‘Secret Invasion’: Who Did Nick Fury Call? Here’s Our Theory

nick fury call secret invasion

Marvel Studios’ newest Disney+ series, ‘Secret Invasion,’ has aired five out of six announced episodes, and there are so many questions for the final episode to answer next week. While comic book readers all agree that this adaptation of the iconic homonymous storyline is made very loosely, the series got positive feedback for its spy thriller feeling, matureness, and the smaller amount of forced humor which was all present in the MCU lately. As we’re waiting for the final episode, there are many questions and theories on who Nick Fury called in the fifth episode’s final scene after he geared up for the final showdown against Gravik. And here’s our theory on who was on the other side of the call.

Many Marvel fans expressed their theories on who Nick Fury called in the last scene of the fifth episode. Many think that he called one of the Avengers or some special guest star that the series saved for the finale. Some of the theorized characters include Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau. Some are even mentioning Chloe Bennet’s Quake from the Agents of SHIELD television series. However, it’s highly unlikely that any of the mentioned characters or the Avengers will appear in the series finale. The most likely option is that Fury has called Gravik to tell him that it’s time for the final showdown between them.

Ever since MCU started expanding with TV shows on Disney+, and since each of their episodes has been released every week so far, the fans started developing many theories on what could happen and who could appear in the coming episodes. We still remember all the theories that Mephisto was the main villain of ‘WandaVision,’ then the theories that Captain Marvel would appear in ‘Ms. Marvel,’ which turned out to be true, and Daredevil would appear in ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,’ which also turned out to be true. The thing with rumors and theories is that you can never be sure about them until all the episodes come out, and as we’re waiting for the final episode of ‘Secret Invasion,’ we’ll break down the most popular theories and see how probable they are.

Nick Fury probably didn’t call any of the Avengers. Here’s why.

Comic book readers know that ‘Secret Invasion’ is one of the biggest and most iconic crossover storylines Marvel Comics has ever published. But this isn’t the first time the MCU just borrowed the title and the idea of the source material to create something quite different. It already happened with ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ which received a very positive response.

Considering the scale of the event, many fans thought that ‘Secret Invasion’ might be eventually adapted as one of the future ‘Avengers’ movies, but Marvel Studios decided to do it as a Disney+ mini-series instead, without any Avengers in it and Nick Fury as the main character. Some fans who are familiar with the source material resented that approach, but that’s a matter of personal preference.


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One of the things ‘Secret Invasion’ did well is the fact that it embraced its spy action thriller vibe, which removed all the forced humor we’ve watched in excessive amounts in previous MCU projects. The series decided to be more mature, and that part of the series was rather praised, particularly among long-term MCU fans who now aren’t as young as when the first ‘Iron Man’ came out.

On the other hand, some fans think that adapting such a storyline without any Avengers, and we know there are still many of them in that universe, is rather naive. However, the main star Samuel L. Jackson once said that one of the ideas this series tried to explore is how Nick Fury would react in a world-ending situation without any superheroes there to help.

In the fifth episode of the series, Sonya Falsworth asked Nick Fury why he didn’t call his superhero friends to help against Gravik. Fury answered that this time it’s more personal and that they can’t always depend on the Avengers or other superheroes to come in and save the day. We remember how some fans wondered why Fury didn’t call Captain Marvel to help when the Chitauri invaded New York or when Ultron attacked Sokovia with his army of robots, but that’s a topic for some other article.

Why do MCU fans think there will be some surprise character in the final episode of ‘Secret Invasion’?

We aren’t trying to call out anybody by saying this, but it’s a fact that some MCU fans don’t need much teasing, even if that teasing means nothing, to expect that a series is preparing some surprise character to appear. Just remember the first episode of ‘Loki,’ when the devil was referenced, and many fans immediately thought that was some foreshadowing for Mephisto, which didn’t happen in the end.


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Now, in this case, ‘Secret Invasion’ brought back many MCU characters that aren’t superheroes but were a part of SHIELD or some other political circle in the franchise, including Maria Hill, Everett Ross, and James Rhodes, and due to that, some fans thought that some other similar characters, like Phil Coulson or Daisy Johnson, might appear, but that is highly unlikely.

However, there are some chances that we could see Monica Rambeau or perhaps Captain Marvel in the final scene or some post-credit since Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury is set to return in ‘The Marvels’ this November.

On the other hand, we don’t know if ‘The Marvels‘ chronologically takes place before or after the series. In the first trailer, we saw Nick Fury on SABER, but we don’t know if it means that was before the events of ‘Secret Invasion,‘ because if it’s not, that would mean that Fury will return to SABER after he deals with Gravik.

Everyone has their idea of who Nick Fury called in the last scene of the fifth episode, but MCU taught us that sometimes the most obvious answer, so obvious that it might be wrong, turns out to be right. We know that Nick Fury plans to give Gravik the Harvest to meet him and take him down, which is why we believe that he actually called Gravik and told him to “finish this” once and for all. We are all expecting this final showdown in next week’s series finale.

The series finale of ‘Secret Invasion’ will be streaming next Wednesday, August 26, on Disney+.

Who do you think Fury called in the last scene of the fifth episode? Do you think we might see some surprise characters in the series finale? Let us know in the comments.

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