‘Ahsoka’: Here’s How (& Why) Ezra Got a New Lightsaber


In episode 7 of ‘Ahsoka,’ we saw Ezra Bridger in action for the first time since he disappeared at the end of ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ Of course, in that episode, he refused to take the lightsaber that he gave Sabine and opted to use the Force and his new martial arts skills instead. But in episode 8, he decided to change things up by using a lightsaber in the final stretch against Thrawn’s forces. So, how and why did Ezra get a new lightsaber?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Ezra realized that they had a lot on their plate, and that was why he understood that he needed to construct a new lightsaber.
  • Given the fact that Huyang is known as the lightsaber professor, he has a lot of Kyber crystals and spare lightsaber parts in his collection.
  • Ezra made his lightsaber in a way that resembles Kanan Jarrus’ lightsaber.

Ezra needed to construct a new lightsaber

One of the things that we saw in episode 7 of ‘Ahsoka’ was that Ezra was comfortable fighting without having a lightsaber in his hands. Of course, he had a decade of honing his martial arts and Force powers, which was why he could handle the marauders and the Night Troopers without using a weapon. And he even fought Shin Hati on par for a while without a lightsaber.

Nevertheless, the ultimate goal that they had in mind was to get to Thrawn’s ship to stop him from returning to the known galaxy and to return home, as the Eye of Sion was the only way for them to leave Peridea. This means that time was of the essence for them and that they needed to defeat their opponents efficiently.

So, while Ezra could fight without a lightsaber or any other weapon, the most important part was for them to defeat Thrawn. As such, it was essential for him to have a lightsaber in his hands, considering that he gave his old lightsaber to Sabine. Of course, that was why we saw him constructing a new lightsaber during the earlier part of the ‘Ahsoka’ season 1 finale.


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Of course, this lightsaber was the third one in Ezra’s history as a Jedi. The first one was lost when Darth Vader defeated him on Malachor V at the end of ‘Rebels’ season 2. And the second one is the very same one in Sabine’s possession.

There were spare parts in Huyang’s collection

When we first met Huyang during the events of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars,’ one of the things that we learned about him was that he was the lightsaber professor responsible for teaching younglings how to construct lightsabers. He is said to be more than 25,000 years old, meaning he has been teaching Jedi how to construct lightsabers for a very long time.

Of course, in ‘The Clone Wars,’ he had an extensive collection of lightsaber parts. While his collection was destroyed during the Clone Wars, he may have had more lightsaber parts, including Kyber crystals, stored elsewhere. It was clear that Ahsoka’s Jedi shuttle had a room that was dedicated to Huyang’s lightsaber parts collection, as it is possible that this ship was specifically made for Huyang.

Given the fact that Huyang has an extensive collection of lightsaber parts and probably even Kyber crystals, Ezra had a lot of different things that he could use to construct his new lightsaber. In fact, while he was constructing his lightsaber, Ezra had a minor argument with Huyang because the droid was telling him that he wasn’t constructing his lightsaber the right way.

Of course, we know that Ezra wasn’t the most conventional Jedi because he was trained during the Imperial era. He also learned how to construct a lightsaber using spare parts that he and the Spectres had. In fact, they had to salvage different parts that were available to construct his first lightsaber. His second lightsaber was likely constructed the same way.

Huyang actually questioned Ezra’s method of constructing a lightsaber because this was not the standard way. Nevertheless, he stuck with his own way of constructing his lightsaber because that was what his master, Kanan Jarrus, taught him.

Ezra made his lightsaber to resemble Kanan’s lightsaber

While Ezra and Huyang didn’t have a good start to their relationship because of their minor argument, the droid professor quickly understood Ezra’s situation after learning that the man who taught him everything he knew was Kanan Jarrus.


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Huyang knew every single youngling who trained in the Jedi Temple, as they were all required to go through him for lightsaber construction training. Because of that, Huyang was familiar with Caleb Dume, who he knew was actually Kanan Jarrus before he changed his name. And after learning that Kanan was Ezra’s master, he understood where Ezra was coming from.

That was when Huyang handed Ezra a lightsaber emitter that he said was similar to what Kanan used for his own lightsaber. Huyang kept that emitter in his collection in case Kanan needed another one. As such, he thought that Ezra deserved to use that emitter for his new lightsaber.

As such, Ezra constructed a new lightsaber resembling the same ones that Kanan Jarrus used before his untimely death in season 4 of ‘Rebels.’ Governor Pryce presented this lightsaber to Grand Admiral Thrawn as proof of Kanan’s death, and it is likely that Thrawn still has the same lightsaber inside his ship.

Of course, the highlight here is that Ezra had the ultimate tribute to his fallen master by constructing a lightsaber with a design similar to Kanan’s own. His third lightsaber has a blue blade, similar to his first lightsaber and master’s weapon.

Ezra used this lightsaber in the ground assault against Thrawn’s forces in the Nightsister fortress. While he may have been rusty with his lightsaber skills, he quickly got back in shape, especially considering that he was facing Night Troopers instead of lightsaber users. 

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