‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Fury Is Ready for the Last Stand!


Welcome to Recap & Ending Explained for the fifth and penultimate episode of Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion,’ titled “Harvest.” While this episode uncovers some things about Gravik and his master plan to invade Earth, the episode mainly serves to deal with the consequences of the previous episode and set up the final showdown in next week’s finale.

In last week’s episode, Gravik’s plan was to attack and kill the US President with his team while posing as Russian to finally trigger powerful nations to start World War III, which would, by Gravik’s plan, obliterate human race and leave the Earth only for Skrulls to live. Fury and Talos managed to save the president, but Gravik stabbed and killed Talos.

Gravik isn’t planning on giving up

After watching the previous episodes’ recap, the episode opens with Fury taking President Ritson to a hospital after the attack. While the doctors are, typically, for that kind of scene, telling Fury to stay outside while they take care of the patient, Fury whispers to Ritson that Russians aren’t responsible for the attack and that he shouldn’t trust Colonel Rhodes.

While doctors are taking the president, Fury sits down in front of the doors with a gun, knowing that someone will eventually arrive.

Meanwhile, Gravik and his men return to their shelter at the nuclear power plant in Russia. One of his men, Pagon, says to him that he should take this victory since he killed Talos, but Gravik says the target was the president, and he’s still alive.

During the dialogue, we find out that Gravik wants to get his hands on the Avengers’ DNA to make Super Skrulls even stronger, but Pagon is starting to question Gravik’s plans, and during the feud, Gravik uses his Super Skrull powers to kill him.

After that, Gravik calls Rhodes, who is on his way to visit the president. Gravik commands Rhodes to tell the president both Russians and Skrulls are responsible for the attack.

Since he didn’t manage to kill the president to start World War III, Gravik now has another plan. Rhodes arrives at the hospital, where Fury confronts him, but Rhodes just gives him a heads-up that the footage of Maria Hill’s murder is being sent to the news, making Fury the most wanted man on Earth. Fury tells Rhodes he’s coming for Gravik before fleeing the scene.


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After the opening credits, we are back in London, where Sonya discovers that the head of MI6 is also a Skrull. Without a second thought, Sonya shoots him in the leg and asks him for information about the Daltons, a scientist couple who built Gravik’s machine.

At the nuclear power plant in Russia, Gravik is questioned about Pagon’s murder by Beto, another Skrull refugee. During the conversation, Gravik gets a call from Rhodes, who updates him on the situation with the president. As soon as the call ends, Gravik is attacked by Beto and a group of other Skrulls, showing that they realize what kind of monster he is. Gravik overpowers them and kills Beto in front of all the other Skrulls at the shelter, asking if someone else would like to have some of it.

Meanwhile, Fury arrives at the same spot where he welcomed a group of Skrulls to Earth back in 1995. There he finds G’iah, and she talks with her about Talos. G’iah wants to bury her father, and Fury tells her to seek the help of his wife Priscilla.

After that, Fury leaves the UK and goes to Finland. In Russia, Sonya Falsworth finds two Skrulls that have been posing as the Daltons. She asks them about Gravik’s machine, and after that, she burns their lab. Victor Dalton, the husband, says they’ll never betray Gravik, but Sonya just shoots him in the head.

Back in England, G’iah arrives at Fury’s house with Talos’ body, where she meets Priscilla. Meanwhile, Rhodes tells the president about the nuclear power plant in Russia where the Skrulls are, telling him that they should attack it and end the threat. The president isn’t sure what to do, knowing that the attack on Russian soil would definitely start a global conflict. Fury takes the private jet and flies to Finland.


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G’iah and Priscilla are giving Talos a proper Skrull burial, which involves a Skrull prayer and burning the body. After Talos’ funeral and a little chit-chat about Priscilla’s relationship with Fury, the house is attacked by soldiers who are sent to kill Priscilla. In a short but pretty cool action scene, G’iah and Priscilla arm themselves and team up against those intruders.

Using SHIELD’s technology of disguise, Fury arrives in Finland, where Sonya awaits him. During the conversation in the car, Fury uncovers that Gravik wants the Harvest, a vial of the Avengers’ DNA that was left after the Battle of Earth. After the battle ended, Fury sent Skrulls he had previously recruited to clean the battlefield, which explains how Gravik knows about it.

Fury and Sonya arrive at the cemetery in the middle of the words, where they find a tombstone with Fury’s name, which actually serves as some sort of vault for the vial. Fury takes it, as well as his iconic leather coat and an eye patch from his SHIELD days. After sitting up, Fury calls someone, probably Gravik, and tells him that it’s time to finish this.

Nick Fury is ready for the final showdown!

As penultimate episodes usually do, this has also set the stage for the finale. We can surely expect the final showdown between Fury and Gravik, and it remains to be seen how the rest of the Skrulls will act in that situation since we saw in this episode that their trust in Gravik isn’t like it used to be.

G’iah and Priscilla have teamed up together, and it’s suspected they’ll play an important role in the finale, particularly because Gravik killed G’iah’s father and tried to order Priscilla to kill her husband.


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We also need to see how the situation with President Ritson and Skrull Rhodes will resolve. We mentioned in some previous articles that the president might be an interesting character since we know that Harrison Ford’s Thunderbolt Ross will be the US president in the upcoming MCU movie ‘Thunderbolts,’ and our intuition is telling us that he’ll succeed Ritson, not because he defeated him in an election.

As for Rhodes, we still don’t know for how long Rhodes has been a Skrull and where’s the real Rhodes. But, since he’s currently in England, where Priscilla also is, we wouldn’t be surprised to see some showdown between them as well since Rhodes is the one that threatened to kill her if she doesn’t kill Fury.

There are so many things, and only one episode is left. We are definitely hoping for the worthwhile closure of everything these previous five episodes have set up.

What are your thoughts on Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ so far? Are you looking forward to next week’s finale? Let us know in the comments.

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