‘Secret Invasion’: Why Did Fury Hide the Harvest in Finland?

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After ‘Secret Invasionepisode five, titled ‘Harvest,’ it is clear what Gravik was after all this time and why Fury feels responsible for all the chaos the rebel Skrulls have created. Gravik knows that the last thing that Nick wants is for WW3 to begin and for innocent people to be hurt, and he’s got leverage because of it. When Gravik put his demands on the table, Nick went to Norden to collect the vial. But why did Fury hide the Harvest in Finland out of all places?

Fury was the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. for so long because he knew how to keep information secret and to store important objects in places no one would ever think to look for them. He hid the Harvest in a tombstone in a graveyard in Finland, and he chose Finland because he used to go on a honeymoon with Priscilla there. It was cold in Finland, and the Skrulls (Priscilla) liked the cold.

The scene where Fury picks the vial stored in the tombstone reminds us once again how great of a spy Nick really is and that his genius methods will hardly be replaceable any time soon by any younger agents or spies. Let’s see in more detail how it all went down.

Gravik was after the Avenger’s DNA samples all this time

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After the assassination of the President of the United States went unsuccessful, tension arose in the ranks of rebel Skrulls. Gravik blamed Pagon for not finding the Harvest in time. It is revealed that Harvest refers to the DNA samples of the Avengers, and Gravik was certain that he could’ve defeated the whole convoy single-handedly if he had it.

Pagon was unsure if that would really happen since he considered that Gravik had hesitated on several occasions now to kill Fury even though he had the chance. Pagon also said that Fury never trusted Gravik before because if he did, he would’ve told him the exact location where he hid the Avenger’s DNA samples. The one loyal follower started to doubt Gravik’s leadership, and that got him killed.

However, there was a reason why Gravik did not kill Fury. If he had, the only man who knew the location of the Harvest would be gone, making the revelations of the Avenger’s DNA samples virtually impossible. Instead, Gravik had other things planned. He intends to use the threat of possible WW3 and the destruction of New Skrullos as leverage to make Fury bring them the Harvest himself.


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When G’iah informed Fury that Gravik was after the Harvest all this time, he knew what it meant and where he got the idea from. Fury immediately set himself on the way to Finland. In the meantime, Gravik called him and proposed a deal. If Nick brings him the Harvest in person, he will stop the strike on New Skrullos and the beginning of WW3.

Fury got to Finland unnoticed, thanks to Widow’s Veil, and Sonya Falsworth was already there waiting for him. Fury then explained to her that nearly every Avenger spilled blood during the Battle of Earth, including Carol Danvers. After the battle, some agents were sent to collect the DNA samples left on the battlefield. Those agents were Skrulls, and they were led by Gravik, who was still loyal to Fury at that point. But that’s when he thought of creating Super-Skrulls using the Avenger’s DNA samples.

Finland is a country with cold weather, and the Skrulls are fond of cold

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Fury felt responsible for all of it, so he returned from the space-station to Earth. He hid the vial with the DNA sample in the Scandinavian cemetery in the tombstone named Colonel Nicholas James Fury. Of course, that was Nick Fury’s tombstone he got after the Blip, and apparently, it is not the only one he has.

Sonya wanted to know why Finland, of all places. And it was because Priscilla and Nick honeymooned there. Priscilla liked it there because she is a Skrull, and the Skrulls like the cold. That information made Sonya realize why Fury considers this mission very personal.

After that, Fury blew on top of the tombstone, and the stone opened up immediately, revealing the vial inside it. Then, inside the chapel, Fury collected his famous leather coat, eyepatch, and gun. He was ready to become Nick Fury which the world needed again.


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Fury was the one who welcomed Skrulls on Earth; he trusted them and used their skills on various missions over the years. The Skrull’s interference in Fury’s operations over the years was large, so it is no surprise that they gathered some very classified information that could now be used against humanity.

Luckily, Fury was never easy on trusting others, at least not completely, which proved a wise choice this time.

While it’s true that Gravik has leverage over Fury, it is hard to believe that Nick will turn the Harvest to Gravik so easily. Everything will be revealed in the next week’s final episode, and we’ll get all the answers then.

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