Star Wars: All 38 Mandalorian Clans (Canon & Legends) Ranked by Importance


The Mandalorians are one of the most prominent and well-known factions of the Star Wars universe, probably third after the Jedi and the Sith. The people of Mandalore have a deep history rooted in war and conquest, but their main enemies throughout history were actually divisions among their own kin.

There are numerous Clans and Houses that rose throughout history. Some were tiny – such as Clan Mudhorn – while others were bigger, stronger, and more vital for the course of Mandalorian history – such as Clan Viszla, for instance. Without further ado, I’m bringing you the ultimate list of all Mandalorian Clans and Houses, ranked by their historical importance and significance.

38. Clan Farr

Clan Farr was a Mandalorian Clan who sided with the Sith Empire during the Cold War and even resided in the Sith Empire’s capital, Dromund Kaas. Clan Farr fought side-by-side with Mandalore the Avenger during the Raid on Darvannis in the war against Zakuul, but all were killed immediately. They found honor and privilege in fighting Jedi.

37. Clan Deshra

This was a peculiar Mandalorian Clan that reverse-engineered alien technology during the Galactic War to develop their own retribution feedback shields. About a century later, those shields were sold to the highest bidder when the Sith Empire rose against the Galactic Republic.

36. Clan Kaja

Clan Kaja was a Clan that was founded during the unjust imprisonment of Kaja Honn on Ziost. Kaja rallied other unjustly detained prisoners to fight the guards and escape Ziost. She fell in their escape, but the Clan members kept her broken shackles as a symbol of their fight. Years later, they obtained their full Clan status, and Kaja Honn’s name was written in Mandalorian history.


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35. Clan Bralor

Clan Bralor was an ancient Mandalorian Clan residing in the fort town of Norg Bral. They were affiliated with Clan Ordo. The most notable members were Bralor, Jogo, Neth Bralor, and Rav Bralor.

34. Clan Jendri

After Jedi Knight Revan defeated Mandalore the Ultimate, he took and hid the Mandalore’s Mask. Numerous Clans – including Clan Jendri – set out to find the Mask, and Clan Jendri was led to the planet of Rekkiad. They established their territory there but were then attacked by Clan Ordo for control over the territory. They lost despite having two-to-one odds in numbers.

33. Clan Lone

Clan Lone was a Mandalorian Clan that was dishonored due to their refusal to help Clan Spar, who was betrayed and executed by the Sith Empire. One of their members, Zadik Lone, was in love with Akaavi Spar, who left her clan to be with him, only for him to stab her in the back by letting her kin perish.

32. Clan Shale

Clan Shale was a well-respected warrior Mandalorian Clan, but a new, hotheaded leader of Clan Nerak murdered members of Clan Shale in cold blood. The dispute was settled with a duel between Arla Shale and Ballag (Clan Nerak’s leader) in a way that proposed that whoever lost, their Clan would be completely destroyed. It was unprecedented.

Shale almost lost but turned the tables with experience and had Ballag begging for mercy. Instead of killing him and subsequently having an entire Clan destroyed, they agreed on different, payment-based terms so Shale could let Clan Nerak live. They fell apart on their own soon after, while Clan Shale remained loyal, respected members of the Mandalorian culture.

31. Clan Detta

Clan Detta was best known by their two members, Suvar and Cham Detta, who fought as Mandalorian Protectors side-by-side with Mand’alor Boba Fett during the Yuuzhan Vong War. They played a key role in defeating one of Yuuzhan’s top subalterns (lieutenants), Bur’lorr.

30. Clan Sornell

Clan Sornell was a Clan mostly consisting of Devaronian Mandalorians who fought for Mandalore the Ultimate during the Neo-Crusader movement. They laid back after one of their members, Ko Sornell, revealed she was pregnant with another child.

29. Clan Itera

Not many Clans sided with Clan Cadera after they rebelled against Mandalore the Vindicated and his alliance with the Sith. However, Clan Itera was one of the Clans that stood strong with Clan Cadera. However, after Clan Cadera was defeated, Clan Itera was accepted back by their Mandalore and continued living as respected members of the Mandalorian culture.


