‘Secret Invasion’: Is G’iah a Super-Skrull Now?

Secret Invasion Is Giah a Super Skrull Now

Episode 3 of ‘Secret Invasion‘ shocked us when we saw Gravik shooting G’iah in cold blood after he was 100 % sure that she was the mole that kept relaying information about their plans to Talos and Nick Fury. Of course, G’iah’s death was never taken as a sure thing because we know that she is set to play a major role in the rest of the episodes, and the actress Emilia Clarke has been credited to appear in all of the six episodes. Episode 4 finally cleared up the confusion, and yes, G’iah is alive and well, healing miraculously fast from a wound that should be fatal, even to her Skrull biology, so we decided to explore whether G’iah is a Super-Skrull now. 

G’iah is a Super-Skrull she entered the machine and absorbed Extremis DNA, and enhanced herself with it, which allowed her to heal rapidly from injuries that would otherwise prove lethal. Gravik is one more skrull that has been so far confirmed as Super-Skull. He took both Extremis DNA and Groot DNA, enhancing himself even further. 

Now that we’ve covered that G’iah is technically a Super-Skrull, it’s time to analyze how & why. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

G’iah abused Gravik’s nightmarish plans and turned herself into a Super-Skrull 

We know that Gravik had contingency plans before he launched his invasion of Earth, as the question of whether the Avengers would be alerted hung in the air as a very real possibility.

Gravik, however, seemed unfazed by this as he already had plans in place that would allow Skrulls to fight against Earth’s mightiest heroes.

We know that Skrulls are slightly stronger, more durable, and much longer-lived than your average humans, and they also have superpowers in terms of shape-shifting. But what makes Skrulls extremely interesting is that they are not carbon-based beings, and their DNA is extremely adaptive, allowing them to take many forms and shapes as they wish. 

They cannot, however, take on powers and abilities, especially those supernatural or magical. However, through technology, they can use the DNA of different species and individuals to take on DNA-based powers.


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We saw that Gravik, in collaboration with Dr. Rosa Dalton, managed to acquire Extremis, Cull Obsidian, Frost Beast, and Groot DNA to create Super-Skrulls. 


Those types of Skrulls are also known in the comics for being extremely powerful and physically stronger than both average humans and Skrulls.

G’iah uncovered Gravik’s plans on time and used the opportunity to benefit from them. 

What happened between G’iah and Gravik? 

We know that G’iah was a staunch proponent of Gravik’s plans until she found out from her father, Talos, that he was responsible for her mother’s death. Now, G’iah has had a change of heart and decided to stay with Gravik in order to extract the information that could be useful to Fury and Talos. 

Gravik had his suspicions since every mission that G’iah was assigned to was followed by Fury appearing at the scene. He most suspected G’iah when the location of their safe house was revealed, something that no one besides herself and Gravik knew. 

G’iah lied her way through it all for as long as she could until the incident with the ‘Neptune’ submarine happened. 

Gravik planned to strike the UN delegation plane with missiles in order to jump-start World War 3, and Talos contacted G’iah to figure out the password for canceling the strike from the real Commodore Robert Fairbanks that was held at New Skrullos complex inside the fracking pod.

Secret Invasion How Did Giah Figure Out the Password Fracking Pods

G’iah was successful, and the attack was canceled. However, knowing that she had to attack some Skrulls to get to Fairbanks’ body and that she had blown her cover, she decided to escape the New Skrullos. Gravik ambushed her as she was breaking into the nearby forest and shot her dead, seemingly. 

How did G’iah survive getting shot point-blank? 

In episode 4, one of the first scenes shows us G’iah getting shot all over again, but we also see a series of flashbacks. G’iah was panicking back at New Skrullos laboratory, but she had a plan in place.

Giah extremis

She entered the chamber where Gravik’s enhancement machine was sitting, unused at the time. G’iah put the setting to “Extremis” which provided the individual with a god-like level of healing and regenerative abilities and subjected herself to enhancements. 

Giah being exposed to

Gravik did a similar thing. Only he enhanced himself with Extremis and Groot DNA

This is why G’iah was so sure of her survival and wasn’t afraid to get caught by Gravik.

In the next scene, we see G’iah’s chest would glowing red and healing instantly, bringing her to life.

Is Giah a super skrull

It was a good plan, although it could have backfired catastrophically. G’iah was supposed to know that Gravik would just leave her to rot in the forest. If he didn’t, if he decided to bring her body back to the complex, she would be subjected to neverending torture.

It was an ultimately good gamble, the one that paid off, since Gravik doesn’t seem to be all that interested in tying up loose ends, and Skrull’s body nearby your illegal secret New Skrullos complex is a pretty big loose end, no matter how abandoned the area is. 

Gravik is still, as of episode 4, convinced that G’iah has been dealt with.

G’iah is definitely Super-Skrull now, as she has been biologically modified 

 Super-Skrulls’ definition is that they had to be artificially modified, and G’iah matches that definition secretly since she used the Machine to alter her DNA. We don’t know whether other aspects of her physiology have changed and how powerful she is currently, as we only see her being exposed to Extremis DNA, unlike Gravik, who also has Flora Colossi DNA. 


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Still, it would be interesting to see how G’iah will react to the fact that Gravik took her mother and her father

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