‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Gravik’s Plot Is Uncovered

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Welcome to Recap & Ending Explained for the third episode of Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion,’ titled “Betrayed.” And as the name suggests, there will be some betrayals, or at least teases of them, for the coming episodes to resolve.

In last week’s episode, we watched how Nick Fury, back in 1995, recruited a group of Skrulls in exchange for helping them find a new planet. It later turned out that Talos invited over a million Skrulls to Earth without Fury’s knowledge, and Gravik, who got sick of waiting for Fury to fulfill his promise, decided to assemble rebel Skrulls with a plot to wipe out the human race and make the Earth a new home planet for Skrulls.

After their feud, Fury and Talos went their separate ways; Talos asked for a meeting with Gravik, while Fury returned home to his wife, whom we had never met before. And on top of it all, she’s also a Skrull. The previous episode also showed us the first teases about some machine that Gravik is building, and in the newest episode, we have finally uncovered his entire plan.

Gravik prepares his master plan!

At the rebel Skrulls shelter at the abandoned nuclear power plant in Russia, Beto and two other rebel Skrulls are discussing their next plan: to infiltrate the British Navy.

At the same time, Gravik welcomes the members of the Skrull council in a room where his building his machine, revealing that he’s planning to use it to turn Skrulls into Super Skrulls in case the Avengers or some of Earth’s heroes try to stop them.


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After the opening sequence, we are brought back to New York City in 1998, where we see Nick Fury meeting Varra, who will eventually become his wife under the identity of Priscilla Fury.

After that short scene of meeting, we are jumped back to the present day where Fury and Varra are at their home. Fury asks her if she has heard anything about Gravik, but Varra expresses her frustration saying that she felt like a widow when Fury disappeared after Thanos’ snap. And even after he was resurrected, he decided to go to SABER instead of coming home.

Back at rebel Skrulls shelter, Gravik talks with G’iah about Brogan. We can see that Gravik suspects she’s working behind his back, but G’iah expresses her firmness to Gravik regarding her loyalty. The next day, Gravik and G’iah arrive in the UK, where Gravik is supposed to meet with Talos.

Talos asks Gravik to stop his plot against humans, but Gravik refuses, saying that humans only know about murders, and that’s what he will give them. Talos warns Gravik that he will stop him and threatens him whenever Gravik mentions G’iah. While she’s alone in the car, G’iah sends Talos intel about Gravik’s next attack.

Talos and Fury meet again to settle their feud and team up again against Gravik. Although very proud, Fury even apologizes to Talos. Fury and Talos talk about the British submarine Neptune which Gravik’s infiltrated men are planning to use to launch a strike on the plane of the UN Delegation.

Since Neptune is a British sub, Fury calls Sonya Falsworth to help them. Although Sonya is currently busy with her own Skrull problems, she gives Fury the name of Robert Fairbanks, the Nepture’s captain.


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Talos and Fury arrive at Fairbanks’ house, while at the same time, the Nepture’s Command gets orders about launching the strike. Talos and Fury interrogate Fairbanks or the Skrull that shapeshifted into him to get the abort launch code. After fake Fairbanks accuses Talos and G’iah of being traitors of their own race, Talos shoots him in the chest.

Talos calls G’iah and says he needs the code now. She goes down to the basement where Skrulls are keeping real people in which they shapeshifted. She looks into the real Fairbanks’ mind and gives her father the code right on time to prevent the attack.

After helping her father, G’iah jumps on a motorcycle and quickly leaves the shelter. However, Gravik intercepts her. He reveals that the whole purpose of this plan is to uncover the traitor, and he shoots G’iah in the chest and leaves her.

In the UK, Varra leaves her home with a key to a safe at the railroad station. In the safe, she finds a gun. She calls somebody, and a mysterious man answers. She tells him that she wants to speak with Gravik, but the unknown man says she’ll only speak with him. And then, the scene cuts to the credits.

Is G’iah dead? Whose side is Varra on? What is Gravik’s next plan?

These are all the questions that we’re expecting the next episode will resolve. Gravik uncovered that G’iah was never loyal to him. But unlike Maria Hill’s, G’iah’s death doesn’t seem final. Why? Well, because trailers we watched ahead of the series’s premiere featured more footage of her that we haven’t seen in the series yet. After all, who would cast Emilia Clarke for a character that’s meant to last only three episodes?

Before next week, we didn’t even know Nick Fury was married, and now we already see there’s more to her wife than meets the eye. There’s no doubt she knows Gravik since she’s the one who took him to Earth when they first arrived here back in 1995, but is she really playing some part in Gravik’s plot to invade Earth? That remains to be seen.


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We’ve seen how Gravik plans to use his machine to turn his rebel Skrulls into Super Skrulls. We’ve already gotten a glimpse of those Super Skrulls in trailers and TV spots. But it will be interesting to see how Fury and Talos will stop the Super Skrulls since Gravik says this plan is the contingency in case the Avengers plan to stop them, and we don’t have any signs that any Avenger or some other superhero will appear in this series.

We’re halfway through the series now. Three out of six announced episodes have aired. So far, we got an idea of what’s at stake here. We were introduced to the main villain and his master plan, as well as the characters for which you can’t be sure whose side they are on.

We expect the final three episodes will lead to a decent closure. But as we said last week, the invasion depicted in this series is huge worldwide, and even after this series concludes, it will be hard to shake the feeling that some other characters in other MCU projects might’ve been Skrulls all along.

The first three episodes of ‘Secret Invasion’ are now streaming on Disney+.

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