Ezra Bridger Did Give His Lightsaber to Sabine & Here’s Why

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Throughout the early part of the ‘Ahsoka’ series, we saw Sabine Wren wielding a green lightsaber that she used in her fight with Shin Hati. Of course, this green lightsaber is a familiar one because it once belonged to Ezra Bridger, who constructed it after he lost his original lightsaber in his duel with Darth Vader on Malachor V. Ezra, however, gave this saber to Sabine before he disappeared together with Grand Admiral Thrawn. So, why did Ezra give his lightsaber to Sabine?

Ezra Bridger gave Sabine Wren his lightsaber because he thought that she would have better use for it in the future. Of course, Ezra had to board Grand Admiral Thrawn’s ship unarmed because he gave himself up to the Empire in exchange for the safety of his friends on Lothal. And Sabine was the best person to wield his lightsaber.

It is possible that the fact that Ezra handed his lightsaber down to Sabine was kind of Dave Filoni’s way of telling us that Sabine could become a Jedi Padawan, especially because she ended up traveling with Ahsoka Tano. Of course, Sabine has held on to this lightsaber longer than Ezra ever did and even introduced her own improvements to its design. That said, let’s look at why Ezra gave Sabine his lightsaber.

Ezra had to leave his lightsaber to Sabine

During the events of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ we saw how Ezra Bridger was able to grow and develop from a young and troublesome teenager into a true Jedi hero who only wanted to do what was best for his friends and for the people of his homeworld of Lothal. In that regard, the final mission that he worked on with the Spectres and the rest of the allies they made along the way was in line with the liberation of his home planet of Lothal, which was under the occupation of the Empire.

Initially, Ezra and his allies could control Lothal and take it back from the Empire, especially after taking Governor Pryce hostage. But Grand Admiral Thrawn’s arrival changed all that. With the planetary shields of Lothal down, Thrawn used his ship, the Chimaera, to bomb the planet’s capital city and kill many different innocent civilians along the way. That was when Ezra had to make a trade with Thrawn.

ezra thrawn

Ezra agreed to come aboard Thrawn’s ship because that was one of the demands of the Grand Admiral. In exchange, Thrawn would stop the bombardment of the city. But if Ezra tried to do anything extra or heroic, Thrawn would resume the planet’s bombardment. As such, Ezra had no choice but to board the Chimaera unarmed, and it turned out that Thrawn wanted him because Emperor Palpatine needed Ezra for one of his nefarious plans and schemes.

Because Ezra needed to come onboard the Chimaera unarmed, or else Thrawn would have continued his bombardment of the city, he had to leave his green lightsaber behind. And the most logical choice was Sabine because she was the only one who could wield his lightsaber.

Of course, Ezra also trusted Sabine to use his lightsaber correctly, not only because she had training with a lightsaber but also because he knew she could be trusted with it. Ezra understood that Sabine would also protect the Spectres and the people of Lothal in his place. And, in a way, Ezra probably sensed that Sabine had the makings of a Jedi.


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As such, Ezra boarded the Chimaera and eventually disappeared along with Thrawn when his plan of using the Purrgil succeeded. And he knew that he was going to disappear, and that was why he decided that Sabine could be trusted with his lightsaber on a more permanent basis.

When did Sabine get Ezra’s lightsaber?

The entire events surrounding the Liberation of Lothal happened during the final episode of season 4 of ‘Star Wars Rebels.’ This was also the finale of the entire ‘Rebels’ series before the storyline continued in the ‘Ahsoka’ series. The episode is entitled ‘Family Reunion – and Farewell.’

Sabine received Ezra’s lightsaber midway through the episode, and just after Ezra gave himself up to Thrawn in exchange for the safety of his friends on Lothal. Since then, Sabine has been holding onto the lightsaber.

sabine lightsaber

In fact, Sabine has had this green lightsaber longer than Ezra has had it. Ezra constructed the lightsaber on 3 BBY because he lost his first lightsaber on Malachor V after his duel with Darth Vader in the Sith Temple. He constructed the new saber using a new Kyber crystal that he most likely found inside the Jedi Temple on Lothal.

Sabine even wielded this lightsaber before Ezra gave it to her. She used it in her duel with Gar Saxon, who wielded the Darksaber. Because Sabine needed a weapon, Ezra allowed her to use his lightsaber as he knew she was a skilled duelist, especially after training with her when she was still trying to use the Darksaber.


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After receiving the lightsaber from Ezra in the finale of ‘Rebels,’ Sabine has been holding on to it for around ten years already. On the other hand, Ezra had it for around two years before he gave it to Sabine.

Ezra’s lightsaber is now Sabine’s lightsaber

In episode 2 of ‘Ahsoka,’ Huyang noticed that Sabine was still using the green lightsaber. He asked whether or not she had been keeping up with her training, only for Sabine to imply that she hadn’t been training with it. Sabine also told Huyang that this wasn’t her lightsaber because she was only keeping it until Ezra’s return.

Huyang, however, told Sabine that it may be true that Ezra was the one who constructed it, but it was also true that he handed the lightsaber down to her. On top of that, Sabine introduced improvements to the lightsaber’s design during the time that she had it in her possession.

In that regard, Huyang, a lightsaber architect and professor with over 25,000 years of experience teaching younglings how to construct a lightsaber, declared that this was now Sabine’s lightsaber.

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