‘Secret Invasion:’ How Did Gravik Heal His Hand?


Episode 3 of ‘Secret Invasion’ allowed us to see a tense moment between Gravik and Talos when they had a secret meeting involving the actions that Gravik’s people were taking. During that time, Gravik consistently talked about G’iah, and an angry Talos stabbed his hand with a knife while threatening to kill him. That was when we saw that Gravik instantly healed his hand while it was glowing orange. So, how did Gravik heal his hand?

It is likely that Gravik had already turned himself into a Super Skrull. Back in episode 2, we learned that the Skrulls were creating a machine that could give them powers, and one of the DNA samples they acquired was Extremis. And we saw in ‘Iron Man 3’ that Extremis had the power to heal wounds instantly.

Of course, Talos likely didn’t know anything about what Gravik had been doing, and that’s why he threatened him without even thinking that Gravik was now more powerful than he could ever be. That means that Nick Fury and Talos have their hands full in the next three episodes of ‘Secret Invasion,’ especially if there would be more Skrulls with the same powers that Gravik has displayed.

Extremis has the ability to regenerate wounds

While episode 3 of ‘Secret Invasion’ was shorter than the last two episodes, it was quite an eventful episode that had a lot of emotions in the different scenes we saw. Of course, the one emotional moment that captured the attention of a lot of people involved Talos and Gravik. We already know that Talos wanted to parley with Gravik, which happened in episode 3.


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Talos and Gravik were meeting in a restaurant where the former Skrull General told the current Skrull General to stop killing innocent people. Of course, Gravik didn’t want to stop what he was doing, and that was when he consistently used Talos’ daughter, G’iah, to provoke the older Skrull. And when Talos attacked Gravik, he found out that all of the people in the restaurant were Skrulls working for Gravik.

Of course, Gravik never stopped provoking Talos by using G’iah, who he threatened to kill. That was when Talos lost his composure and stabbed Gravik’s hand with a knife before putting him in a chokehold. In that scene, he was telling Gravik to stop using G’iah as a way to get to him before leaving the restaurant

However, after that, we saw that Gravik was unfazed and was able to easily heal the wound on his hand. It glowed orange as the wound closed in a matter of seconds. And this goes back to the events that we saw in episode 2.

In episode 2, we learned that Talos has been working with a certain Dr. Rosa Dalton to develop a machine that involved using different DNA samples to make the Skrulls stronger. One of the samples that we saw when G’iah took a peek into the details of that experiment was labeled “Extremis.”

For those who may have forgotten, Extremis was the nanotechnology introduced during the events of ‘Iron Man 3.’ Developed by Aldrich Killian, Extremis could make humans stronger. It also had the ability to heal wounds, including severed limbs. And when Extremis healed wounds, the affected part glowed orange.

We saw that in episode 3 of ‘Secret Invasion’ when Gravik’s wound healed. It gave a bright orange glow that was similar to how Extremis worked in ‘Iron Man 3.’ This gives us the idea that Gravik had already used the Extremis DNA to make himself stronger, and that makes sense because he is the leader of the Skrulls and has to find a way to survive the entire invasion. Because Extremis can regenerate wounds, Gravik could survive any attempts that Nick Fury and Talos could have at his life.

Of course, it is possible that Gravik is still a work in progress and is yet to fully incorporate all of the DNA samples that the Skrulls have. We saw in episode 2 that the Skrulls also had samples of the Frost Beast and Obsidian Cull, who are powerful and durable creatures. In that regard, the fact that a simple dining knife penetrated Gravik’s skin suggests that he isn’t quite there yet in terms of the improvements he has been introducing into his own DNA. And it is clear that he prioritized Extremis because of its regenerative capabilities.

The Super Skrulls are coming

Another important fact that needs to be considered is that Gravik is now in the early stages of the Super Skrull program he has been working on. We learned in episode 2 that the Super Skrulls are his answers to whatever the Avengers might do in case they returned to try to fight off the Skrulls. And in episode 3, Gravik confirmed in a meeting with the Skrull Council that they were creating superpowered versions of Skrulls that could defeat any army or hero Earth had to offer.


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In that regard, Gravik had already started the first phase when he gave himself the power of Extremis, as we saw in episode 3 that he could heal from the knife wound in an instant. This means that he has been strengthening himself and his other Skrull loyalists by turning them into Super Skrulls.

Of course, this is happening behind the scenes. But while that may be true, the threat of the Super Skrulls is now upon Earth as Gravik has displayed that he already has powers that the other Skrulls don’t have. And it would make sense for him to start the experiment with himself because he needs to set an example to the other Skrulls that they could achieve great power through this machine that Dalton created.

In other words, we can expect more Super Skrulls to appear in the future of ‘Secret Invasion,’ especially because Gravik’s war is now about to break out. And we can imagine just how big of a threat the Super Skrulls would be to the armies of Earth, especially if the Avengers or any other superhero won’t be making cameo appearances in the series.

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