‘Secret Invasion’: Who Was the First Human That Gravik Killed?


In the final episode of ‘Secret Invasion,’ we learned a bit more about the human form Gravik was mostly in throughout the show and why he decided to take the shape of that particular human. The leader of the rebel Skrulls was severely impacted by everything he had to go through in the hope that one day Fury would find a new home for his species. He even killed under Fury’s orders. With that in mind, let’s see who was the first human that Gravik killed.

While it was never explicitly mentioned who the first human that Gravik killed was or what he did, Gravik revealed that the man had a family, and when he was forced to kill him, that deed took a piece of his heart. Even though the human did bad things, Gravik blamed Fury for making him take someone’s life.

The revelation of Gravik’s first kill was important because it made us realize how everything that Skrulls, including Gravik, did under Fury’s order had a huge impact on their souls, and they kept quiet about it for years just because they believed that Fury would find them a new home. But, Gravik was done being quiet and ready to have his retribution. Let’s see in more detail what we know about the first human that the leader of rebel Skrulls had to kill.

Fury used Gravik and the other Skrulls for years as his secret agents

After everything that happened toward the show’s final episode, it was only a matter of time before the final confrontation between Fury and Gravik happened. And even though it seemingly did, Fury once again proved why he’s one of Earth’s best spies and tactical minds.

We know what the deal between Gravik and Fury was – Nick needed to bring the Harvest to Gravik as the only way to stop WW3. Of course, Fury knew that meeting Gravik on his turf and a place filled with radiation would be like walking into a secure death. That’s why he devised a plan where G’iah would shapeshift to look like him and confront Gravik as Nick Fury.

Gravik never suspected a thing, and G’iah did a great job pretending that all the radiation was suffocating her. She impersonated Fury and told Gravik that he was too busy using Fury’s skin like a costume, most likely referring to when Gravik killed Maria Hill and made Fury a national enemy.

At that point, Gravik explained that he was not interested in any costume party and that the human form and the face he most often had were of the first man he ever killed. And he only killed him because of Fury’s orders. It surprised Gravik that Fury did not particularly remember what he was talking about, but that later made sense since Gravik was talking to G’iah the whole time, not Fury.


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However, seeing the confused look on Fury’s face, Gravik opened up about the first man he killed so Fury would better understand. Everything happened on the first mission Fury ever sent Gravik. We know that Gravik was a part of the Skrulls that regularly did dirty jobs for Fury and were sent on missions under the promise that Nick would find them a new planet to live in return.

However, after a few years of searching, Fury realized that no other planet out there would suit Skrulls, but he decided not to share that information with them.

Gravik became a killer under Nick Fury’s orders

Thinking that he was talking to Fury, Gravik explained that when Fury sent him on a first mission, the orders were to kill a man who was obviously on the wrong path and presented a threat. Gravik was young then and followed his orders; he did his best, especially because he wanted to impress Fury and considered him a hero.

In Gravik’s eyes, Fury was a savior who promised a new home to the Skrulls, so naturally, he followed his hero’s orders no matter what they were. However, Gravik had to kill a family man with a wife and children. Gravik did what he was ordered, and he killed under Fury’s orders many times after that. But, no one realized that all that left a toll on Gravik, and every kill he made took a piece of his soul and heart.

Many other Skrulls followed the same orders over the years, but Gravik was the only one brave enough to admit that Fury’s orders caused significant damage to him. Gravik also blamed Talos for that because he let Fury that he keeps Skrulls in the shadows for thirty years, waiting for a promised home, a promise that was never fulfilled.

Now that was Gravik’s turn to finally stand up for Skrulls and against Fury’s broken promises, he considered it only fair that Fury pays for using the Skrulls for all those years without offering anything in return. His goal was to first kill Fury and destroy humanity after that.


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This shows that Gravik was not always the destructive tyrant he became. The human form he took after his first kill always reminded him of all the sacrifices he had to make under the orders of humans, and no one ever wondered how that made him feel or what it did to his soul.

Everything that happened, and the ultimate Secret Invasion, resulted from years of false promises and following orders of a man that realized long ago that he would never be able to keep a part of his bargain.

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