What Did Sabine Wren See at the End of ‘Ahsoka’ & Why?


The events of the season 1 finale of ‘Ahsoka’ were incredibly fun, exciting, and kind of sad as well. Of course, this is because Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren failed to stop Grand Admiral Thrawn from returning to the known galaxy, as they were stuck on Peridea. Still, as they were camping out with the Noti caravan, Sabine seemingly saw something she brushed off. So, what did Sabine Wren see at the end of ‘Ahsoka’?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sabine Wren didn’t see something but felt a presence that she brushed off soon after telling Ahsoka about it.
  • However, Ahsoka seemed to have an idea of what Sabine thought she saw and felt because she acknowledged Anakin Skywalker’s Force Ghost, who was observing his former Padawan.

Did Sabine see Anakin’s Force Ghost?

The finale of ‘Ahsoka’ season 1 had a lot of action scenes as we saw how Ahsoka Tano, Sabine Wren, and Ezra Bridger teamed up together to try to defeat Thrawn and prevent him from leaving Peridea. Of course, they also wanted to get back home to the known galaxy, meaning they needed to stop the ship and probably commandeer it to get back home.

Of course, many things happened while they were trying to find a way to stop Thrawn. In the end, Sabine had to allow Ezra to board the Chimaera as she had to stay behind because she didn’t want to leave Ahsoka all alone on Peridea, while Morgan Elsbeth and the Night Troopers outnumbered her.

The duo tried their best to follow Thrawn, only for them to fail as their ship simply wasn’t fast enough to keep up with the Chimaera and the Eye of Sion. In the end, Thrawn won and left Ahsoka, and Sabine stranded on Peridea. Ezra got home, which was good enough for Ahsoka and Sabine because they always wanted to bring him back home after he was exiled for ten years.


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Ahsoka and Sabine returned to Peridea, regrouping with the Noti caravan they befriended. They accepted that this was where they needed to be and that Ezra needed to be where he was. Ahsoka, of course, felt hopeful after seeing a seemingly familiar bird called Morai. And the duo ended up camping out with their new friends while trying to understand what they needed to do.

During the evening, Sabine felt she saw something from a distance as Ahsoka wondered what she was looking at. The apprentice told her master that she kind of felt something strange, only for her to dismiss it as nothing more than just “shadows in the starlight.” She didn’t see anything in that regard, even though she felt she saw something.

But Ahsoka knew that her apprentice saw something, so she decided to look at what Sabine thought she saw. Ahsoka had a look of acknowledgment on her face as it was clear that she could see what Sabine couldn’t see or make sense of. This was the Force Ghost of Anakin Skywalker, who had been observing and watching over his former Padawan and her new apprentice.

While Ahsoka didn’t say anything, it was clear that she saw Anakin and acknowledged his presence with a smile. She understood that she had gotten over her past as she could now see her master’s Force Ghost five years after Anakin died and became one with the Force.

How did Sabine see Anakin’s ghost?

As mentioned, Sabine thought she may have seen something she dismissed as mere shadows. We know she couldn’t see Anakin’s Force Ghost entirely, as she only felt that she saw something. But why was she even able to see Anakin’s Force Ghost?


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We know that those who have become one with the Force through the power of the Living Force can return to the world of the living as Force Ghost. Some Jedi needed to train to master this power, but Anakin was seemingly able to become one with the Force immediately because of his status as the Chosen One. And we’ve seen our fair share of Force Ghosts.

But the thing about Force Ghosts is that they don’t appear to just about anyone. It seems that Force Ghosts can only manifest to Force-sensitive individuals with whom they have strong bonds or connections. This is why Yoda, Obi-Wan, and Anakin could appear to Luke as Force Ghosts but were invisible to those who don’t have strong connections to them. This is also why Obi-Wan could see the Force Ghost of his master, Qui-Gon Jinn.

In Sabine’s case, it seems odd that she could feel or think that she saw Anakin’s Force Ghost because she didn’t even know him. That means that there was no bond shared directly between Sabine and Anakin. Nevertheless, there’s a good chance that the strong bond between Sabine and Ahsoka was able to contribute here.

Due to her close connection to Anakin, Ahsoka could see his Force Ghost. Sabine and Ahsoka were able to repair their bond during the events of the ‘Ahsoka’ series, and that was why Ahsoka was able to sense Sabine’s presence on Peridea when she tried to find her using the power of the Force.


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So, because of Sabine’s strong connection with her master, there’s a good chance that she also became more connected with Anakin. Let’s not forget that Sabine is part of a long line of masters and apprentices who have strong yet unconventional bonds with each other. She is a direct descendant of Anakin’s line of apprentices because she became Ahsoka’s apprentice.

As such, the connection between Sabine and Anakin was there even though they never met. But she couldn’t see his complete Force Ghost form because she never got to bond with Anakin or even meet him in person. Nevertheless, she could sense his presence and even believe that she may have seen something. And this was due to her bond with Ahsoka.

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