Is Miss Minutes Evil? Why Did She Want To Take Over TVA?

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While there was no true villain in season 2 of ‘Loki,’ one of the things we found out was that Miss Minutes and Ravonna Renslayer played this role during certain stretches of the season as it was clear that Miss Minutes was looking to take over the TVA together with Renslayer. This turned them into antagonists that Loki and his allies needed to take care of before trying to fix the problem related to the Temporal Loom and the timelines. So, does that mean that Miss Minutes is evil?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Miss Minutes was an artificial intelligence that was created by He Who Remains to be the one handling the duties of watching over the TVA.
  • But He Who Remains designed Miss Minutes to have freedom and independent thought, thus becoming loyal to He Who Remains and even falling in love with him.
  • At the end of the day, however, Miss Minutes was always a slave to her programming as the people over at the TVA changed her programming to make her more loyal to them.

Miss Minutes was programmed to have freedom

One of the most mysterious characters introduced during the earlier part of the ‘Loki’ series was Miss Minutes due to the fact that she is basically a floating cartoon clock that has the ability to speak and even think. Of course, it was eventually shown that Miss Minutes had almost complete control over the TVA because she was the one overseeing almost everything related to the day-to-day operations of the TVA.

At the end of season 1, the death of He Who Remains (HWR) prompted Miss Minutes to call on Ravonna Renslayer’s help as they both left the TVA and went rogue. In season 2, it was revealed that they were both working together to find a way to facilitate the return of HWR to power, as they were essential to Victor Timely’s growth as a scientist. She wanted Timely to become the new HWR.

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It was revealed in episode 3 that HWR was the one who created Miss Minutes and that she was given free will under her programming. As such, she fell in love with HWR and swore complete loyalty to him after he gave her complete freedom. This was the reason why Minutes wanted to see HWR return to power.

But after Minutes realized that Victor Timely and HWR were different people in their personalities, she decided to take over the TVA with Ravonna Renslayer. This time, Minutes was not looking to turn Timely into HWR but was looking to follow HWR’s will to preserve the Sacred Timeline and see to it that the other timelines were destroyed. So, in effect, Miss Minutes used her freedom to carry the will of HWR.


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Her decision to try to take over the TVA was brought about by her desire to pay respect to her creator’s wish to preserve the Sacred Timeline. This is why Minutes tried to sabotage Loki’s efforts to fix the Temporal Loom. It was all due to her desire to please He Who Remains, as she was in love with him. And it became clear that she no longer wanted Timely to become HWR because she told him that he would never be “him” before Loki and his allies eventually shut her down. 

Miss Minutes was still a slave to her programming

So, while it may be true that Miss Minutes tried to bring He Who Remains back and also went out of her way to try to take over the TVA, what needs to be considered here is the fact that she was still an artificial intelligence. It may be true that HWR gave Miss Minutes free will, but her freedom to choose her actions was still a product of her programming.

This means that Minutes was never inherently evil. She did indeed brutally murder General Dox and all of the other Hunters who were loyal to the TVA. However, her evil actions were brought about by her programming. After all, it was HWR who created and programmed her, and it only follows that Miss Minutes would be loyal to the person who created her.

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Any machine or artificial being isn’t inherently evil because they are only offshoots of the people who were responsible for creating them. In Minutes’ case, she played the role of a villain and committed heinous and brutal actions. But, at the end of the day, she was programmed to be that way and was never designed to be completely evil.

So, after Loki took the place of the Temporal Loom and HWR as the new god who carried the burden of looking after the timelines, the TVA needed someone who could oversee the day-to-day actions and operations of the TVA. That was why they redesigned Miss Minutes and changed her programming to make her completely loyal to the TVA instead of her affection for HWR.


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In short, she was still a slave to her programming. This means that she was never inherently evil at all, as the TVA now made sure that she wouldn’t betray and kill all of them for the sake of her sick understanding of the concept of love. At the end of the day, she was still an artificial intelligence that would act according to her programming.

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