Scarlet Witch vs. Captain Marvel: Who Is More Powerful & Would Win in a Fight?

Scarlet Witch vs. Captain Marvel Who Is More Powerful Would Win in a Fight

Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel are among the most iconic and powerful female superheroes in Marvel Comics Universe. Captain Marvel is notable for having vast powers and physical strength due to her hybrid DNA. Scarlet Witch is, on the other hand, among the best magic users with insane reality-altering powers at her disposal. This is why the fight between the two of them would be really interesting to see and why we decided to pit the two of them in a hypothetical fight. Now let’s see if it ever comes to a battle between Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel. Who is more powerful and would win in a fight? 

Scarlet Witch would win in a fight against Captain Marvel as she is vastly more powerful and has more versatile abilities. Captain Marvel is a lot stronger, faster, and more durable than Wanda, but as it turns out, it wouldn’t be enough to counter Scarlet Witch’s vast reality-altering potential. Wanda is rightly known as a Nexus Being and has chaos magic at her disposal, one of the most powerful forms of magic in existence. As far as Wanda’s potential is concerned, she might be powerful enough to erase Captain Marvel from existence. 

Now that we’ve covered that Scarlet Witch would win this one, it’s time to analyze exactly why. We’re going to analyze the powers, abilities, speed, strength, and other physical attributes of our characters so we can explain to you why it won’t matter in the fight against Wanda. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Scarlet Witch has access to chaos magic, and coincidentally she is also a Nexus being. What does this mean for her powers and abilities? Well, a lot. Wanda is the universal focus point for the vast magical energies of the universe, and she also has the ability to affect probability in a major way.

House of M

The universe shifts around Wanda’s decisions, and this gives her an unfair degree of control over reality. But, it’s not all only on a theoretical basis, as Wanda proved her potential during the infamous ‘House of M’ storyline when she decimated the population of mutants on Earth with only a single sentence. 

Wanda can also perform a wide range of offensive attacks through elemental control. She can manipulate various forms of energy and control various forms of magic. Most notably, through her connection to Cthon, Wanda has access to Chaos Magic, an ancient and malicious form of magic capable of eldritch manipulation. 

Captain Marvel owes her powers to her Kree/Human hybrid DNA, and via this DNA, Captain Marvel is sort of like a battery of vast cosmic powers. She is a master energy manipulator focused largely on photonic blasts and cosmic energy blasts, capable of decimating extremely powerful beings. While utilizing her powers, Captain Marvel lights up like a supernova.

captain marvel photon blast

Through manipulating cosmic energies, Captain Marvel can manifest various items and objects, shields, barriers, etc. But the best way through which we can summarize Danvers’ powers is that she acts like a cosmic bomb. 

Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch have access to cosmic potential, but Scarlet Witch can rewrite reality with her thoughts, meaning she can also depower Captain Marvel. Her powers are on another level altogether, which is why the point goes to Wanda. 

Points: Captain Marvel (0:1) Scarlet Witch


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Strength and Stamina 

Scarlet Witch does not have superhuman strength. She is limited to her human physiology both in terms of stamina and physical lifting capacity. This means that her hitting strength is nothing special, either. Even though Scarlet Witch can utilize her powerful magic and hexes to empower herself further, such powers also come with their own sets of limitations, and quite frankly, she doesn’t have to rely on her strength alone. 

On the other hand, Captain Marvel is among the physically strongest superheroes in Marvel. She can lift, at worst, up to 75 tons and was frequently seen lifting even heavier objects. For example, she was able to support the weight of a dead Celestial so he couldn’t crash to Earth. Like her strength, Danvers’ stamina is also of epic proportions.

Captain Marvel lifting celestial

Even though her powers greatly drain her energy, the same cannot be said for her physical feats. Captain Marvel produces next to nothing fatigue toxins meaning she can fight for a long time without getting tired. 

It’s clear from the numbers that Captain Marvel has the upper hand regarding physical strength, which is why this point goes to her. 

Points: Captain Marvel (1:1) Scarlet Witch


Just like with strength, Wanda is limited to her human body, meaning that she doesn’t have access to super speed, but she does have plenty of other ways to combat this weakness. Wanda can levitate, teleport, and open portals. All of these things can be useful both in combat and out of it. Wanda doesn’t have some mind-blowing combat speeds and reflexes at her disposal, but the odds of relying on her fists are fairly small.

