What Happened to Nightwing’s Body in ‘Harley Quinn’?

‘Harley Quinn’ What Happened to Nightwing’s Body

Nightwing is one of the most popular DC characters, and whenever we see him in an animated series or a movie, it’s always a pleasure. In the ‘Harley Quinn’ show, we see Dick Grayson being the leader of the Bat Family after his adoptive father, Batman, ends up in jail after accidentally causing the zombie apocalypse in Gotham City. Unfortunately for the fans of Boy Wonder, Nightwing is killed in the series, but the recent season finale episode revealed some bigger plans for the character in the future. This article will discuss what happened to Nightwing’s body in the ‘Harley Quinn’ show.

Talia al Ghul took Nightwing’s body from his grave and took him to her Lazarus Hot Spring resort to resurrect him. She did that because she felt Poison Ivy betrayed her after refusing her advice and methods on how to conduct herself as the “SHE-EO” of the big establishment. It didn’t help that Harley and Ivy destroyed her property in Gotham with Lex Luthor’s laser.

‘Harley Quinn’ finale was by far the best episode of season four, and it revealed many things about important characters and set up some cool storylines in the future. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

Nightwing died in the ‘Harley Quinn’ show

Nightwing died in the ‘Harley Quinn’ show after the quirky, sleepwalking woman attacked the Boy Wonder and choked him out with her friendship bracelet. Now, Nightwing always tried his best to be the leader of the Bat Family, but his overwhelming seriousness kind of canceled out his authority.

Especially after Harley joins the Bat Family at the end of season three. Batman himself approves of Harley joining his Bat Family, and Nightwing isn’t happy – he just doesn’t trust the overeager woman.

To be fair, Harley’s ways of helping were too brutal for anyone, not just the members of the Bat Family, and Nightwing felt she didn’t fit in with their clique. As in comics, the Bat Family has a set of rules that the members need to follow to ensure the law is “dished out” across Gotham City in the best ways possible, but Harley negates that with her affinity to go crazy.

‘Harley Quinn’: What Happened to Nightwing’s Body?

Harley tries her best, and with the help of Batgirl, she eventually manages to reign in her aggressive nature and craziness and become a proper protector of Gotham. However, Nightwing doesn’t see it that way after seeing that Harley doesn’t want to attack Poison Ivy, her girlfriend.

Nevertheless, the peak of their conflict comes to its highest state when Nightwing tells Harley she will never be a part of the Bat Family and that she doesn’t belong with them – essentially, he says Harley will never be a hero.

During her struggles to fit in, Harley develops sleepwalking, during which she isn’t conscious of her actions. She breaks stuff and interacts with other people, and Harley doesn’t know the extent of her actions after she wakes up.


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Murdering Nightwing is one of those instances where she chokes him out and ultimately kills him in the fifth episode of ‘Harley Quinn’ show. There is a whole story where Harley meets her clone and accuses it of killing Nightwing, hence why Batgirl and others (besides Ivy) believe her.

However, why did Talia al Ghul steal the body by the end of the season finale? Let’s find out.

Why did Talia al Ghul steal Nightwing’s body in the ‘Harley Show’ series?

As we know, the sixth episode of season four saw Harley and the rest of the Bat Family holding a funeral for their fallen comrade, where the Justice League members and the superheroes come to pay their respects.

Since that episode, Batgirl has tried her best to find the real murderer of her friend, and Nightwing’s body stayed in the same place – at least until the season four finale. Talia al Ghul is a co-leader of the League of Assassins, a member of the “Evil Women in Bussiness Collective,” and a bad mother.

‘Harley Quinn’: What Happened to Nightwing’s Body?

How she interacts with Damian Wayne showcases her lack of care for her son, with her gifting him a onesie or a pacifier despite his 12 years of age being so on point for her since her first appearance in the first episode of season four. Talia is incredibly rude, narcissistic, and brutal, making her a great businesswoman and a villain.

She helps Ivy with her advice on acting as a woman in business in the “man’s world,” especially on presenting herself to the media. After Ivy finally reaches her goal and outshines Lex, the Plant Lady isn’t happy because Luthor isn’t held accountable for his previous actions.


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This angers Talia, who cares only for appearances and, frankly, only herself. Ivy stands up for herself and goes against what Talia stands for, and the hardened woman absolutely hates her.

It doesn’t help that Ivy destroys Talia’s properties in Gotham City, angering the woman even more.

This is where Nightwing arrives in the picture – she steals the Boy Wonder’s body and takes him to Lazarus Pit, where she resurrects him. Of course, the consequences of being resurrected in the infamous pit are brutal – the person isn’t the same as before.

‘Harley Quinn’: What Happened to Nightwing’s Body?

We know that firsthand from Jason Todd and his ultimate resurrection in DC Comics after being killed by Joker. After stealing the body, Talia reassures her son, Damian, that his friend will be okay.

However, Nightwing is far from alright when he’s resurrected, uttering the first question that comes to his mind – where the f*** is Harley Quinn? Of course, this means that the resurrected Boy Wonder will hunt for Harley Quinn in season five of the show, which was rumored to be in plans and development after the Hollywood workers’ strikes.

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