Is Lex Luthor Dead in ‘Harley Quinn’? Here’s What Happened to Him

‘Harley Quinn’ Is Lex Luthor Dead Here’s What Happened to Him

Lex Luthor is one of the most notorious villains of DC Comics. He is a powerful, wealthy man who wants to eliminate Superman to protect humanity. Of course, comics depict him seriously, while the ‘Harley Quinn’ show puts a funny and over-the-top spin on the character. In the series, Lex Luthor is narcissistic and just absolutely absurd. This article will discuss if Lex Luthor died in the show’s season four finale.

Lex Luthor didn’t die in the ‘Harley Quinn’ season four finale. After Batgirl helps Ivy and Harley to defeat overpowered Lex Luthor, Steppenwolf arrives from his planet Apokalips and takes Lex with him. It’s revealed that Poison Ivy asked the evil New God from Apokalipse to help her dispose of the evil businessman after they bonded in episode four of the ‘Harley Quinn’ show.

‘The Harley Quinn’ show will get a fifth season, and since Lex isn’t necesarilly dead, we could see him again as the villain in the future. If you’re interested in what happened to the supervillain, stay with us until the end.

Lex Luthor elected Poison Ivy as his co-CEO of Legion of Doom to use her

We all know that Lex Luthor absolutely despises aliens, especially the ones from Krypton. Superman is a “torn in his eyes,” which has been the case for decades in DC Comics. The same hate and agenda towards Kryptonians from Lex is present in the ‘Harley Quinn’ show.

Of course, the more parodic and over-the-top characterization of the usually serious supervillain made Lex hilarious in the ‘Harley Quinn’ show. Lex is narcissistic, overdramatic, openly sexist, and childish in the series. His whole “shtick” comes from him being “extra” and angry after someone overshadows him. Lex also loves his PR campaigns, which paint him in a good picture – in most cases.

Nevertheless, Poison Ivy takes over from Lex as the leader of the Legion of Doom and goes to his base on the Moon. However, it’s quickly obvious that Lex tries to use Ivy for his own agenda and propel himself as the “main character” in the business world.

‘Harley Quinn’ Is Lex Luthor Dead? Here’s What Happened to Him
Lex is a narcissistic man who only likes attention.

The whole episode four of season four showcases Lex’s narcissistic and opportunistic behavior, trying to make sure Poison Ivy’s skills as a businesswoman are used for his presentations at the business conference called MalCon.

However, we quickly learn that Ivy can take care of herself and showcases her skills around the conference, impressing the most valuable guest of the event, the Warlord of the Apokalips himself, Steppenwolf.


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Lex wants the supervillains’ attention from the beginning, but Ivy wins him over with her charm and skills, which will become handy in the future. Despite the failure at the MalCon, Lex stays in his base on the Moon and proceeds to work on his secret project – “Earth Saver by Lex’, the laser beam that will “save” the ozone layer of Earth.

In the seventh episode, we saw the events that transpired before the apocalypse happened on Earth, and Lex Luthor was responsible for it. His laser gun was advertised as the “Earth savior” that would repair the ozone layer. However, after Lex activates the laser, the machine thickens the ozone layer and cloaks the sun, ensuring Superman loses his powers.

‘Harley Quinn’ Is Lex Luthor Dead? Here’s What Happened to Him
Lex takes away Superman’s powers.

This is where we learn that Lex caused chaos on Earth just because of his personal grudges. Ivy is reasonably mad because no one held him accountable. Fast forward to the season four finale, where we see that Lex is celebrating his 40th birthday for the tenth time.

He kidnapped and weakened Superman, took his cape and even his hair! Lex’s birthday party is the main point of conflict between him and Poison Ivy, so let’s indulge in that situation more.

What happened to Lex Luthor in ‘Harley Quinn’ show?

We mentioned the conflict between Ivy and Lex, which finally escalated during the last episode of season four. Ivy fights powerful Lex, who unintentionally cosplayed Buzz Lightyear (the suit really looks ridiculous), and even with the help of her girlfriend, Harley Quinn, Ivy loses the fight.

The couple encourages one another to finish their business, and both of them enter the buggy to find the “Earth Saver” laser gun. Lex follows the women and seemingly has an upper hand over them.

‘Harley Quinn’ Is Lex Luthor Dead? Here’s What Happened to Him
Steppenwolf helps Ivy with the “Lex problem.”

However, Harley and Ivy call Batgirl to hack into Lex’s buggy and steer him away from their way. Babs succeeds and hacks into Lex’s vehicle, ultimately ensuring he cannot follow the couple.


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Ivy decides to destroy all establishments in Gotham from villains and every company that pollutes the Earth, and just as Lex tries to hurt her one last time, the warlord of Apokalips, Steppenwolf, enters the fray.

Lex tries to appease and quickly realizes that the warlord didn’t arrive for his birthday party. Steppenwolf gives Ivy a thumbs up, who calls him by his nickname Steppy, and proceeds to take Lex through the portal – probably his homeworld, Apokalips.

Since we know that the fifth season of ‘Harley Quinn’ will be released at some point in the future and that we will get a ‘Kite Man’ sequel, there is a high possibility we will see Lex Luthor again.

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