Scarlet Witch opens portals

Captain Marvel can reach supersonic speeds while flying, and in combat, she is so fast that she frequently appears as a blur to human eyes. She is quite famous for being able to speed-blitz her enemies. Due to her special physiology, Captain Marvel has vastly enhanced reaction times and reflexes, which places her among the fastest combatants in Marvel Comics. 

Captain Marvel flies arround the world

The fight between Captain Marvel and Scarlet Witch likely wouldn’t be a physical one, but Danvers is vastly faster than Wanda if it were. 

Points: Captain Marvel (2:1) Scarlet Witch


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Like the rest of her physical attributes, Wanda’s durability is lacking when considering her powers and abilities. Wanda can dish out enormous magical damage but not tank it well.

It’s important to note, however, that Scarlet Witch can utilize various forms of her magic to create protective force fields and barriers to alleviate the danger to herself, she can also heal herself and others through her magic, and in most cases, it turns out to be enough. Her body might not be as strong, but her magic can tank much damage. 

Captain Marvel is nearly indestructible. Due to her Kree/Human physiology, she can tank enormous amounts of damage, and what she can’t tank, she can heal with her fast-acting healing factor.

Even though Captain Marvel doesn’t have any notable weaknesses, and we know that she is largely immune to physical damage, we’re not exactly sure how Wanda’s destructive magic would affect her and whether she has some inborn protections against it. 

captain marvel point blank energy hit from thanos

In theory, Captain Marvel is far more durable than Scarlet Witch. However, we do know that Scarlet Witch is able to block most forms of damage with her protective barriers, while we don’t have any info on how Eldritch Blast would affect Captain Marvel, and this is why the point goes to both of them. 

Points: Captain Marvel (3:2) Scarlet Witch


Scarlet Witch is not a genius, but she is highly informed and educated on matters related to the occult and magic. She also has vast experience and is a skilled strategist. Scarlet Witch spent many years perfecting her hexes and exploring the exact nature of her powers, and if you have any questions regarding sorcery or the divine, your best bet is to ask Wanda. 

Captain Marvel was quite smart, ambitious, and accomplished even before her powers were activated. She led a successful military career. She is a brilliant author and one of the most skilled pilots in the comics. Due to her military training and her Kree knowledge, she is among the most capable tacticians in Marvel Comics. Her knowledge of Kree technology likewise gives her an edge. 

Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel have highly specialized knowledge related to their respective professions and origin stories, which is why the point goes to both of them. 

Points: Captain Marvel (4:3) Scarlet Witch


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Combat Skills 

 Wanda received formal combat training from some of the best fighters in the Marvel Universe, such as Captain America and Hawkeye. She is far from being a master combatant, but she can hold her ground decently if it comes to it. She rarely enters combat without relying on her magic, however.

Captain Marvel received formal military training. She is an exceptional fighter, probably among the best in Marvel Comics Universe. She is quite skilled in various fighting techniques and even in hand-to-hand combat. She is usually faster and stronger than her opponents, and her knowledge of tactics and warfare usually means that she is prepared for all possible outcomes. 

Captain Marvel vs Thanos

There’s not doubt about it that Captain Marvel is a superior fighter between the two. The point goes to Carol Danvers. 

Points: Captain Marvel (5:3) Scarlet Witch

Captain Marvel vs. Scarlet Witch: who is more powerful & who wins?

As you can see by our analysis, Captain Marvel should absolutely wipe the floor with Scarlet Witch. However, these points paint the wrong picture related to the powers and abilities of both characters. Scarlet Witch has a more versatile power set; her magic is almost limitless. Captain Marvel has all the physical advantages, but I highly doubt that Wanda would allow the fight to be physical in nature. 

Even if the fight were to be physical in nature, who is to say that Wanda wouldn’t simply alter reality to go in her favor? Scarlet Witch has plenty of epic feats supporting her claim of being more powerful than Danvers, and I honestly believe she would win most fights.

Captain Marvel would be able to knock her out by using maybe like 15 % of her base strength, however, so there’s that. 

Who do you think would win in this fight? Let us know in the comments!

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