Rumors Reveal What’s Next for Captain Marvel in the MCU

captain marvel

‘The Marvels’ is the latest movie in the MCU. The movie was both a continuation of the Danvers’ story as well as a spotlight on Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau who established themselves as notable characters during Phase 4 of the MCU.

‘The Marvels’ did flop despite being one of the most important movies for the future of the cinematic universe. Carol Danvers managed to get over her anger toward the Kree and restarted their star, Monica Rambeau was stuck in some parallel universe, providing us with an incredibly important post-credits scene for the future of X-Men. Kamala Khan was seen recruiting the next generations of Avengers for the currently in development – the ‘Young Avengers’ project. It seems that Carol Danvers was the only one who didn’t have a clear purpose at the end of the movie.

Recently, rumors also started spreading that ‘Captain Marvel 3’ won’t see the light of day as the studio is now focusing on sure hits. So what might happen to one of the most powerful Avengers? According to Alex Perez, a notable scooper and leaker, Carol will have a dual purpose in the upcoming MCU projects. She will try to decipher the origin of the Quantum Bands and try to bring back Monica from the other universe. Which makes sense.

I have heard Carol’s role in the MCU as of now is to focus on two things. The first is to decipher the true origin of the Quantum Bands from The Marvels, with Carol presenting her bangle to Wong and Banner, while Kamala does the same, albeit with a couple of new friends on the way. The second thing is to find a way to bring Monica back to the MCU, but given what we know about incursions, they might find their way back to each other sooner than they think.

The original story for ‘The Marvels’ wasn’t what we were eventually served as Zawe Ashton (Dar-Benn) revealed recently that Carol was supposed to die in one of the planned endings for the movie, which explains why Danvers’ purpose wasn’t directly addressed at the end.

We don’t know what’s the next project in which Captain Marvel will appear, but Brie Larson herself was hopeful stating that there’s a lot more regarding the character to be explored. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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