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28. Clan Kelborn

Much like Clan Itera, Clan Kelborn sided with Clan Cadera in their rebellion against Mandalore the Vindicated. After Cadera’s defeat, they, too, were accepted back by Mandalore and continued living as if nothing had happened, following Mandalore and aligning with the Sith.

27. Clan Cadera

Another ancient Mandalorian Clan was Clan Cadera. Their member, Jicoln Cadera, called out the decision of the new Mand’alor, Mandalore the Vindicated, to align with the Sith against the Republic. Cadera believed that they should side with the Republic, as Mandalore the Preserver did centuries ago.

By the time Mandalore the Avenger was the new leader, Torian Cadera was the last known survivor of Clan Cadera.

26. Clan Gedyc

By the time of the Mandalorian Excision – when the peaceful New Mandalorians rose, clan Gedyc, like many other Clans, was divided between those who decided to follow the new pacifistic ways and those who opposed.

Lorka Gedyc even rose to the head of Death Watch, which is when they allied themselves with the Galactic Empire and helped them establish their presence on Mandalore.

25. Clan Jeban

Clan Jeban was one of the Mandalorian Clans that played a vital role in the war against Yuuzhan Vong. Clan Beviin adopted the young Dinua Jeban after Briika Jeban perished in combat against Yuuzhan Vong warrior Bur’lorr.

24. Clan Ha’rangir

Clan Ha’rangir was an ancient, wealthy Mandalorian clan whose existence dates way back before the Mandalorian Wars. They believed the Mandalorians were crippled by cowardice and inaction, so they began a bloody war of expansion known as the Ha’rangir’s Path. They led to the expansion of Mandalore but were driven off the world centuries later due to their blood lust.

They got their name after an ancient Mandalorian War God of destruction, Kad Ka’rangir.

23. Clan Skirata

Clan Skirata existed during the Clone Wars and planned their expansion by repeatedly adopting new clan members. They were forced to retread on a hidden farm, Kyrimorut, on Mandalore. 

One of their members, Jaing Skirata, saved Boba Fett’s life, which was endangered due to his health declining because he was a clone, making Clan Skirata somewhat important in Mandalorian history.


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22. Clan Carid

Baltan Carid, the leader of Clan Carid at the time of the Second Galactic Civil War, answered the call of his Mand’alor to return to Mandalore to revitalize the planet after its population dwindled during the war against Yuuzhan Vong. 

Clan Carid offered his services to help distribute abandoned farmland to any Mandalorians who returned to Mandalor and were interested in farming. Doing so helped revitalize the planet, although we technically only heard mentions of Clan Carid and their leader in Star Wars Legends novels, ‘Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice’ and ‘Legacy of the Force: Revelation.’

21. Clan Priest

Like many other Clans at the time, Clan Priest was divided into two factions after the pacifistic New Mandalorians rose. One of their members, Dred Priest, was particularly brutal and ruthless, abusing and torturing soldiers he commanded, believing it would toughen them. He was a member of Death Watch before being brutally murdered and tossed into the Kelita River.

20. Clan Rodarch

Clan Rodarch was unique among Mandalorian Clans, as they held and trained asharl panthers for combat. They were proud of their panthers so much that, over time, they even started painting their armor to resemble the creature’s pelts.

19. Clan Spar

Clan Spar was a renowned Mandalorian Clan who was betrayed and wiped out by the Sith Empire using poison gas to debilitate them and then execute them in cold blood. The only survivor was Akaavi Spar, who was with her lover during the attack. She later sought revenge against her Clan’s traitor, killing everybody who chose not to flee.

18. Clan Keldau

Clan Keldau was a renowned ancient Mandalorian Clan that used the mythosaur skull as their signet. They were known and respected as prolific combat trainers, and even after the clan died out, they were still highly respected in Mandalorian culture and history, as noted by the leader of Death Watch, Tor Viszla, centuries later.


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17. Clan Lok

Clan Lok played a big part in Mandalorian history after one of their members, Artus Lok, claimed the title of Mand’alor after defeating the previous Mand’alor in combat. Now, donning the title Mandalore the Vindicated, Lok led the Mandalorians in battle during the Eternal Empire conquest but fell in battle. 

The Clan scattered after that, with many going to Onderon to hunt dangerous beasts of that planet to achieve honor and glory.

