also deserved the same freedom that those in the Sacred Timeline enjoyed, she decided to go against He Who Remains as she threw Loki through a Timedoor before killing the Kang variant.


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We eventually saw Sylvie enjoying her freedom by living a simple life in Oklahoma in one of the branches formed after the Sacred Timeline formed countless branches following the death of He Who Remains. Sylvie didn’t want anything grand in life because she only wanted to live a free life wherein she was allowed to have the same kind of freedom that the other people in the Sacred Timeline had.

Loki wants atonement

Of course, the Loki that we have in the ‘Loki’ series is not the MCU Loki but is a variant that differs from the Loki who died in Thanos’ hands in ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ This was the Loki who managed to escape S.H.I.E.L.D. in the past when he could take hold of the Tesseract due to one of the mistakes committed by the Avengers when they traveled to the past in ‘Endgame.’

This version of Loki, however, was captured by the TVA, and was allowed to see what his life would have been if he had stayed on the Sacred Timeline. Loki realized that he was always going to die in the Sacred Timeline, and that was what made him want to work with the TVA so that he could start a new life.

Of course, Loki got entangled with Sylvie after learning that the one that he and Mobius were after was actually a female variant of himself. But after he started working with Sylvie, he realized the sad life that she experienced after spending years running away from the TVA. As such, they decided to work together to learn more about who or what was behind the TVA.

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Upon meeting He Who Remains at the end of time, Loki was convinced that they needed to take his place to continue maintaining the Sacred Timeline. It wasn’t as if Loki didn’t care about the different lives stolen from countless pruned people. Instead, he believed that maintaining the Sacred Timeline would be best for everyone because he wanted to avoid the multiversal war that the other Kang variants would bring about if the Sacred Timeline were allowed to form different branches.


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The reason why Loki wanted to maintain the Sacred Timeline was the fact that he wanted atonement. In season 1, he was forced to face his sins and the actions that ultimately led to his death at the hands of Thanos. As such, this Loki variant realized that he wanted to atone for his mistakes, and that was why he thought that preventing a multiversal war from happening was the best way to do so.

A clash of beliefs

With all that said, it became clear that Loki and Sylvie had different beliefs. While they were both in love with one another because they were talking to mirror versions of themselves, they differed about what they wanted to do with the Sacred Timeline.

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Sylvie wanted to enjoy the freedom stolen from her when she was just a little girl, whereas Loki wanted to atone for his mistakes. Unlike Sylvie, Loki was able to spend centuries of freedom. On the other hand, Sylvie thought she was robbed of the same freedom that Loki could enjoy.

Because of that, Sylvie had to fight for what she believed in, which explains why she engaged Loki in a duel and pushed him through a Timedoor at the end of season 1. Her freedom was far more important to her than her feelings for Loki, and that was why she chose to be free instead of being the one to take freedom away from other people.

This is why Loki and Sylvie have a complicated dynamic, no matter how strong their feelings are for one another. Their differences in opinions and beliefs regarding the TVA and the Sacred Timeline prevent them from coming to terms. And this is probably what they will eventually work on in season 2 of ‘Loki.’

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