How Fast Is Nightwing? Compared To Batman, Superman, and Flash


While it may be true that the pages of comic books are full of superpowered heroes, some of the most popular superheroes in the world of DC are actually just regular human beings, especially when they are connected to none other than Batman. The most popular out of all of the members of the Bat Family is none other than Dick Grayson, who went on to become Nightwing. Of course, like any hero, Nightwing’s speed is quite impressive. So, just how fast is Nightwing?

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  • Unlike most superheroes, Nightwing doesn’t possess any superhuman powers or abilities at all.
  • Despite that, Nightwing started training with Batman ever since he was a child and eventually developed peak human levels of speed and quickness.
  • Nightwing is just as fast as the fastest human being and is one of the greatest acrobats out of all of the regular human beings in DC.

Nightwing is at the peak of human abilities

One of the things that we know about the world of DC is that the superheroes are incredibly gifted with physical abilities that allow them to become gods for all intents and purposes.

We look at the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Aquaman as incredibly strong superhuman beings that can move faster than the eye can see. While that may be true, there are also other DC heroes who weren’t gifted with such abilities but are still some of the most popular and most accomplished.


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Nightwing is one of the heroes who were born as regular people but eventually became great heroes. Born as Dick Grayson, Nightwing started out as the first Robin under the guidance of none other than Batman.

However, even before Batman adopted him, Dick was already an accomplished acrobatic together with his parents. They were the best family of acrobats in the world, and Dick was one of the few people capable of performing a quadruple flip, as he is widely regarded as the greatest acrobat in the world during his peak.

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After he started working with Batman as a sidekick, Dick received training and guidance from one of the greatest regular human beings in the world. His body was honed to become a weapon so that he and Batman could stand up against superhuman villains without the need for them to have superpowers of their own.

As such, when he turned into an adult and became the solo hero named Nightwing, Dick already had peak levels of human speed, capable of keeping up or even surpassing Batman in that regard. Due to his prodigious talent as an acrobat and athlete and because he is younger than his mentor, Nightwing might even be faster than Batman, although they are both regarded as having peak levels of speed for regular humans.


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At one point, Nightwing said that he can outrun a moving vehicle and is capable of sprinting at 30 mph. Despite being a regular human being, he can even match the combat speeds of superhumans who aren’t speedsters. 

On top of that, Dick Grayson possesses peak human agility as well as he has an incredibly coordinated body that combines flexibility, balance, and dexterity that are at levels above the greatest athletes in the world. He was able to develop his agility and quickness due to his training with Batman and because he was already a genius-level acrobat before he became Robin. 

Nevertheless, Nightwing is simply a regular human being and doesn’t have speed feats that are on par with the feats of some of the superhumans of the world of DC. Even so, he is still one of the fastest humans on the planet, as he is capable of outrunning the fastest athletes in the world and can even keep up with his superhuman teammates in certain situations.

How does Nightwing compare to other superheroes?


Batman is Nightwing’s mentor and was the one responsible for training him when he was still known as the first Robin. Under Batman’s tutelage, Dick Grayson’s body was honed to levels that are on par with the greatest athletes in the world. This means that Batman himself is also at peak levels of speed.

However, it is often said that Nightwing can outrun Batman due to the fact that he is younger and has the early advantage because he was trained as an acrobat when he was still just a young boy. But in most cases, they are on par with one another in terms of their speed.


While he isn’t considered a speedster, Superman’s Kryptonian genetics allow him to have superhuman speed that’s on par with some of the fastest speedsters in DC. He is so fast that he is faster than a speeding bullet and is even able to match the Flash’s speed when Superman is at his fastest.


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Given that Superman is incredibly fast, there is no way that Nightwing can compare to him in terms of his speed. Still, Nightwing’s impressive speed, quickness, and reflexes can surprise someone as fast as Superman.

The Flash

Often called the fastest superhero in the world of DC, the Flash is one of the fastest Speedsters in existence and can basically move just as fast or even faster than the speed of light. This means that a regular human being cannot compare to the Flash or any other Speedster in terms of pure speed.

Despite the fact that the Flash is actually exponentially faster than a regular human being like Nightwing, there was an occasion when the Flash was not alert enough that Nightwing was able to tag him. Being able to tag one of the fastest superheroes of all time is an incredible feat for someone like Nightwing.

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