16. Clan Varad

Clan Varad was a mighty Mandalorian Clan until their leader, Mavrix Varad, had a personal clash with Mandalore the Vindicated, which led to him betraying the Mandalore. Clan Varad openly struck targets on both the Republic and Sith sides and even stole a Republic ship to plunder innocent planets in the Outer Rim.

They were eventually slain as both the Republic and the Sith sent troops to destroy them. Thousands of years later, Shyla Varad fought the Empire as they sieged their homeworld of Mandalore.

15. Clan Tenau

Clan Tenau was a well-respected Mandalorian Clan. They were strong warriors, but the Clan was divided during the Mandalorian Civil War, with members joining all three newfound factions – Death Watch, New Mandalorians, and True Mandalorians.

14. House Kast

House Kast was a faction that joined Bo-Katan Kryze and swore their allegiance to her after she vowed to reclaim Mandalore. The most notable Clan in House Kast was probably Clan Rook. The signet of House Kast & Clan Rook appears to be a snake or a serpent, circling its tail around its head.


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13. Clan Eldar

Clan Eldar sided with Lady Bo-Katan Kryze during the Siege of Mandalore and the resistance against the Imperial rule of the planet. You could recognize members of Clan Eldar from their leonid signet and very distinguishable black, orange, and dark green armor.

After the Great Purge of Mandalore, some members of Clan Eldar ended up joining the Children of the Watch – the same faction in which Din Djarin was raised.

12. Clan Beroya

Clan Beroya is a Mandalorian Clan that has been around for thousands of years. The Clan, led by Jos and Valk Beroya, fought side-by-side with Shae Vizla, who went on to become Mandalore the Avenger. Millennia later, Clan Beroya aligned themselves with Clan Awaud, and Nam Beroya eventually became Clan Awaud’s chieftain.

Beroya means ‘Bounty Hunter’ in Mando’a.

11. Clan Beviin

Clan Beviin was a farming clan whose leader, Goran Beviin, was forced to take other jobs after a poor season. They fought in the Yuuzhan Vong War, after which they returned to their farm and expanded the clan. In the war, however, Beviin fought alongside Boba Fett, so he later provided shelter to Fett and his wife – who was recovering after decades in carbonite – on his farm for years.

10. Clan Vevut

Clan Vevut was a small Clan that existed during the Second Galactic Civil War. One of their members, Novoc Vevut, raised Ghes Orade – his neighbor’s orphaned son – who would later meet Mirta Gev, Boba Fett’s granddaughter, and ask for her hand in marriage. Gev was now a member of Clan Vevut while also having Fett’s blood in her.


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9. Clan Awaud

Clan Awaud was a notable clan of Mandalorians that split into two factions around the time of the Clone Wars. One faction became a part of the Old Mandalorians, who refused the New Mandalorian ways implemented by Duchess Satine. They, too, were exiled, but unlike the Death Watch, they didn’t seek to destroy Satine – they moved to Vlemoth Port and lived their lives.

When the Rebel Alliance stood up against the Empire, Clan Awaud joined and helped fight Imperial rule.

8. Clan Ordo

Clan Ordo has a deep, ancient history as a Mandalorian Clan, dating thousands of years in the past. One of their famed members, Canderous Ordo, joined Revan during the Jedi Civil War and later reunited the Mandalorians as their Mandalore. Clan Ordo also stood with Clan Cadera in their rebellion but was then accepted back into Mandalorian culture after Cadera’s defeat.

Clan Ordo was divided into three factions in the Mandalorian Civil War – the New Mandalorians, the True Mandalorians, and the Death Watch. Chernan Ordo rose to be Mand’alor during the Sith-Imperial War. Still, it was betrayed and sabotaged by Yaga Auchs, who usurped the title of Mand’alor and reduced Clan Ordo to ruins.

7. Clan Vizla

Clan Vizla, not to be mistaken for Clan Viszla, was a very important Clan in Mandalorian history. They were actually not a big Clan and were most active during the Galactic War. During the Cold War, however, Shae Vizla settled on Rishi, where her Clan and members of other Clans (such as Clan Beroya) tested their skills against fearsome creatures of the planet.

