‘Secret Invasion’: How Did G’iah Figure Out the Password? Fracking Pods Explained


Secret Invasionepisode 3 was just released, and it was aptly titled ‘Betrayal.’ We know that G’iah has been feeding Talos information since she had a change of heart about Gravik’s cause when she found out that he was responsible for the murder of her mother, Soren. G’iah helped out Talos and Fury on several occasions, nothing that could be directly tied to her, but in episode 3, she stopped a major act of war that would have potentially started World War III. She managed to get Fairbanks’ launch termination password by interacting with strange pods at New Skrullos complex. How did she do it, and what are “Fracking Pods” exactly? 

G’iah figured out the password by going through the memory of the real Robert Fairbanks while he was held inside the Fracking Pod. Fracking Pods are Skrull devices used to extract the memories and knowledge from individuals held inside them and can be interacted with via console. Fracking Pods are often used by Skrull operatives to make their infiltration easier by gaining knowledge that no one but the impersonated person should have. 

Now that we’ve given you a short answer, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Gravik had a plan to use Neptune to take down the UN Delegation

The third episode was quite tense, as we were given insight into more of Gravik’s plans. He attempted to use the British submarine called ‘Neptune’ to launch a missile strike on a plane that was carrying UN Delegation.

Obviously, he had to have someone pretty high up the chain of command to carry out the launch. And as it turns out, he had. After Fury inquired about the identity of the person behind ‘Neptune’ Sonya Falsworth revealed that the person in question was Commodore Robert Fairbanks, well, the Skrull version, at least since the real Robert was obviously replaced by a Skrull, just like plenty of other powerful people.

Fury and Talos proceeded to infiltrate the house of Robert Fairbanks, and after disposing of the security guards, they managed to gain access to Robert himself when Fury ruthlessly used his teenage son as a bargaining chip. 

Now, Robert Fairbanks gave the order that the missile should be launched just as the UN Delegation plane was passing over the submarine, and the submarine’s crew had no choice but to respect the order.  

Such an act would most certainly lead to World War III, and it wasn’t something that Fury and Talos could gamble with since it would either lead to the extermination of Skrull or the human race. 


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Now even though Robert Fairbank was held hostage and even though Talos and Fury had access to his work computer that clearly showed the path of the plane as well as the submarine, they had no way to stop the attacks since they didn’t have access to the launch termination password and the Skrull Fairbanks refused to reveal it, and ultimately Talos killed him while incredulous Fury only stayed on the sidelines of his “plan.” 

Talos knew that he could count on something else to obtain the termination launch code, a Fracking Pod. 

What are Fracking Pods? 

Fracking Pods were introduced back in the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie at the same time as Skrulls. We know that Skrulls had to develop some impressive technologies to make their infiltration attempts even more successful, and taking over someone’s identity is exponentially easier when you have access to all thoughts and memories of an individual you’re trying to impersonate. 

Fracking Pods are used to extract memories and thoughts of people held within them, they have a built-in console that can be used to view the thoughts and memories in real time, or a Skrull can use the machine to implant those memories directly into its brain. 

We’ve seen Captain Marvel stuck inside one of those Fracking Pods, and during the experience, she had a bizarre retelling of her own memories. 

So far, we’ve seen Fracking Pods used on several instances in ‘Secret Invasion,’ and they are mostly used to “store” the bodies of high-ranking individuals that Skrulls are currently impersonating, such as the members of the Skrull council. Fracking Pods have a life-support effect on people inside them, meaning that people within them are alive as long as their memories are being extracted. 

G’iah used Fracking Pod to uncover the code 

We know that Talos contacted his daughter G’iah asking for help, as she was at the time the only person that could have access to the mind of real Robert Fairbanks. She made her way toward the Fracking Pods and started sorting through Fairbanks’ memories.

Fairbanks’ important memories mostly consisted of soccer, and his own teenage son G’iah could see them clearly as they were projected on the screen in front of her. 

G’iah eventually figured it out and called Talos, who now had the info he needed to stop the missile strike and, with it, World War 3. 

Gravik shot G’iah when her betrayal was confirmed 

As soon as she leaked the info, G’iah knew that she had to escape the complex as soon as possible she was just about to break into the forest when Gravik blocked her way. She tried to think of some excuse on the spot how she was just about to “extract” their agents from the field when Gravik called her on her nonsense. 

He shot G’iah in the chest, killing her almost instantly. She fell to the floor, bleeding out as her body reverted back to her original Skrull form, which is something that we know happens when Skrull dies. 

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