Why Doesn’t Nick Fury Want to Involve Avengers in ‘Secret Invasion?’


One of the things that we know about the ‘Secret Invasion’ is that Nick Fury has been very careful about his approach in dealing with the Skrulls, not only because one of his closest friends is a Skrull but also because he knows that the Skrulls are capable of. In that regard, he even rejected the idea of calling in help from his “friends” because he knew that could happen if he did. The friends he and James Rhodes were talking about may be the Avengers. So, why doesn’t Nick Fury want to involve the Avengers in ‘Secret Invasion?’

Nick Fury doesn’t want to involve the Avengers in ‘Secret Invasion’ because he doesn’t want to complicate things. He knows that the Skrulls could use the Avengers to their advantage by copying them and turning them into terrorists, which could speed up the destabilization of the world. 

The thing about the Skrulls and their invasion is that it is a very delicate subject matter that an all-out war can’t solve. Nick Fury knows that he has to approach this matter very carefully if he wants to minimize the damage that the Skrulls can inflict on the world. That’s why calling in the Avengers is a big mistake. But there could be something more to this, and we are here to look at that.

The Avengers could complicate things

If there’s one thing we know about the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline in the comics, it’s that the Skrulls used their heavily modified Super-Skrulls to invade Earth from the inside. That’s why the different superheroes of the planet needed to take action. Various heroes fought different Skrulls with superpowers, making this storyline so compelling and entertaining.

But the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline in the MCU is quite different because Nick Fury is on his own instead of relying on superheroes. People have been wondering why the Avengers or any other superhero isn’t involved in a matter that could endanger the entire planet. And this was answered in episode 2 of ‘Secret Invasion.’

In that episode, Nick Fury set up a meeting with Colonel James Rhodes, who was working as an adviser for President Ritson. While discussing what happened in Russia, Fury mentioned the possibility of Rhodes’ security detail being spies.

He told Rhodes that these people could very well be Skrulls, and that was when Fury was surprised to know that Rhodes was well aware of the existence of these aliens even though they were hiding on Earth in secret.

Nick Fury said the invasion was happening and the Skrulls were responsible for the terrorist attacks. Rhodes, of course, brought up the idea of calling in their “friends,” who can presume are the Avengers. After all, an entire invasion mounted by an alien species needs the full attention of the planet’s greatest heroes.


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Of course, Fury is smart enough to have already considered bringing in some of the most trusted superheroes the planet can offer. The issue was never about whether or not he could trust the Avengers or any other superhero. Instead, the issue was related to how complicated and delicate this invasion was.

He told Rhodes that the Avengers could only complicate things because the Skrulls could copy them. While we know that the Skrulls can’t copy special powers and abilities, they can still copy the identities of certain superheroes and commit acts of terrorism while looking like a member of the Avengers. Fury doesn’t want that to happen because it would only make matters worse as the general public might lose faith in the Avengers, which were always heroes in the eyes of the people of the planet.

As such, Fury decided to do things on his own without the help of any other superheroes that could make things worse for him and the entire planet. He knows what the Skrulls are capable of, so he doesn’t want the Avengers to make things more complicated than they have to be.

This is personal to Nick Fury

Fury made sense when he said that the Avengers would only worsen things if they were to engage in an all-out war with the Skrulls. But there might be something deeper and more personal in play here. And we’re talking about Fury’s relationship with the Skrulls.

We know that Fury was the one that promised the Skrulls that he would find them a home if they would help him protect the planet.

The Skrulls agreed to work with and for Fury as long as he was going to fulfill his promise of giving them a home they could call their own after the Kree destroyed their planet. But we also know that Fury hasn’t delivered his promise for three decades due to the many complicated things that happened to the planet between 1995 and 2025.

But the Skrulls believed that Fury abandoned his promise and desire to help the Skrulls. That was one of the reasons why Gravik got fed up and decided to try to take the entire planet for the Skrulls, as he no longer wanted to wait on Fury to find them a home. As such, Fury might feel a bit guilty that he failed to fulfill his end of the deal with the Skrulls.

Furthermore, Fury is quite close to the Skrulls because Talos is one of his closest friends. He knows how much Talos and some of the other Skrulls trust him, and that’s the reason why he doesn’t want an all-out war with a group of aliens that once treated him as a friend. Of course, Talos is still his friend, and that’s why this is a very personal matter to Fury.


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But the ending of episode 2 allowed us to see something deeper than just Fury’s friendship with Talos. That’s because Fury was married to a Skrull all this time. As such, this is very personal to him because his wife and closest friend are both Skrulls.

So, as much as possible, Nick Fury wants to resolve this matter without relying on the Avengers. He wants to be the one to fix this issue because he was the one that allowed the Skrulls to stay on Earth after promising that he would give them a home to call their own. And, of course, he formed very close relationships with Skrulls, whom he cares about so much.

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