After that, Mandalore the Vindicated perished in battle, and the Eternal Fleet blocked many of the Core Worlds, meaning that almost half of the Mandalorian Clans couldn’t escape those worlds.

Clan Vizla survived the siege in higher numbers than most other clans, and Shae Vizla was inadvertently chosen as the next Mandalore.

6. Clan Fett

We all know Jango and Boba Fett, but Clan Fett is actually an ancient Mandalorian Clan, dating back to the Mandalorian Wars, thousands of years before the rise of the Galactic Empire. Cassus Fett was the second-in-command of Mandalore the Ultimate during the Mandalorian Neo-Crusader movement.

Their name, Fett, translated from Mando’a vhett, actually means ‘farmer.’ throughout the years, Clan Fett were farmers, yes, but also notable warriors. Boba Fett was the only surviving member of Clan Fett after Jango Fett’s death, but his bloodline lives on through his granddaughter, Mirta Gev.


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5. Clan Saxon

Clan Saxon was one of the vassals of House Viszla, who sided with the Empire during the Clone Wars. Gar Saxon, their leader, was in the Death Watch and sided with Maul, ultimately leading to the death of Duchess Satine. During the Imperial control of Mandalore, many Mandalorians viewed Clan Saxon as traitors for siding with the Empire.

Gar Saxon’s murder led to a Civil War between Clan Saxon and Clan Wren, which eventually led to other Mandalorian clans uniting under the leadership of Bo-Katan Kryte.

4. Clan Wren

One of the most well-known Clans to Star Wars fans is Clan Wren, due to Sabine Wren – a member of the Rebels Ghost Crew with Ahsoka Tano. The Clan was led by Countess Ursa Wren and consisted of her husband Alrich, son Tristan, and daughter Sabine.

Clan Wren chose to side with Clan Saxon and the Empire so as not to be dubber traitors, but Sabine had other plans and escaped into exile. She later reunited with her family on Krownest, where Wren Stronghold was located, urging her mother to fight against the Empire. Eventually, they did so and sided with Bo-Katan Kryze after Ursa Wren killed Gar Saxon.

3. Clan Viszla

In Mandalorian society, you’ll notice there are Clans and Houses. Houses – like House Viszla – tend to be bigger and include multiple Clans.

Clan Viszla was arguably the most notable Clan overall throughout Mandalorian history. They were the leaders of House Viszla, which included several other Clans, including Clan Wren and Clan Saxon.

One of the most notable members of Clan Viszla was Tarre Viszla, the only Mandalorian in history to become a member of the Jedi Order. He was also the Mandalorian who created the Darksaber, something that was passed down through generations as the weapon to unite Mandalore. After Tarre Viszla died, members of Clan Viszla stole the blade from the Jedi Temple.

It then came to Pre Viszla, the leader of Death Watch, before Maul killed him. Paz Viszla and his son Ragnar – both a part of the Children of the Watch – are the last known members of House Viszla.


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2. House Kryze

House Kryze is certainly the most important House in Mandalore’s history – especially the more ‘recent’ history. They were the royal family of the Mandalorians and have long led Mandalore – even during the Clone Wars. 

When a Civil War erupted, many lives were taken, so Duchess Satine Kryze created the New Mandalorian government, which ordered abandoning old Mandalorian warrior ways. All those who disagreed with Satine’s pacifistic approach were banished from Mandalore. One of the banished people was Bo-Katan Kryze, Satine’s younger sister.

Bo-Katan joined Pre Viszla in his Death Watch. Still, after Maul brutally murdered her sister and the rule of Mandalore fell into the hands of the Empire, Bo-Katan vowed to avenge her sister’s death and unite the Mandalorians again as their leader, who shall reclaim Mandalore.

1. Clan Mudhorn

This might be one of the tiniest Mandalorian Clans and probably the newest. However, although they don’t have much significance throughout Mandalore’s history – they are the most important Mandalorian Clan to us – the fans.

Clan Mudhorn is a clan of two – Din Djarin, and Din Grogu. They got their Clan name due to Grogu saving Mando from a Mudhorn, which is why their signet is, in fact, a Mudhorn. However, Grogu still didn’t swear the creed, but he likely will as soon as he learns how to speak.

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